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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Romantic..... Ron and Hermione's Kiss....also Harry and Ginny for those like them (I dont)
Heroic: Ron saves Harry, Neville Kills Nagini
Action: Final Battle in full/ escape from Gringnotts
Sentimental: Snape's memories and Harry walking to what he thinks is his death. Dobby's death.
Informative: Kreacher's tale, MOM break in, DD's will, King's Cross, Voldemort's mind, and duh....THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

(People who dont read the books are gonna be SOOOO lost)

Harry Potter and The Case for Christ:

I am a Harry and Luna Fan. My ship may have sunk but my love goes on.

Ya know Daniel Radcliffe is really good at fake drowning.
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