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The Birth of Teddy Lupin

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Old January 12th, 2011, 7:48 pm
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The Birth of Teddy Lupin

The Birth of Teddy Lupin

It should be one of the happiest days of my life. I’m meant to be treasuring every moment of this.

Instead, all I can do is pretend to smile while inside, my nerves are churning in my stomach in a never ending torment of worry.

What if the baby is cursed with...what I am? How can I put my wife through all that agony, to discover that her child will always be an outcast- a monster, a freak?!

My thoughts are shattered by a scream, and I feel a woman’s nails digging deeply into my palm. I sharply look up. “It’ll be alright, Nymphadora, you’re- you’re doing brilliantly.” I try to sound cheerful and strong, but everything comes out sounding weak; weak like the coward I am.

Nymphadora (I am the only one that can get away with calling her that) flashes an amazingly radiant smile, considering the tremendous pain she is in. This vanishes all too quickly as she inhales sharply and grimaces.

“H-he’s a fighter, so he is, like his Dad,” she gasps out, while her mother wipes her face with a soothing cloth.

I don’t bother to ask how she knows it will be a little boy, all I do is take her nearest hand and kiss it gently.

One minute...Nympahdora screams again. I flinch.

Two minutes...Andromeda kneels, announcing that, “It’s time.”

Time for what? The tragedy that I have caused?

Three minutes...I have the most sudden desire to vomit. I have to leave, I cannot bear to watch, I don’t want to see this innocent child that will inevitably be doomed for etern-

There is a cry that only a newborn can give. It sounds fresh and naive and pure. With glistening eyes, Andromeda passes a heavily towel wrapped bundle in my direction. I hesitate before, with uncontrollably shaking arms, I take it and force myself to look.

A flash of turquoise hair. Blue eyes and a little nose and mouth. The tiniest, most vulnerable fingers that I have ever seen.

And suddenly, the knowledge hits me at the speed of a Firebolt: he’s perfect. He’s not me. He’s not me!Nymphadora catches my eye, glowing with pride. My expression must give me away because she frowns, concerned. I barely register Andromeda carefully taking my son from me or my wife saying, “I’d like name him Ted- after Dad.”

"Teddy," a numb part of my brain tells me, little Teddy...Lupin.

The most glorious form of relief seeps inside me; I have not harmed my son, after all! A huge weight finally lifts from my shoulders, a cloud vanishes into nothing.

And I collapse into my wife’s arms and weep.

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