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Re: Best little-used characters?

Originally Posted by LikeLuna View Post
Oh, and I've always wondered about Penelope Clearwater...kissing Percy in all his Head Boy glory. I don't think she even got to say anything.
Yes, me too, now that you remind me of her. She's last seen in PoA, I think. She's the one Percy confides in, because she's the only one who'll listen to him. After that, both she and Percy graduate and leave Hogwarts and she's never heard of again, except when Hermione uses her name when the Trio get caught by the Snatchers.

No, she has no line at all in the books, and only a walk-on role in the movie, I think it was CoS, where at one point Nearly-Headless Nick says "Hello Percy, Good morning, Miss Clearwater." She's never even seen kissing Percy, we only have Ginny's report on that.

Originally Posted by SnapeGirl
In the question and answer session in New York on friday night, Jo said that Hannah and Neville married. Hannah runs the Leaky Cauldron and they live above it.
Thanks, SnapeGirl. Seems like an odd couple to me. I just can't see it. Not Hannah as running a bar, not her being married to Neville, not a Professor of Herbology living above a bar. But then I have a hard time imagining Neville married to anyone, but I think that's just me. Don't take me wrong, I like Neville a lot. I just don't see him married, and especially not to someone like Hannah.

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