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Re: The NFL Football Thread v2

And activity completely dried up on this thread. Oops.

Well, the Pats rebounded for a 12 win season, a division title, a Super Bowl berth, and.....a VICTORY!! Brady's 4th, with his 3rd MVP. A classic ending. And then, all the pieces they signed for this (last?) run left for huge money. Wilfork wasn't resigned. They saved money on him and Browner to make a run at Revis and then didn't even make an offer. Vereen left. Donta Hightower left? I thought I heard? So, they lost both corners, the most versatile nose tackle in football, their most reliable running back, and one or two linebackers. YIKES! But they signed McCourty to an extension. Yay.

Meanwhile the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins went on a spendapalooza, improving everywhere but the quarterback position. Whew. And there's the bogus "Deflategate" investigation still petering along. Great season. Awful offseason so far.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.

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