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Two-Way Mirror #13 - Does Dumbledore Know Why Voldemort Didn't Die?

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Old August 8th, 2005, 5:21 pm
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I think Dumbledore was right about the Horcruxes (which is why I was proud about the divided soul bit), although I am troubled by one thing: in book 4, when he was resurrected, Voldemort said he was settling for his mortal body again. Does that mean his old Horcruxes were no longer useful and he would have to make new ones, or was he lying, or is there some additional mystery, or did Rowling make a mistake?

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Old August 23rd, 2005, 10:14 pm
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It seems that by "mortal body" he meant not having some protection, like the elixir of life, on his new body. If that body dies, then he will still have backup and have to rely only on his loyal followers and his Horcruxes to get yet anohre body.

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Old September 4th, 2005, 6:27 pm
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I just read this editorial and felt that I had to post about it even though the last poster was like three weeks ago.

I am absolutely astounded that this was written before HBP. The divided soul theories, Nagini as a familiar, the part about a soul having to be whole to enter the afterlife, all ended up being accurate in book 6 and I am amazed at your ability to pick these things from clues from the first five books.

I am not sure what busoryong was talking about as almost all of this article ended up being accurate predictions.

So I just want to say GREAT editorial and it was a great read even after HBP because it ended up being so right.

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Old September 4th, 2005, 7:01 pm
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You are very very sweet BJTexan. Thank you!

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Old September 5th, 2005, 9:09 am
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In essence divided ...

I think you are right about it being Voldemort who is divided into himself and Nagini, not Harry and Voldemort being divided from each other ... which was confirmed in HBP! You are so smart, to have figured out that Voldemort split his soul into at least 3 pieces before you read the sixth book! You can write your own letter of recommendation when applying to grad school The whole scene of Dumbledore's conversation with the silver smoke machine misled us into thinking that Harry and Voldemort were connected and Harry might have to sacrifice himself, until we learned about horcruxes in Book 6. Do you think he will have to get Nagini on his side first then kill her? A lot of people are speculating that Harry will still have to sacrifice himself in Book 7 ... This is the clue that makes Dumbledore realize Voldemort has made horcuxes, thus giving us the beginning of the end of the story ... and I think it means that Harry will live.

great logical thinking! thanks for sharing with us!

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Old August 31st, 2006, 7:31 am
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Re: Two-Way Mirror #13 - Does Dumbledore Know Why Voldemort Didn't Die?

After reading book 6 we finally find out there is a little more to everything ,that is where our horrible horcruxes come into our picture giving us the answer to Dumbledore knowing why Little Tommy-Boy did not die (mind you Voldemort is a big ugly slimeball ).

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Old September 26th, 2006, 1:38 am
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Re: Two-Way Mirror #13 - Does Dumbledore Know Why Voldemort Didn't Die?

This is probably wrong but go with it. When LV attacked Harry after he killed lily, he died, end of story. But because he has horcruxes he remains vapor and not ghost. His body and soul died so he fled. He lost everything, wand and all, someone else was there (another topic though). Wormtail finds him and all of book 4 happens. But how did he get his body? My theory is that he went to the Riddle house because he had a horcrux there and used it to retain a form or shape but not a whole body and allow him to use a wand.
My theory is that he had something of Ravenclaws in there because it was a significant murder for him, which brings the count to 5 total because he didn't get to kill harry. He killed Frank to make up for the soul piece he used. And in the 6th book he killed Amelia Bones, i believe she is related to Helga Hufflepuff, to make the 6th horcux to put into the cup.
I believe that he already had the cup and just needed her. I suspect that he had the cup when he went to murder harry as well. But just as he got his want back, also the cup that was left there when he "died." Snape(just a theory) was there and had to maintain loyal brought LV his wand and eventually the cup. Lily was given the choice to live or die because snape had feelings for her and pleaded with LV not to kill her.
DD probably know all, if not most of this, and does not tell harry because he needs to find out for himself and make his own desicions. Wormtail was probably there too incase one got caught the ministry couldn't get the cup and the wand so wormtail took the wand.

Feel free to totally disreguard this, I could be totally wrong. sorry about the lenght too.

*I am not saying that anyother theories are wrong, this is just my own.*

When LV finally dies at the hands of harry, he will come back as a ghost due to his fear of death. (just another theory)

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