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Re: The NFL Football Thread v2

All your playtoff teams are certainly possible, and I guess you're assuming that Cutler and Forte will stay healthy in Chicago. There's still an ocean of variables. I can see San Fran doing the same thing to New England that the Giants did (or claimed they did*grumble*).

You expect Denver to win the West with a suspect offensive line, questionable running gaeme, and unproven receivers? Certainly possible, but you're banking on Manning remaining upright for the whole season. Understandable, but still a big gamble.

Niners are an interesting choice. They still don't have a quarterback, but their defense and kicker can probably carry them.

What's the story on the NFC East? You only have Philly making it to the playoffs. Why? Eli's luck finally turns? The defense regresses? Explain please.

Philly is also interesting. Vick has yet to play an entire healthy season, the defense is still in transition.

I honestly don't understand the Chicago pick. Do you think the Bears will be as opportunistic as last year? Are you banking on Forte being all the way back from a pretty severe injury? Cutler will probably be fine, but a large percentage of that offense runs on Forte.

For a lot of reasons, I like the New England pick, but again--they let their top running back go (they locked Gronk up and franchised Welker). So, the defense is a work in progress mostly from castoffs and misfits from other squads. Gronk is coming back from a major injury. The leader of the offensive line just retired. It seems like they're banking on Kevin Falk to be the feature back this year because the young guns they got have some speed, but not great hands (pass-catching and fumble problems). They still don't have a vertical passing threat. They should be good and I think they have the experience and the grit to contend for a title, but there are some rather large question marks.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.

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