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Quasi-sonnet: Emerge

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Quasi-sonnet: Emerge

Some of his fans may decide he deserves better. They may well be right, but unfortunately, it's not going to happen--at least not from this quarter.


The boy stepped forth and took his place beneath
the brim. A minute passed, now two, then three,
within which time the shades of bravery
and justice armed their forces to the teeth.
Though all saw brav'ry take the palm and wreath,
it lay in waiting, seeming idly:
At length, his courage glowed for one to see,
demure, as though he'd drawn it from its sheath.
It wavered, unaccustomed to the light;
it felt about, uncertain of its tread.
Till blunt necessity called out its right,
to cleave the foul ophidian from its head.
Oh say! where night left off and day began,
to slumber off a boy and wake a man.

Copyright (c) 2011 Brian Tung

Previously appearing: Unreadable

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