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“Mum, Dad, Petunia! I’m so glad to see you finally! I’ve been missing you so much!”, Lily shouted out loud, hanging on her mother’s chest and kissing her, “It’s so nice to be back home!”
Her parents were looking at her, apparently proud of their pretty and beautiful daughter. Lily’s father, a handsome brown- haired, green-eyed man hugged her in the possibly strongest way, “Glad to see you, hun”, he smiled warmly.
“Tunia, I’m back!”, Lily smiled and hugged her sister, who gave back the hug with an unreadable face expression, “Aren’t you glad?”
“Of course I am”, Petunia answered, smiling lightly, “We haven’t seen each other for a few months”.
Whatever Lily’s sister said, it wasn’t much convincible. You could notice the reserve in her behaviour, even her body language spoke for itself: she stood a bit further to Lily than her parents did, she also kept her arms crossed. When Lily looked at her, she straightened her arms and said: “Big Bear was missing you”.
Big Bear was their dog. He looked like a bear indeed: his huge, light and dark brown body, strong teeth resembled a bear from a forest. He wasn’t wild in any sense, though; it was the cutest dog on the earth.
“Come on, girls”, Octavia, Lily’s mother ordered, “If we don’t hurry, we’ll miss the train”.
“Right”, admitted Arnold Evans, “Come on, quickly!”
They all helped Lily with her luggage and hurried towards the other platform. Dad was walking first, Lily and Octavia behind him and Petunia was last. She seemed not as interested in Lily’s arrival as her parents.
Compared to Lily, Petunia looked rather ugly. She inherited her grandfather’s horse face and little eyes, but she was slim and she kept herself straight as if she had a lot of dignity in her.
“For God’s sake, Petunia, walk faster!”, her mother shouted, panting, “If we miss the train, the next will be in six hours!”
“I’m going, I’m going”, she answered and hastened.

When they finally reached the town they were living in, it had been already dark. Fortunately they were living quite close the railway station. Lily was breathing in the smell of the river, which was a bit lighter because winter killed the disgusting smell of the fish and filled the air with a cold, strong smell. The streets were snow-covered, but some of the neighbours removed the snow from the pavement before their little houses. Lily thought about Severus, who was traveling in the same train, but he came into the other carriage: what would he see at his home? She had seen that nobody had come to greet him and to take him back home. All the Marauders, Frank, Alice had somebody who was glad to see them and Lily knew that there had been very few ones who weren’t greeted by at least one member of the family.
“Dad, how’s the work?”, Lily asked curiously. She knew that the times were sometimes hard for the fishermen, especially if there was a huge rivalry and not much fish to catch.
“Not that bad, but it could be better”, Arnold answered, “Don’t worry, you all will get your Christmas presents, maybe not that rich as I’d like to, but still... And you two will get money from me to buy Christmas presents for your friends”.
“How many friends do you have in this- er- place?’, Petunia asked, looking as innocent as she could, “Has the number increased since the last school year?’
“Well... I’m not sure... Maybe one person more... And you?”, Lily smiled, “How’s it going at St Maria’s?”
“I’m still friends with Clara and Liz”, her sister answered stiffly, “And there are also some boys I rather like”.
“Finally we’re at home, girls!”, their mother clapped her hands, “Wipe your shoes and come in! We’ll make a delicious supper!”

After Lily had kissed her dog straight into his mouth ( “It’s disgusting!”, Petunia hissed, shocked), checked if something had changed in their room during her absence, she said:
“Tunia, come on! Let’s help our mother!” and went straight to the kitchen sink to wash potatoes and onions. Petunia stood up and said with a pretension in her voice:
“I always help mum in the kitchen, right, Mum?”
“Of course, honey”, Octavia answered absent-mindedly and while their father was sitting on the old, dark red armchair, she asked Lily:
“So tell me, Lily... how are you doing at school? We’re all so proud of you! Some neighbours from here can’t believe what you can do! They say that I’m crazy and I lie that there’s a school for wizards and witches! I’d even say they are maybe jealous that we have a witch as a daughter! I can bet they’d like you to conjure Muggle money for them or to help them with their illnesses”, she laughed loudly.
“It’s true, they whisper that Mum’s mental behind her back”, Arnold nodded, “Whatever they say, I see that deep inside their hearts they’re jealous about the possibilities you may be provided with”
“I think I’m not that bad”, Lily grinned, “In fact, Professor Slughorn- he teaches Potions- says that I’m the best at it, Professor Flitwick says that I do well at charms, I’m also good at Defense Against the Dark Arts and in Herbology... But I’m not that good in Divination”, she admitted honestly, “And also Severus Snape is getting better and better at Potions, I think it’s only the question of time and he’s going to be as good at it as me”.
“I’m also a good student, am I not, Mum, Dad?”, Petunia apparently demanded more attention, “St Maria’s an excellent school, the level of the teaching process is unbelievably high”.
“You’re right, honey”, said Octavia and patted her on the back, “Tunia is very keen on History and Latin”.
“Latin! Many magic incantations are based on it, that’s what Professor Dumbledore said”, Lily informed, “But it’s not an exact Latin, you know... It has Latin roots in it - Bear, give that sausage back!”

When Lily and Petunia were lying in their beds, trying to fall asleep, Lily noticed that her sister was continuously fidgeting.
“Are you sleeping, Tunia?”, Lily whispered and shook uncontrollably because of the cold air in the room.
“No, I’m not”, Petunia answered in a sulky tone.
“Petunia, listen”, Lily murmured, worried, “I can see something’s wrong with you. Can you tell me what it is?”
“Yes, I can”, she answered desperately, “You’re back and you’re our parents’ most beloved, admired daughter again and it’s even worse for me while you’re here, because I have to watch it!”, she explained furiously, “They seem not to notice me and my good grades and they talk about you all the year, how talented, nice, good-hearted you are, and they don’t appreciate ME, and I always do my best but it seems I’m too NORMAL!”. Petunia was breathing deeply, furious, “You wanted to know. So you know it now”.
“Tunia, sweetie, I’m sure that they...”
“I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” she yelled, got up and went to the kitchen.

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