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Old November 20th, 2004, 10:55 am
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MuggleNet Editorials

MuggleNet Editorials Section

CoS Forums in partnership with MuggleNet has decided to open an area for members to comment on some of the many editorials featured on the editorials page of MuggleNet. These original pieces are not in any way related to threads made on CoS Forums of a similar nature. Any resemblance is purely coincidental unless the author identifies themselves as the author of the thread as well as the editorial.

If the topic of an editorial is similar to the topic of a thread, please do not treat this as a duplicate thread. The Editorials section, whilst a part of CoS Forums is an extension of the Editorials section of MuggleNet and therefore is contained within its own bubble. You may however refer to threads on CoS when discussing the editorials as a way of informing authors of any further evidence that may assist them in articles.

The reason we are opening these forums is to give fans of the editorials a chance to comment on what is written and to give the authors a means to expand their discussion topics. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but anything non-constructive will be removed and the member warned.

The format for posting in the Editorials section
  • All new threads will be started by Editors at MuggleNet. No new threads may be created in this area without permission. The editors can be identified by their title of "MuggleNet Editor".
  • When a thread is ready to be closed, a staff member will be informed and the thread will be closed.
  • The Forum Rules apply in all cases.
  • You may reply with comments to any open threads

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