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Re: Seven Years And Counting


Chapter Eight
The Biggest Idiots
Were Those In Love


People are idiots sometimes. Unfortunately, the ones that are the biggest idiots were those in love. According to Rose that is, along with her two best friends Ava Travers and Abigail Rodgers. September wasn't even over yet and Rose already managed to lose her absolute best friend, her most recent fancy, and discovered there could possibly be a Dark Lord on the rise. Speaking of crazy psycho people rising from the dark, that is exactly why Rose felt like an idiot.

Quidditch tryouts were today, and even though she didn't particularly care for Quidditch, she found herself in the Gryffindor piers watching as the Slytherins auditioned. Scorpius was the Slytherin team captain and this was the only place she could find him since that uneventful day in the library.

Seven members were airborne with Scorpius: Albus and his best mate Christian Jacobs were last year’s Beaters, Dylan Klyser was looking for the Snitch, and three girls Rose did not recognise were chasing around the Quaffle. Scorpius had his whole team planned out and they were good .One of the Chaser girls managed to get five shots passed him throughout the tryout. When Luke Matthews came onto the field with his hopeful Ravenclaw team, Scorpius and his team came down and headed straight for the changing rooms.

Rose followed after hurriedly, gathering her things and running down the Gryffindor pier. The Slytherin changing room was a huge contrast to the Gryffindor rooms with the silver and green splattered across the tent. A fire was lit in the middle, but since it wasn't that cold out yet, it had no real heat.

When she entered Dylan looked at her skeptically before returning to his stance with one arm resting on a pole and looking down at one of the girls who was trying out for Chaser. Albus was already changed and getting his things together when he saw her and nudged his head in Scorpius' direction and Rose thanked him with a thin smile.

"Scorpius?" Rose asked the back of an extremely blonde head. His shoulders tensed at the sound of her voice and he turned around. Rose was beginning to wonder if she would regret her decision to see him but by the look on his face he didn't look too upset with her for showing up unannounced.

He looked down at her for a few seconds without saying anything and his lips twitched once before he realised what was going on and his face hardened instantly. This was exactly the reaction Rose thought meant something about Scorpius’ behavior the other day.

“The list of those of you who made it will be up by next Monday,” he said, his gaze leaving Rose now and looking around the room. “Practice will be that evening and those of you who made it better be there. There’s a lot of work to be done before our first game and we’re taking the cup this year. Now go on!” He turned around and started fidgeting with a few things at a desk before speaking again once everyone was gone. “What do you want, Rose?”

“Nothing much,” she said honestly, “just to know why you did that to me the other day in the library.” She pulled herself up onto a broom rack and swung her legs without thinking and kicked one of the brooms over. “Sorry!” she said, but he didn’t bother to turn around and see what happened. With that attitude, she didn’t even bother to get it herself.

“You were dishonest with me, Rose, and that’s that.” He maneuvered away from the desk and began taking his Quidditch gear off. The gloves were discarded onto the same desk along with most of the pads he wore. Rose looked at him in horror, not that he saw though.

“Me not telling you I have a crush on you is dishonest? Honestly, Scorpius, that’s what you’re mad about?” He didn’t answer verbally. Instead he shrugged and then worked with taking the robes off and showing his bare back. Rose’s stomach leaped inside of her and did a somersault in the process. Working passed her heated face and bashful voice, she said, “And this is supposed to help how?”

Scorpius rolled his eyes and turned around at last. His chest was rippled with not quite man muscles, but not exactly a boy’s muscles either. He had the perfect Quidditch body. Rose was speechless.

“You came here for my answer and I’ve given it to you. If you don’t like my answer then don’t expect anything else. Now excuse me please?” His voice was stiff, but his eyes were practically pleading for her to drop it, but that wasn’t Rose’s style. Something wasn’t right about what he did to her. Scorpius was a gentleman, despite what her cousin James thought. He was always kind to her and sometimes, Rose could have sworn he had the same feelings toward her as well. Someone had to have put him up to this.

“N—no,” she said with as much confidence as her voice would allow. He was still standing half naked in front of her after all!

“Fine.” He threw down his robes and went behind a curtain to change out of the tight practice pants. Behind the curtain he asked, “So what is it you want to hear? I’m sorry? I think you should be the one apologising, Rose.”

