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Re: The OTHER deleted scenes (Not on the DVD)

Originally Posted by iamwood View Post
Yea, I've always wondered where scenes like this were. All Harry had from Cedric's death were some really bad nightmares(which isn't easy), but we never got to see him grieve. I think this would have fit so well in GoF. Especially after how well they did the scene in the stadium where Harry returns with Cedric's body. The emotion there was amazing, imo. So I'll bet this waterfall scene would have been touching too.

Just a thought.... But with OoTP and Mark Day as editor, how many amazing deleted scenes do you think there are from that film alone?
Yeah, I agree, I don't know what it is about that scene,

but Harry and Amos Diggery's reaction almost make me tear up everytime I watch it, and I never cry during movies, so that's quite impressive.

About OOTP we know there are these scenes:

- full SWM with Lily
- Sirius vs. Bellatrix duel
- Ministry of Magic employees attack Professor McGonagall with Stunning Spells outside Hagrid's hut
- Hagrid introduces his fifth year class to Thestrals

that's all I can think, I know that there are supposed to be some more scenes from the MoM battle as well.

Yates stated that the original cut was OVER 3 hrs. so Mark Day cut about 45 min.

I bet there are A LOT of scenes we never even heard about or caught a glimpse of in behind the scenes footage


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