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Re: NEW PROJECT by JKR: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - The Film

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
A couple of big headlines concerning these films and yet not a peep on these forums - very telling, sadly.

So we've already been given a release date for the first Fantastic Beasts film: November 18, 2016! I don't recall any of the Harry Potter films revealing a release date before there was any indication that filming had commenced - much less before news that the script was being written and the film team being assembled! Two and a half years: I wonder how much the fandom will change when more casting and plot news is released.

Speaking of which, there is a rumor that Alfonso Cuarón is in "deep talks" to direct the first film. While I'm taking this with more than a grain of salt, it definitely raises questions about whether Cuarón is the right choice to direct Fantastic Beasts. My biggest qualm with PoA was his dramatic departure from the canon and continuity of the previous films, though I also recognize that PoA has been seen as the savior of the Potter film series. Perhaps I won't be so adverse to Cuarón's Fantastic Beasts given minimal source material, but the 'feel' of PoA still doesn't appeal to me. To a larger audience, though, perhaps it would.
I read a news item Sunday in which Cuaron denied this story. Sorry, as usual I can't find the article now.



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