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Re: CoS Speed Writing Competition 2013

Originally Posted by Schlubalybub View Post
To be honest, I don't know. I'm really hoping we can. Maybe if I change the date to 30th June, that would make more sense?

As you know, I wasn't aware that the site would close when I set up the challenge, but I'm not annoyed about it- the way I see it, our contest could help the site go out with a little bang...not really a big one, but it may help us.

It's sad, yes, but we could let this contest be our swansong. Nothing lasts forever, and I'm still happy to continue with the contest if everyone wants to take part? To be honest, when I first read the announcement, I thought perhaps I'd just abandon it, but why? I love this site, why would I abandon something that I'd set up just because it's closing...perhaps it was a pique of passive aggression. But although I had a little bit of anger when I first found out, I realised that this competition would still fit into the timespan...

So, I'll change the date to the 30th June for ending entries, and perhaps we can put the stories on a different website? I'll look into a free site or something to post the stories (I can't afford a paid site) so that we can share the stories after the site has gone.

Perhaps this post is a bit of a mixed bag...I'm sad and a little angry, not at the site, but at myself. I could have started this months ago, but I didn't. I guess I was scared. Scared that nobody would want something started by me like this. I guess we couldn't forsee's Morgoth's decision, and I stand by that. I just hope that we can see this competition through before we close.

Sorry, this post was a bit self pitying, but I'm still not sure what to make of it. All I want to say is, let the speed writing commence!
I completely understand your mixed feelings. And I think the contest is still a great idea. I'm still busy with school, and that's not likely to cool off until mid to late May when my exams are over. But hopefully I can start writing soon. I'll just do the best I can until I can get some free time. Best of luck to everyone!
Originally Posted by Desraelda View Post
The stories can be posted on Wattpad for free if anyone wants to do that.
Figment is also an option. My sister is obsessed with it. Although I think it's generally used more for short stories than novels-in-progress.

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