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Her Mother's Chair

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Her Mother's Chair

This is my contribution to the 'Where is the Love?' Challenge. It is my valentine to all those who we still love dearly, even when they've gone.

WARNING: 3 tissue story


Her Mother’s Chair

If she closed her eyes and concentrated hard enough, she could feel them both.

Sitting in her mother’s favorite chair, her basket of knitting at its side – untouched since she’d last picked up her needles – she could feel her mother’s arms reaching out from the worn fabric of the old chair itself to enfold her in a soothing embrace.

From the child who suckled so peacefully at her breast, who had arrived in the world with a defiant scream and his own unruly head of black hair, it was her husband’s hand that rested with a gesture of simple trust on the small vee of her throat.

It was when she closed her eyes that she could feel their love wash over her, surround her, hearing whispered words of protection, of permanence. For a moment, she could believe it. The strength of their love could lift her, buoyant, to a place where she could imagine them here and now and whole. The way it was supposed to be.

Then the child shifted, her eyes opened and she was jarred back to the present, the now where her mother and her husband were gone. She looked down at her son, who gazed back up at her with his green eyes. His eyes were so like his father’s – and yet, so different. These eyes were unclouded, free from memories that held grief and pain and guilt. These eyes were open and hopeful and held the promise of peace.

She wasn’t aware of her tears until she saw them fall onto his face. Wiping them gently from his cheeks and her own, she wondered if there would ever come a time that she could look at her son without feeling the pain of loss mingled with her bursting love. It wasn’t right, she thought, to burden this little one with my grief.


She looked up to see her sister-in-law, with the same pensive expression she’d been wearing since James’ birth, three months ago.

“Let me put him down for his nap. I’ve got lunch ready, if you’re hungry.”

She pulled down her jumper, kissed her son’s head and handed him to Hermione. “Thanks. Give me a few minutes, all right?”

“Sure. It’ll keep.” Hermione made cooing noises to her son as she walked with him out of the room.

With a sigh, she leaned back into the chair and closed her eyes again, wrapping her arms around herself, concentrating to bring them back. She missed them so much, every particle of her body ached with longing. It isn’t fair, she thought again and again. It isn’t fair.

I need you here, mum. I don’t know what to do. I need you to tell me. I need you to help me. He’s so beautiful. You would love him so.

Of course I’m here, my love. I’m always here. Just remember me, and you’ll know what to do. I’m so proud of you, dear.

But I can’t do it as well as you, mum. What if I do it wrong?

Don’t be daft. You can’t do it wrong. Just love him, dear. Let your family help you. They love you. Hold onto them. That’s all you’ll ever need. That and a few good cleaning charms.

She laughed. I love you, mum.

I love you too, my sweet girl.

She felt herself relax, warm in her mother’s embrace again. Safe and calm, she reached out again.

I miss you, my love. You should be here – with us both. Why aren’t you here? Why did you go? It was over! It was OUR time, finally! It didn’t have to be you!

I’m sorry, Gin. I know it wasn’t fair to leave you again. But, it did have to be me. It was the right thing to do. But, if I’d known….

She let the tears flow.

I didn’t know either. It was only after… you’d gone that I knew he was coming.

He’s so beautiful, Gin. He has your nose.

He has your eyes. He looks just like you.

No, he’s better looking than me.

How will I explain it to him, Harry? Why his father isn’t here?

You know the answer to that. I had to –

Do the right thing. Right. I hate you for that.

No, you don’t. Well, maybe a little. I don’t blame you.

The boy needs his father. You know that better than anyone. He needs you here.

I am here for him, but you have to make sure he knows it. You have to tell him, Gin. Tell him everything. Share the photographs. Tell him all the stories. Make sure his Uncle Ron tells him what a prat I was in school. Make sure his Aunt Hermione tells him I how I mucked up my studies and that he should work harder. Make sure he’s loved by everyone. Then he’ll know I’ll always be with him.

Harry -

Yes, love?

I need you. It hurts so…..

I know.

I know you do. But still….

Just hold onto my love. To love itself. You know its power, after all.

Will it ever hurt less?

It will. I promise.

I don’t believe you.

What else is new?


Been on a broom lately?

Are you mental? I know you haven’t seen me lately, but I’ve just had a baby. I’m huge. I’d fall off.

I can see you. You look beautiful. I especially love your breasts. They’re enormous. I think I’m jealous of my own son.

That’s perverse.

You do need to get out, though. Do the things that bring you joy. James needs his mum to laugh, too.

Since when did you get so smart?

Don’t know, actually. Do it, Gin. Live for us.

I’ll try.

That’s my Gin. I love you.

I love you, too. Always….

And forever.

Her hand was resting, snug in the side of the cushion, when her fingers wrapped around a small, knit object. Opening her eyes, she pulled it out and saw it was the beginnings of a jumper, a small one.

She looked up to see Hermione sit down on the sofa and place a sandwich and a glass of pumpkin juice on the table in front of her.

“What’s that?” Hermione asked.

“Looks like one of mum’s jumpers. Maybe she’d started it for Gwen.”

Hermione laughed. “Bet little Arthur got jealous and nicked it.”

Ginny nodded, turning the knitted piece in her hand. “It boggles the mind to imagine Fleur handling those two.”

“She’s done better than any of us would have imagined. Not the Phlegm we used to know, is she?”

“No,” agreed Ginny. “She was lucky that she had help from mum….”

“I miss her too, Gin." Hermione chewed on her lower lip, a gesture that meant something was on her mind. Ginny watched and waited. "Um...maybe we could help each other. I’m not much the maternal type, myself.”

Her eyes widened with surprise.

“When?” she asked, a feeling of something she once remembered welling up inside her. Was it hope?

“Next fall,” said Hermione nervously.

She smiled, pushed herself off the old chair and sat by her oldest friend’s side and took her hand.

“That’s the very best news, Hermione. I love you. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

With tears on both sides, they held each other in a long and tight embrace.

Pulling back, she asked, “Does Ron know yet? Did he wig out?”

Hermione laughed, wiping her eyes. “Last night. You didn’t hear him screaming?”

She shook her head. “We’ll have to celebrate tonight, OK? I’ll make my mum’s treacle tart.”

Hermione looked surprised. She had surprised herself.

“Ron will love that. You don’t have to, though.”

She took in a breath. A deep one. “I want to. It was Harry’s favourite, too. I’ll make it for them both.”

She looked at the scrap of jumper still in her hand. “I think this poor thing deserves to get finished, don’t you?”

Not waiting for an answer, she returned to her mother’s chair and pulled out a ball of yarn and knitting needles. She recast the stitches and knotted the end as Hermione watched.

With a contented smile, she started to knit.


This is dedicated to my mum. We've had many conversations like these over the years.

You can leave your comments here. Also, it would be great to share your own feelings and thoughts about love and loss.


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