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Re: Comments on: CoS Forums

Originally Posted by Madeline
I'm pretty bad when it comes to determining if someone's statements online are literal or not, so I had to tell you I hope you didn't really mean it when you said that you're going to stop trying to do stuff that benefits the forum in the future. Despite whatever reactions there were about the guidelines you made it's because of the efforts of the staff that CoS is so much better than a lot of the free for all forums that are out there.
It comes down to whether the reward is worth the effort. If the reward is that people cannot/will not work with something, we're then left with the feeling that everything is a waste of time. That feeling passes in time and we come back to the idea of working with others. It's natural to feel deflated or infuriated by a lack of flexibility or understanding, that applies to everyone. But with CoS, it's a long way down the list of our Real Life problems and addressing the issues on here does require time out of RL, so when something does go wrong a person can be forgiven for thinking "I'm done with this."

Obviously it's easier to be a member of a web forum than it is to be a member of staff on a web forum. But one thing is for sure, lanifiel and all the staff have invested a great amount of time and energy on trying to improve things for everyone. The perception that one side is favoured over another is silly because it assumes we're invested personally in ensuring an unfair advantage for our 'favourites', which couldn't be farther from the truth.

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