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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Originally Posted by mexicant View Post
It was so well-written, and I thought you did an excellent job! I kept laughing at the way you painted Harry, because I often feel that way about him myself. Having a knack for getting into trouble wouldn't cover it.
Well, the editorializing was mostly by Snape. But, like you, I can see where he is coming from on the subject of Harry.

But I must say, a couple words in there threw me for a loop...I had to check the dictionary...guess I should brush up on my vocabulary, huh?
No need, that was deliberate!

I hope they were words used Snape's dialogue, either internal or aloud? It seems to me he has an oversized vocabulary ('ensnaring the senses', e. g.). If an obscure word pops into my mind when writing his bits, I will definitely stick it in instead of picking a more commonly used word.

Still, Zara, this was wonderful!

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