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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

Coco--Finally got to see it, and I agree with the other reviewers' good opinions. This was a really great movie--amazing animation, great voice acting (the kid who voices Miguel can sing!), fantastic music and songs, and a really sweet story with humor, heart, and a good message about family. With regards to the Book of Life comparisons, yes, there are some similarities, most notably the Mexico setting and the Dia de Muertos theme, but to say that Coco is a rip-off as some have done would be like saying that Elf rips off A Christmas Story just because they're both Christmas comedy movies. I think both films are engaging, entertaining, and very well done but both have unique qualities that make them complimentary rather than competing. I would recommend that both should be on a list of movies worth watching.

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