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Re: Would Voldemort come back as a ghost?

Originally Posted by iluvhp91 View Post
probably because Nick (gryffindor ghost) was afraid of death so he came back... and Voldemort said he was afraid of death also so i think he would come back as a ghost and haunt Harry and continue to lead the death eaters
I thought of that too, but I honestly don't see it happening because a huge part of the Death Eater's loyalty to Voldemort is out of fear. If he's already dead and just a ghost that can't really hurt you (I'm assuming this since the worst a ghost has ever done in the books is throw stuff... Peeves) then the Death Eaters have no real reason to fear him, or follow him for that matter. Without fear, Voldemort is nothing.

I can picture Lucius Malfoy trying to take over Voldemort's place while Voldy's ghost screams in protest... but Harry can defeat Lucius and the others more easily since they're mortal and have no horcruxes that we know of.


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