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Re: Introduce Yourself: Music Taste.

Name/Nickname: Linda
Age: 21
Location: Sweden

Favourite bands/artists: Too many to list but Iron Maiden is always going to be my number 1
Favourite albums: I have a lot of favorite albums ^_^
Favourite songs: Too many but SMAP's Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana and TOKIO's Sorafune are probably my most played songs at the moment
Favourite live act: Don't know

The musician/s who are the most important to you: Iron Maiden, NewS (Japanese boyband)
If you could see any band/musician live, regardless of money, time, space, monkeys etc, who would it be? Iron Maiden
The one band that you'd love to see split up? None
One song that everybody should hear: Don't know


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