“Excuse me?” Rose exclaimed, stamping her foot as she stood. “Do you recall exactly what you did to me the other day? Or do I need to apologise for your behavior as well?”

“What I did, Rose,” Scorpius said behind the curtain, “is stop you from getting hurt and confronted a lie before it went further. Then you went crazy on me!” He stepped out from the curtain and was wearing a green, baggy shirt and a pair of dark jeans and converse. Rose loved the weekends.

She had nothing to say. Everything he said made no sense. It was like he was trying to find an excuse to be away from her. Someone must have put him up to this. Before she knew it, she was confronting him of this. “Are you doing this because someone told you to?”

Scorpius tried to answer but he was cut back and surprised. He was ready to have an answer for her but he couldn’t do it.

“Scorpius, what’s wrong?”

He looked down and smirked. It was an odd sight, but at least she knew he wasn’t angry with her. She gulped loudly, afraid to hear what he was about to answer.

“Rose,” he said with a chuckle and then peeked up at her, “you’re not supposed to fight for someone who does something like that to you.”

Confused, she smiled and stepped closer to him. What exactly was going on she wasn’t sure, but he had just as well admitted to having not wanted to play her on like he did. He placed a hand on her shoulder and looked down, and for a moment she felt like she did in the library again before he hurt her so much. It was the afterthought that kept her from leaning up and kissing him right then and there.

“What do you mean?” she asked, biting her lip and smiling up at him. He sighed and hugged her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Taken aback, she patted him on the back and then pulled away before he did.

“Rose, you’re my best friend and I want to tell you everything, but sometimes I can’t.” He looked guilty and she felt as if she was certain that he was a part of something dangerous. She was scared for him, but also disgusted that he could ever join a group of people that would help a man come to power. She knew his father was like that when he was younger, but she spent a majority of her time at Hogwarts swearing up and down that the Malfoys were changed people. “I knew you liked me and so I was trying to protect you—”

“Are you a part of something dangerous, Scorpius?” she asked before he could finish. She was getting tired of his excuses now. If he was a part of some group trying to give this new Dark Lord power, then she would have to turn him in, no matter how much she thought she loved him.

“What?” he exasperated. “Rose, no! I was trying to say that I knew that you liked me and I was trying to protect you by telling you I don’t feel the same way about you because I’ve found someone else. A Muggle in fact,” he added quickly. “I met her this summer and I didn’t know how to tell you without showing you myself that I could not like you.”

Tears started to form behind Rose’s eyes and a huge ball was caught in her throat and she couldn’t get rid of it. When she talked the lump was evident and she wanted to curse herself for showing her weakness to Scorpius again. “Oh,” she managed to spit out. “Well if that’s all, I guess I’ll just be going.”

She turned to leave and folded her arms as she walked away.

“Rose!” he made a quick run to catch up with her but stopped and decided it wouldn’t be worth it right now. He was right. If he laid one finger on her Rose was certain she would have to hex him to the next year. “I’m sorry,” he gave in and she stopped to look over her shoulder at him.

“It’s OK,” she said with the only smile she could make, which wasn’t very attractive, “at least I still have my best friend, right?”

“Yeah! Of course,” he said, laughing lightly and went to walk up again.


She walked away before he reached her and went outside to head back up to the castle, her tears flowing with ease now. She would have to tell him later why she suspected he was in danger and what her family told her, despite telling her not to tell anyone. As for now, she was too hurt to even look at him again.


Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts were running really smoothly and James had a definite repeat position as the team as a Chaser. Lily wanted to play Quidditch so bad, but she would have to wait until next year before she could even consider auditioning. So, for now, she was sitting in the stands with her father and Hugo, watching James throw the Quaffle past Crazy Shaylie, the captain, with ease.

"Dad?" Lily asked while still looking out at her brother.

"Hmm?" Harry replied, his attention at the same spot hers was.

"Were you ever a Quidditch captain?"

"Yes, dear. I was captain in my sixth year. Kids gave me a lot of trouble for it too because it looked like I only let my friends on the team. Truth is, the Potters and Weasleys are where the talent is at." He looked down at her and winked.

