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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

A Brighter Future Through Better Law Enforcement


The authority of the Wizengamot will be fully acknowledged. Citizens in the past have been sent to Azkaban unjustly, therefore the right to a free and fair trial should be held as an unalienable right for all. If any new evidence is bought forward after a sentencing, the matter should be dealt with through the correct channels; no decision would be taken unilaterally.

In the past Wizengamot members have bent the rules to suit themselves. This will not be tolerated. No-one is above the law.

Should any member of the Wizengamot jury or witness and their family need protection, this will be made freely available to them, through Fidelius Charm, Auror guards and many other protection spells.


Dementors wreak horror and damage, we cannot sanction their alliance, for any purpose, with this Ministry. Their involvement with the Ministry could only serve to heighten the risk that society will, if again faced with terror and violence, succumb to their baser impulses of nature.

Tackling the Dark Arts

The work of the Auror Office and Magical Law Enforcement to identify and prosecute any criminals from the Voldemort era that remain at large will continue.

We will continue to monitor the use of the Dark Arts objects in order to quench the selling of these items. All persons suspected of wrongdoing will be brought before the Wizengamot for a full and fair hearing of their case.

We feel Hogwarts should continue to teach Defense Against the Darks Arts (DADA), for the obvious reason, that it is not possible to defend yourself against something you do not understand. It is imperative that our future generations know how to defend themselves and each other.

International Board to counter cross border Dark Arts problems

A new initiative to be set up will work against Dark Arts on an international level. We hope that this will help us to relate more with other nations and other communities of magical folk, while also serving a useful purpose in eradicating Dark Arts efficiently and effectively.

We consider an International Conference for communicating any dangers that need discussing and tackling. Ministers and their Law Enforcement officials from different countries, would be encouraged to attend meetings to update on latest developments. We fully intend to make sure that our people, our families, and our world are safer and more secure. The Counter Dark Arts movement will provide this assurance to help maintain a peaceful future.

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