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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

How Hagrid travels at all (eg to Diagon Alley) is a bit of a mystery. Could Sirius' bike be made invisible like the Ford Anglia? Otherwise I can't see him using it to travel into the middle of London if all the Muggles could see him arriving. And if he used it to travel to the island where was it when he and Harry left? And how did he get it back? We never see Hagrid apparating either and I got the impression he wasn't supposed to be using magic which was why he had his wand hidden in the umbrella. Can Muggles see Thestrals? (If they've seen death I mean). If not I suppose he could have ridden one but what happened to it later? Could the Knight Bus have got him on to the island? I'm puzzled. Maybe Dumbledore created Portkeys to get Hagrid around?

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