"Will you audition with me next year, Hugo?" Lily asked her unsuspecting cousin and he looked at her nervously.

"Err, no. Sorry, Lily." His face was somewhat green at the mere thought of joining the Quidditch team and being that high in the air. Both Lily and Harry laughed at the thought of Hugo in the air and Harry patted him on the back, reassuring him his father would be proud.

As amazing as it was to watch Gryffindor members flying in the air and trying their best to be worthy enough for her brother's team, Lily knew what her ultimate goal was here. She needed some alone time with her father to ask why he was really here. Hugo felt the same way and decided to tag along with her today, even if the sight of other people on their brooms made him slightly queasy.

"Daddy," she said with her sweetest little girl voice. "Can we talk?"

"Of course, darling," Harry put an arm around his daughter and kissed the top of her head. "We can talk about anything you want. It's not boys is it?" His face fell at his last question but Lily shook her head and he laughed nervously before speaking again. "Good. You're not allowed to date until you're thirty-five anyway, so don't get any ideas!"


Hugo burst out laughing and one of the players auditioning for Keeper was sidetracked and looked at him just as the Quaffle zoomed by him.

"What is it, sweetie?" His glasses were at the tip of his nose as he looked down at her and he looked like one of the happiest men alive just then. Lily hated having to bring up such a serious subject with him.

"What is really going on? I know there are a lot of things you aren't telling us, all of us do. I want to know. I'm not a little girl anymore, Daddy."

"Lily, you're twelve."

"This makes me just as old as you were when you learned everything about Voldemort. I want to, and so does Hugo, know everything that is really going on."

Harry looked at her for moment as if contemplating if she was really right or not. She knew how important James, Albus, and she were to her father, but she wasn't sure if she could get the information she wanted to know out of him.

"What's going to happen and who is planning all of this?" Lily pressed when her father didn't answer right away.

Harry bit his lip and thought for a moment before he could answer her at last. He ran a hand through his hair and took his glasses off as though he were cleaning them as he spoke.

"I can assure you nothing is going to happen, love. Not to you, James, Albus, Mum, Hugo, or anyone. All the Ministry is doing is taking extra precautions and making sure these students that are causing a lot of trouble here stop. If there is no trouble, then we know it was all rumors."

"You of all people know that's now how things work, Uncle Harry," Hugo chimed in. "How many times did Mum and Dad tell me how you used to tell them what you thought and they never listened when they should have."

"This is different," Harry said without losing his temper, like he hardly ever did. "When Voldemort was around he had been gaining power while he was in Hogwarts and for years after that."

"What's so different about it now then, Daddy?" Lily asked, a bit of fear in her voice giving her true feelings away. What if someone was inside the school right now and trying to destroy all of the half-bloods and Muggle-borns?

"For starters, the trouble isn't starting in the school. Whoever is possibly trying to gain power is not a student, we know that for sure. However, they are trying to get students involved instead of their own pears so we have to find out who it is they're close to. Do you have anything you've been meaning to tell me?"

"No," Lily answered honestly. "In fact, I haven't seen anything strange going on around here at all. What James described didn't sound dangerous to me at all."

Harry sighed and looked down at his hands after finally placing his glasses back on his face. "I know," he said. "I'm beginning to wonder if asking him to keep an eye out for things was a mistake. He seems to think we are actually looking for something wrong to happen so everything is ten times worse than it actually is." He looked out on the field where his son was and smiled as though he had created the most important thing in his life.

"So do you think we're all safe, Uncle Harry?" Hugo asked hesitantly, not certain if he should break such a pensive moment. Harry clasped his shoulder and nudged him a little before winking.

"Perfectly safe," he said and with that, James blew his whistle and the remaining group in the sky dove down to the ground and headed to the tent.


“Isn’t this just a perfect day for uprooting Taber Roots?” Owen looked up from the roots he was pulling and looked up at Molly as he wiped his face. He managed to get more dirt on his face than before and Molly scoffed at how ridiculous he looked. Honestly, though, she could think of a million other things she wished she could be doing right now than looking for Amortentia ingredients with Owen. She wasn’t really expecting to spend her weekend working with him, but he cornered her after dinner the other day and suggested they started looking for the ingredients now in order to finish the potion on time. Molly, not one for a bad grade, obliged and hated her decision ever since.

