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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

Thor: Ragnarok--this movie was very different tonally than the previous Thor movies, but very entertaining. The amount of humor in it is surprising but well done. There were some parts that seemed a little rushed to me, and I'm not sure how some things are going to play out in the larger MCU, but I liked the way Hulk/Bruce Banner was brought into the story, and Valkyrie is a great addition. Overall, I don't think it's my favorite of the Thor movies, but I still enjoyed it.

Black Panther--this was really good! I really enjoyed the world building that brought Wakanda to life. The characters are interesting (Shuri may be my new favorite character in the MCU), the acting is excellent, and the story was compelling for me. Some of the CGI wasn't the best, being fairly blatant as CGI instead of live action/practical effects, but I'm usually not going to be too harsh on that if the movie is otherwise compelling. A big plus for this movie is a really interesting and well-developed villain, which is sometimes a weak point for the MCU. Overall, I think this was a good addition to the MCU, and I look forward to seeing what these characters will bring to the future of Marvel's films.

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