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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

A Brighter Future through Integration of Muggle-Raised Children

-A Jumper for Every Child

This charitable organization, jointly founded by Professor Snape and Mrs. Weasley, provides clothing to all needy magical children. A Snape/Weasley Administration would engage in public/private partnership with this organization. Its message of a caring community reaching out with help and acceptance even before they reach Hogwarts age would be especially relevant to needy Muggle-raised children.

-Family Exchange Programme

We will propose a programme of exchange families, which would permit Muggle-raised children to spend time in the homes of Wizarding families with children of similar age, and children from those families, to spend time in the homes of Muggle family. This would provide friendly, real-life experience of Muggles to young witches and wizards in their formative years, while also familiarizing Muggle-raised magical children with Wizarding life outside of school.

-Wizarding Work Experience

This programme is outlined in greater detail in the section on Education. However, Muggle-raised children specifically will benefit more from this that others, because they lack the experience of hearing magical family and friends speak of their work lives, and thus have even less idea what the day-to-day work of wizarding adults is like. These children are also at a disadvantage in finding mentors and forming networks to help them towards career success – giving them a work experience will help them in this area as well.

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