“Are we done yet?” she asked, not trying to hide how miserable she was in her voice.

“Nearly there,” his smile spread wider and she was beginning to think he took joy in making her miserable.

“Listen,” she threw down one of the roots in the cauldron they were using to hold them and rested her hands on her knees. “If you wanted Avery as your partner you should have said so. I wouldn’t have to worry about dreading every Potions class for the next month and Avery possibly could have made a new friend. Not that we would ever become friends because of her.”

Owen laughed at her and stood to gather their roots. He started walking without warning her they were done and she leaped to her feet, chasing after him. “It is best I’m working with you anyway. As you said, with you and your delicate situation right now, the last thing you need is your best mate fawning over you while you work on a love potion together.”

“For the last time, Luke does not like me like that!” Molly fumed and pushed his shoulder from behind, but the effect wasn’t near anything she wanted it to be. Again, he laughed at her and bent to pick up a few of the roots she caused him to drop.

“Either way, it is all for the best. Seems as though if you aren’t interested in him, your other little friend is. Surely you can’t be blind to that as well?”

“Of course not! Avery is my best friend. I mean, yes it did take me a while to realise, but I know she likes him… Why am I talking about the affairs of my friends with you? Are we done or not?” Molly didn’t know why she stuck around for the answer, but she tapped her foot impatiently, make a thud. Thud. Thud. as she did so.

“If you think you can get a bit of Doxy Venom by yourself, then yes. We are done for the day.”

Molly glared at him and wished she brought her wand with her because she would hex him right now if she could.

“There is no Doxy Venom in Amortentia Potion, Owen.”

“I know that. However, you want us to be done so quickly I may as well get the rest of this potion's ingredients out of the way and you can get what I need for my other classes since I won’t have the time.”

“Oh ha ha. I hate you.”

“Are you always this upfront?”

“I’ve known no other way,” she growled and began to stomp off ahead of him.

“Hey, Molly!” he called after her, a laugh hidden behind his all too large grin.

“What?” she whipped around and glared at him, face fuming.

“Welcome back.” His smug look made her think he looked as though he had accomplished something. Did he think he was helping her? The hell with him! She turned without saying anything and continued to tread up the hill.

“Oh, and Molly!”

She stopped this time, but didn’t turn around.

“I expect my Doxy Venom by tomorrow afternoon. I need it for Monday’s class.”

In reply, Molly gave him a lovely hand gesture that showed him exactly how she felt about him and his Doxy Venom and went on her way.


James was exhausted after a long day of Quidditch tryouts with the other Gryffindors. He was really hoping being Prefect and being on the Quidditch team wouldn’t take too much out of him. As it was now he was avoiding his homework by going to dinner with his dad. They were walking through the corridors as it was and talking about a conversation Lily and his dad had earlier during the tryouts when James blocked everything his dad was talking about as Angel Robins walked by. She smiled in his direction.

“Uh—eh—hey!” He fumbled and she laughed as she walked by with a quick, “Hi,” and giggled with a friend James had no clue was.

“Quite the charmer there, son,” Harry observed and put a hand on his shoulder. His eyes squinted with laughter and showed the years his father had on him. James shrugged him off and blushed.

“I know. I know. I’m horrible about that sort of stuff when around her.”

“And who exactly is her?” Harry chided at his oldest son and strolled along with him.

“Angel Robins. I think she’s the most beautiful girl in this school and we’ve talked a few times, but unless it is for a class I can’t find the strength to do it on my own.” James sighed heavily in longing for her to come back so he could try that conversation with her again. “Call me a romantic.”

“I understand, son. I’d say you get it from your mother, but that’s not exactly the truth,” he chuckled as they entered the Great Hall. It wasn’t nearly as full as it was normally over the week days so there were only a few students here and there, leaving James and his dad plenty of room to sit and talk about girls in private.

“So how long have you been liking this Angel girl? She really is pretty.”

James thought back about the conversation he had with Addie and decided he liked his father’s reaction to this situation much more.

“A little over a year I guess,” he estimated and sat down before some steaming hot chicken. “You sure are taking this better than Addie did the other day,” he pointed out, hoping his father could pin what was going on with her.

