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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by Montse View Post
I am not sure this even belongs in this thread , its more of a movie plot hole than a question book related... Should I have posted it in the DH part two thread... I think so ... but it is still a little question so I am posting it here instead , sorry if I am mistaken.
Anywho, the thing is , I was watching DH part two last night and when Snape gives Harry the memory , Harry watches in the pensieve when Lily tells Harry to be brave and that he is loved... Ummm, how did Snape have that memory, it does not make sense , does it? In order to have it he would have needed to be there when Voldy killed her, I know its was not in the book , but even if it is in the film , it should make sense shouldnt it...
Yeah, this post would belong somewhere in the Muggle Studies forum. Frankly, making sense doesn't seem to be as big a priority in the movies as in the books.


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