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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Open Discussion v.2

I was wondering where the questions came from, lol. I wanna play!

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
DH1 has finally come out and we're at the end of the month. Time for new questions!

MoD's Silly Questions, YOUR Amazing Answers; Series Two: DH1, Question List 11
Beginning of the End

72. What did you think of the movie? Did it live up to your expectations or were you disappointed the trio didn't stay in five star hotels finding another horcrux every other day and making it home for the holidays?
I LOVED, LOVED the movie. It surpassed my expectations because I was pleased at how close to the book I overall found it to be. Nope, no complaints about the trio not staying in five star hotels, lol. I've heard complaints that the camping scenes were too long and that they dragged--Which in my opinion means the film did a great job of recreating the book's camping scenes.
And imo, the scenes did not drag. I loved the character development it permitted.

73. How many times have you seen the movie so far? Do you plan any more viewings?

Sadly, only once. But it has stayed in my mind since. I hope I do get to see it at least one more time in the theater before I am left waiting anxiously for the DVD.

74. What did you think of the split-point? How do you feel about the split in general now?
I thought the split-point was perfect. I do wish it would have included one last shot of Harry though, with a look of terror commenting that Voldemort had the elder want. (Stole this insight from Mugglecast, lol). I would have really drove the point home.

75. What was your biggest pet peeve about the film? What did you love most about the movie?
Uh-oh. I have a list of pet peeves, lol.
1). Lack of development of Ginny Weasley, though this has been the case throughout the films, imo. She should have really been brought more to the forefront starting in OOTP. I feel like her relationship with Harry is no more significant than Harry's past relationship with Cho. The films just have not done a good job with her character, which is unfortunate because in the books, I really cared for Harry & Ginny's relationship. I don't in the movies though.

2). It really would have been nice to see Harry & Lupin's fight. In the book, Lupin is one of my favorite characters, and I think he is great in the films as well, but he doesn't get enough screen-time. I do hope Part 2 somehow manages to squeeze in Lupin making Harry his son's godfather, because I think this is one of the most touching moments in the series.

3). I think the film audience should have been made aware that Snape damaged George's ear.

4). Harry should have taken Moody's eyeball, lol.

5). I wished they would have included Dobby's headstone, "Here lies Dobby, a free elf."

What I loved most about the movie--Everything else, lol. The tone of it was just so much more mature, which is exactly how I found the book to be. I loved the trio--I think their acting was really great. And there were so many scenes that I just really enjoyed--Hermione's obliverate scene, the 7 Potters, Ron & the locket horcrux, Harry & Hermione dance, Harry & Ron's scene after the locket horcrux, the Malfoy Manner, the graveyard scene, Bathilda Bagshot...

76. What did you think of the music in context of the film?
I think it was fine. I admit, I don't often pay much attention to the music. The only music that stands out to me was the song in the Harry/Hermione dance scene, which I loved.

77. Did you cry at anytime during the movie?
Well, I would have cried at Hedwig's death had I watched it, lol. That part actually made me cry in the book, so when I saw Hedwig on the screen and knew what was coming, I chickened out and looked away, lol. But I am now aware that in the film, Hedwig died protecting Harry. She took a curse for him, which is such a beautiful and noble way for her to go out. Next time I see the film, I will watch.
Dobby's death too was sad. It made me cry in the book, but not in the movie because I also felt Dobby was allowed to go out in a more peaceful way. In the book, I remember his last words were simply "Harry Potter." In the films, he got to give a nice little speech, showing that he was happy with how his life had turned out and he had no regrets. I think this made his death a little easier to take, though it was still extraordinarily sad.

78. Does the end of this movie make you crave to see part two?

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