“Addie? What about her anyway? Don’t you like her?” Harry smirked and bit into a hot roll.

“Who? Addie? No! She’s my best friend, Dad!” The very idea of it seemed quite impossible for James to even think about. Addie and he may have several things in common, but they would be the absolute worst couple in all of Hogwarts A History!

“Oh. Right! Sorry, son,” the look on Harry’s face was absolutely amused but he went along with what his son said.

“You’re a lot of help, Dad. Thanks.” It was the most sarcastic James could be but he didn’t mean anything by it. Harry just smiled down at his spoonful of potatoes and winked up at his son.

“While we’re on the subject of girls, son,” Harry started after a while of silence, “you know how to be completely responsible right?”

“Oh Holy Hufflepuff, Dad, not here!” James exclaimed, throwing his spoon onto the plate. A few of his friends looked down at them with bemused expressions and James glared at them until they looked away. His entire face was completely red.

Harry was so amused by the conversation and his son’s reaction, but he considered their surroundings and decided to drop the subject entirely. “Alright, I trust you. Just remember that you need to focus on your studies,” and he winked at his son again before James rolled his eyes and commented at how Aunt Hermione-ish he just sounded. “However, on a more serious note, we need to talk about what you heard the other night.”

“I know what you’re going to say, Dad. I’m really sorry I ever called you guys,” James said apologetically and quit trying to eat all together. When Harry looked at him oddly he added, “Lily came to me before you did. She told me about how I may be overreacting to this whole situation.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, James,” Harry said hurriedly.

“No—no, its fine, Dad. I really do see what you mean and I agree. I guess I was just on nerve with what Mum had sent me and I wasn’t sure of what to do. Normally if you and Mum here something bad is happening and it worries you, then it’s something the rest of the Wizarding World should freak out about, too. So, do you really think it’s something we don’t have to worry about?”

Harry was unsure at the moment of what to say. James had the feeling he only told Lily about that because she was so young and he didn’t want her freaking out, but that wasn’t his dad’s style. If Harry Potter really thought something was safe, then nothing could pass him. His dad was ultimately the one who knew it all.

Harry paused for a moment before answering as honestly as he possibly could. “I wouldn’t say it is something to push to the side, but no. I don’t think you kids will have anything to worry about. There hasn’t been any trouble with the kids here and it was only a rumor that something would start here. I’m sorry we scared you.”

James was sure he was telling the truth, but there was still something bugging him about the other day that he really wanted to know.

“If that’s the case, then why was there such a big deal about Chloe Arndale?”

“I regret saying what I did then, James. I shouldn’t assume what a student is like because of her family’s past.” Harry’s eyes that were full of laughter moments ago now looked tired and rather unhappy.

“What’s wrong with her past?”


She could see Albus sitting at a desk and trying to read a book. He looked really aggravated and as though he wanted to be doing anything other than what he was working on right now. Just as she thought, he slammed the book shut and headed up the stairs to leave the common room. With a small smirk of gratification, Chloe followed shortly behind him.

He was heading for dinner so she rushed up by his side.

"Hey, Albus!" she said with her dazzling smile that normally got her anything she wanted at him.

"Um, hey," he replied, wondering where she came from.

"So I was wondering," she was trying to act as flirty as possible, as though she was one of the blubbering Hufflepuff girls swooning over a Quidditch boy, "if you had a moment before dinner."

"You could, er, join me at dinner if you like," he said, but she could tell he honestly didn't want her there.

'No, that's fine. I just needed to ask you real quick if you remembered me wanting to talk a couple of weeks ago. You know, without your dorky little friend around."

"Oh," Albus thought back and nodded.

"Well, here I am. Ready to talk to you! And I was wondering if you had any plans on Tuesday evening?"

"Why Tuesday?" Albus said dumbly. She bit her tongue and fluttered her eyes as quickly as she could.

"A group of us are getting together. Scorpius is in it, I'm pretty sure you two are mates, right?"

"Right." He was beginning to look a little shifty and she had to be careful with what she said. According to Jane, he already knew that there could be a group of students around supporting a Dark Lord.

