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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Open Discussion v.2

Vince, I love when you post "MoD's Silly Questions". I hope you always can create such intriguing questions for us all who yearn to talk about this wonderful world we love.

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
DH1 has finally come out and we're at the end of the month. Time for new questions!

MoD's Silly Questions, YOUR Amazing Answers; Series Two: DH1, Question List 11

Beginning of the End

72. What did you think of the movie? Did it live up to your expectations or were you disappointed the trio didn't stay in five star hotels finding another horcrux every other day and making it home for the holidays?

Well, seeing as I am no Ron, I must say that it definitely lived up to my expectations. The wonderful continuity Yates has brought to these films combined with screenplay that strongly adheres to canon, I was pleased as punch for the most part. However, emotionally, I am still feeling quite unsure, but as of late I am blaming that on Pre-End-Of-Deathly-Hallows-Paranoia/Depression.

73. How many times have you seen the movie so far? Do you plan any more viewings?

I have viewed DH1 twice in the cinema so far. I'd love to attend more viewings, however, it's doubtful considering my wife didn't enjoy the movie and would likely disapprove of me indulging my Potter cravings.

74. What did you think of the split-point? How do you feel about the split in general now?

One thing to say on this note: SHELL COTTAGE SPLIT SUPPORTERS UNITE!!!!!!!

75. What was your biggest pet peeve about the film? What did you love most about the movie?

I thought that the humor in this film, although brilliant in substance, was absolutely terribly placed! Seriously, so many scenes were ruined emotionally for me. And, sadly that really turned me off from loving this films to the squee point.

I really loved the acting in this film. Oh, if only this caliber of acting could have been present throughout the characterization of the last four films!

76. What did you think of the music in context of the film?

I thought the music flowed well contextually and emotionally; however, I thought the score remained too subtle in a few scenes.

77. Did you cry at anytime during the movie?

My eyes burned when Dobby turned to Harry on the beach, the second time I watched since I was alone

78. Does the end of this movie make you crave to see part two?

YES! I don't know if this can be accurately attributed to the quality of the film though, seeing as how I have been CRAVING to see part two for nearly three and half years!

"Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home."

What an experience this has been for
us all.
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