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Molly Weasley
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Re: Severus Snape and Molly Weasley: Brewing up a Bright Future

I never honestly thought that we would reach this day. Take a look around, and see the wonderful changes that have occurred in only ten years. The past is gone now, and even though our children saw bad times, our grandchildren will not. This is the promise of the Snape/Weasley campaign.

It has been the biggest honour of my life to run for Minister alongside Severus Snape, a hero of the war and a man full of brilliant ideas for a bright future. I know I made the right choice in choosing to run with him in this election. I have no doubts in his abilities, his hopes and aspirations, or his dedication. He knows how to make this world a better place- and his is a campaign that has stretched from charity work with children to preservation of wildlife.

Our healthcare policies, community work, financial strategies and educational aids will lead to easier integration for muggle-raised children, more opportunities for all students, more research to beat Lycanthropy, and more hope for those with this condition. I know that we have made the right choices and that we are the right ticket for this position. We will make life the best it can be for the students, children, Ministry workers, and everyday witches and wizards of our world. There can be no larger dreams, but we intend to make them a reality.

I do so love hearing Teddy and my grandchildren playing at the Burrow, their voices ringing out with laughter- they are not threatened or unsafe. I am so proud when I look at them to think that they are all a part of my family. It is these children, and their peers, that we seek to aid. The world will be handed on to them in a few years, and we intend to see to it that their idealism is fostered, that they have the best opportunities, and that their generation is not riddled with the prejudices we suffered in ours. They are the future, after all.

This is a candidacy that believes in equality, liberty and justice above all else. I would not have it any other way- this is the path to the future, and it will be a good future. We will never forget the losses we once suffered or the tyranny we survived- but neither will we forget the good times we shared with family members and friends now gone beyond the veil. It is in their honour that I seek election- for my brothers, for my son, and for my friends, I hope to lead the Wizarding World in future challenges, countless though they might be. It is a hard job, but one to which I am willing, able and ready to commit.

We can now, at long last, go in the direction of our dreams. We can finally live the life we imagined for many years. It is finally available to us heal our society- and we are so very close now, I can feel it! I know that Severus and I have no intention of giving up. We will brew up a brighter future, for you and yours. This is our promise to you.

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