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Re: Pottercast

Not Pottercast, necessarily, but The Leaky Cauldron has been revived (as has the HP-Lexicon). I usually visited MuggleNet but have found that that site has devolved a bit from its roots. I think Leaky holds on to a bit more of the traditional Harry Potter flair, and I'm glad to see it functional again. I was surprised they let it become so degraded given their involvement with LeakyCon. But it looks like they had largely moved to Leaky News (more of a Hypable-type site), which is now "Geeky News" in keeping with the split of LeakyCon to GeekyCon. I'm glad they are committed to making this distinction between general fandom and Harry Potter fandom, though I concede that sole dedication to the Harry Potter fandom is less successful and rewarding as a business.

Perhaps there should be a separate thread on "the state of the fandom," though given current activity here there may be little interest!


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