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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

A Brighter Future Through Community

A Jumper for Every Child

This charity was set up expressly to deal with youth integration and acceptance in our world. Both wizarding children and muggle raised children are to be involved- we feel that each child is just as valuable to our community as the next and none will be cut off from this benefit. We will search out those who are impoverished and in need of clothing and accessories, which will then be knitted by volunteers. We will raise funds for the purchase of additional clothing for such children. Finally, we will strive to raise the understanding of the public about the plight of the poor, neglected and orphaned children, who deserve every ounce of our love and affection.

The charity has already been widely accepted and has so far proved very successful. A lot of the work done is by the Witches Institute, an affiliate programme set up by Molly Weasley and her local community of witches to deal with issues such as parenting, gardening, local representation and community work. The Institute is an inspiration to witches across the globe, and is the counterpart of the muggle Soroptimist movement, to involve women more in society.

So far, some of the activities of the Institute for A Jumper for Every Child include selling pins and mini jumpers as doll clothes, involving children and adolescents in fundraising activities, not least of all one in Hogwarts School which was a huge success. A Triwizard style tournament is in the planning stages and Molly and Severus each have authored a book for the cause, proceeds from the sales of which will aid the charity.

Further to this, A charity Quidditch match between quidditch professionals and wizarding celebrities is also in the making, and the institute have enlisted the help of husbands, brothers, sisters and cousins in order to ensure that the charity continues, regardless of the outcome of the election proper.

Books authored by Severus Snape and Molly Weasley for Charity.

Books Written by Our Candidates For Charity:    


All Proceeds Will Go To

A Jumper for Every Child

Thanks to Sly_Lady For Providing the Advance Copies


Fashion show with Celestina Warbeck and Wierd Sisters support to help raise money for charity.

The Lovely Grounds of Celestina Warbeck's Manor:    


Location of the Fashion Show to Benefit

A Jumper for Every Child

Thanks to TreacleTartlet for the Photographs


Letter From Celestina Warbeck:    



Slogan credit: boushh. Books credit: Silver Ink Pot. Letter credit: Annielogic. Song and stitch-work credit: zgirnius.

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