"It's mainly just a little gathering Professor Reubnon is throwing for special Slytherin members that are struggling in Potions because he's a little shifty about Professor Wilkes' teaching." She made the whole thing up on the spot so he wouldn't get any ideas at all. It seemed to work because he nodded and smiled awkwardly at her.

"I'm not failing Potions or anything though," he pointed out last minute. "Neither is Scorpius now that I think about it."

"Scorpius is there as a mentor. Maybe if you're good enough, you can be my study partner?" Chloe added quickly, and she could feel a bead of sweat begin to drip from underneath her bangs. She didn't think talking to him would be this hard.


"Well I'll see you later then, Albus. It was nice talking with you." She walked right passed him while placing a hand on his arm and took one last glance at his direction before going off to talk to Scorpius. She needed him to reinforce her story for her to make sure Albus would come. Jackson would have to shut up during their meetings now, and everything would be back to normal. All they needed now were for those stupid Ministry members to leave.


“Professor Reubnon, may I ask you something real quick?” Albus knocked on the Professor’s door, but it was half open so he peeked his head inside while he knocked.

“Come in, boy,” the Professor said, not looking up from a stack of paper’s he was grading. He was the teacher for Ancient Runes and Albus had no idea what he was like as a teacher, but the entire Slytherin House looked to him as their Head of House instead of Professor Wilkes. “What is it?” he asked as Albus sat down in one of the red, leather chairs left empty before the desk.

“I was just coming to inquire about your study groups for Potions class.” Albus said bravely. He knew there couldn’t be such a thing, but he had to make sure before he told Molly about this.

Professor Reubnon looked up over his spectacles but continued to write down the letter “A” and draw a circle around it before concentrating completely on Albus. “What are you talking about, boy?” he asked at last. “I have no such organisatioin. You can ask Professor Wilkes if she does, but I highly doubt it.”

“That’s what I thought, Professor. Thank you. Have a good evening.” He bowed his head and hoisted himself from the seat.

“Wait, Mr. Potter. Who invited you to this club? I must assure they know they have been played as a fool to think there is such a thing.” The old man was waiting for an answer, shaking his chair as though he were extremely cold.

“Chloe Arndale, sir.” Albus answered, hoping to get some sort of reaction out of the Professor.

“Ah,” he said, “Miss Arndale. I must warn you, Mr. Potter, not to be making a standardised friendship with this girl. She has many troubles, and none that I see you fit to resolve.”

“What sort of troubles, if I may ask, Professor?” Albus sank back into the seat and waited expectantly for an answer.

“A dark family history I’m afraid. Something your father did long ago before you were born will have caused a hardship between you two as students, but there is much more to her family than a feud with your father.” Professor Reubnon’s information wasn’t proving to be more helpful, but more stressful when he was only adding to the questions in Albus’ head.

“What did my dad do, Professor?”

“Oh, he tracked down Miss Arndale’s father many, many years ago after the final fall of Voldemort. There were Death Eaters on the loose and her father was one of them. He promised to avenge Voldemort and make sure the Muggle-born race would be extinguished. It was sheer chance your father found him when he did, and it resulted in a terrible fate for Benjamin Arndale.”

Albus was in complete shock of the whole story. He knew about how Death Eaters were still all over the place after Voldemort fell, but his father wasn’t one of the people that went searching for them. In fact, Zabini made it practically illegal for Harry to hunt down any Death Eaters, along with his Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. Where did his dad find Mr. Arndale and what happened?

“Did my dad kill Chloe’s dad?” He asked, terrified to hear the answer.

“Slithering Salazar, no! Though to the Arndales he may as well have. Harry reported Benjamin to the Prime Minister Shaklebolt and he was then placed into Azkaban. Their most threatening Death Eater was caught and they no longer needed to worry about another rise of a Dark Lord.” Professor Reubnon looked at him with a puzzled expression.

That’s what you think, thought Albus.

“What is with the sudden curiosity, Mr. Potter?” The shaking Professor then pushed his full spectacles to the bridge of his nose and frowned at the student before him.

“Nothing,” Albus said sullenly. “My Dad never told me about this is all.”

With that, Albus left without another word and shut the door behind him. He knew what he was going to tell Molly, and he now knew who they had to worry about. They could not let Benjamin Arndale rise to full power.


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