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Re: Why did JKR feel it was necessary for us to know the Prime Minister of Britain?

Did anyone else get the feeling that the Muggle PM was based on Tony Blair?

The thing is, according the timeline the PM would have been John Major. The PM before him was Margaret Thatcher, which (in the non-fictional world) is contradicted by Fudge's 'He tried to throw me out of the window, thought I was a hoax by the opposition.' comment about the PM's predecessor. I couldn't imagine Major doing this, but Maggie Thatcher? Most definitely!

Of course, if it was Blair he could try blaming the Iraq debacle on being under the Imperius curse. 'Look everyone, it wasn't my fault (earnest smile, emphatic hand gesture). This really evil wizard drank something called Polyjuice Potion to make himself look like George and then put me under a spell which made me do whatever he told me to.'

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