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Eun Ae: A Misfit's Guide to Hogwarts

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Eun Ae: A Misfit's Guide to Hogwarts

Eun Ae: A Misfit's Guide to Hogwarts

Made by vendetta at The Dark Arts Forums

My name is Eun Ae. I hate magic, I'm scared of my friends, and I'm not even in a proper bloody House!*
My life is far from normal.
Especially at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Disclaimers and such that I am not J.K Rowling, I don't own characters, places or anything of the such. I write for enjoyment.

Character pronunciation/meaning list as it goes along:
Eun Ae: Oon-aye
Korean - grace and love

Aine: On-yah
Irish - splendor, radiance, brilliance, best-hearted woman who ever lived – lucky in love and in money

Aedan: Eye-don
Irish - born of fire, stag


Chapter One
I'm Deaf


There is something terrifying about going to a new school. When you're younger, the kids don't seem to notice or even care that you're new, as long as you shared your toys. Being older, it gets a lot harder. Those kids aren't the same anymore, so no one remembers when you gave them your last crayon because they broke theirs, or that you punched Camron Young in the face for calling your best friend a sissy. Actually, nothing matters at all because those new kids know nothing about you. Your only chance of surviving the teen years are to have trendy clothes, the perfect attitude, and an extra amount of sass. I guess I have none of those because I never made a new friend at my last school.

The last school I went to was a secondary school in London. It was the third time in my life I was labeled 'New Girl'. That's what most people call me, by the way. Ever since Gran and I began our great adventure all over the United Kingdom (about nine years ago), the kids at whatever new school I was attending would call me New Girl. Of course, the teacher would say my name on my first day of class so everyone would know who I was, but I never bothered answering the students when they asked me what my name was once they forgot. I used to try and tell the kids what my name was when I was younger, but they couldn't understand my hand signals and got annoyed with me very quickly.

Oh, that's something I haven't mentioned yet, isn't it? My hand signals. You see, the thing is, I'm deaf. I wasn't born deaf, however. In fact, I once had perfect hearing and was the most talkative little tot around the neighborhood before I turned six. To set the record straight, that was a little over nine years ago (you've just missed my birthday by the way). My going deaf was not the worst thing to happen to me when I was six, unfortunately. In fact, it would have been a lot easier accepting my disability if I had my mum and dad with me every step of the way. Instead, I lost both of my parents at the age of six and went deaf. On the same day too, if you can imagine that.

Normally I wouldn't bother telling someone this story (well, I would, but they wouldn't bother sticking around long enough for me to sign the entire story to them) but I may as well tell you what happened to me. I am sitting alone here on a train after-all. I'm sure I look absolutely depressing to the students strolling past my lonely compartment of one (plus you).

At the age of six years old (don't worry, it wasn't on my birthday, Christmas, or any other cliché holiday like that) I was living in South Korea with my mum and dad. We were going out to eat when something terrible happened. I remember seeing a strange man with a mask on at the corner of an overly crowded street. He held out some sort of stick (which I later found out was a wand) and pointed it right at a gas station across the street. My dad must have seen the strange man too, because he grabbed Mum and I and pushed us into the side of a building. He tried protecting the both of us, but Mum was so angry at him for pushing the both of us for no explainable reason and she ducked out of his protection. He was still able to save me from the explosion, but Mum and him weren't so lucky (and neither were my ears). There was no explanation for that strange man to blow up half of our community, but he did. In the end, there were thirteen survivors and sixty-seven casualties.

I am one of those thirteen survivors, and my parents are number sixty-six and sixty-seven of the casualties. I would have had my memory wiped like the other twelve survivors if I hadn't been told the bad news that I was just like that man. The Ministry of Magic came to me, a six year old child, and explained to me I was a magical little girl. My parents were what is known as Muggles, so they didn't have any powers like that man and I do. Of course, this entire scenario was dumbed down a bit for me because my head felt like something was trying to split it in two and my ears were ringing so incredibly loudly (the last noise I ever heard). I wasn't able to hear them (and my lip reading skills were nothing back then compared to what they are today) or sign to them, so they wrote everything down for me to read. At first I didn't understand because they didn't necessarily understand that I didn't know what the words wizard, magic, and devastation meant, but I got it in the end. My parents were dead because some lunatic was given the privilege to wave a wand around. He wasn't just any lunatic, either. Apparently he was a part of some dark organisation in the so called 'wizarding world'. It didn't matter to me anymore, though. I didn't want to have anything to do with whatever that man could do.

The Ministry sent me to my only living relative (Mum's mum) in Scotland. She, like me, hated anything magical after what happened to her daughter and son-in-law. Determined to keep me away from becoming one of the said lunatics, she decided we would steer clear of them entirely. She forbade me to do any magic (which was fine by me) and to live as normal (not Muggle because that is still technically a magical reference) as I could. Of course, moving in with Gran was the first time I ever had to switch schools. It was easier then, despite being freshly deaf, to make friends.

On my eleventh birthday, there was a little surprise waiting for me in the kitchen. There was an owl perching smack-dab in the middle of our kitchen table with a letter in its beak. When I read it, I dropped it and screamed loudly so Gran would hear me. She read it out loud so I could read her lips and she signed at me feverishly. We had been doing such a good job at keeping normal, I completely (well, almost) forgot I was... one of those lunatics. Gran, as wonderfully smart as she was, decided to burn the letter and ignore it. If she didn't want me to go, I wasn't going to. You can imagine how awful my eleventh birthday was because of the incident, but it was no where near as terrible as it was the following three days.

Gran tried, she really did, to burn all of my letters. I tried shredding them (which proved to be exhausting because they were so thick) and even burying them, but the owls continued to come. So, naturally, I was forced to go to my next new school in Dublin. Being eleven, it was a little harder to make new friends and still manage a sense of self control after such a dramatic change. With the owls and letters aside, I found it relatively easy to become friends with the girl I sat next to. Her name was Aine, and since the school year was nearly finished, we decided to spend all of our summer holidays together. This school, however, was not meant to teach me. Both Gran and I believed we would be safe living so terribly far from home, but it seemed like the magical people followed us.

An ancient looking woman (well, far older looking than Gran anyway) was in my room when I went home one day. Apparently Gran didn't know anything about the woman's presence and she went completely bonkers when she found her talking to me upon her arrival. The woman introduced herself as Professor Minerva McGonagall. She was the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course, we didn't need to wait for her to explain where she was from because we read the letters she sent us one too many times to make sure they were absolutely positive I belonged in their school. Being Gran, though, she was definitely positive the school did not need me.

Once we managed to tell the McGonagall woman to bugger off (OK, so not exactly in those words), Gran started packing immediately. There was no use staying in Ireland anymore because they knew where we were. I'm sure you've guessed by now, but this was the start of my adventure to school number three.

Even though it was only a couple of weeks or so since my eleventh birthday, and my second different school since then, I didn't bother getting to know anyone in my class. I was still eleven, and by the looks of it, these magical people were still coming after me. Who knew how long they were going to continue trying to get me to go to Hogwarts? Though I did gather that most students go to that school when they are eleven. So if I could just hold out until I was twelve years old, maybe they wouldn't bother me anymore.

My hypothesis was correct. If I kept my nose out of trouble and stayed clear of any magical folk, then I would be home free. My twelfth,thirteenth, and fourteenth birthday went completely unnoticed by Professor McGonagall, owls, and anything else that was related to those sort (such a shame, too. I used to love owls). I didn't have many friends to be honest, since I was so reclusive in the beginning, but Gran and I were doing well with only having each other for company.

Well, three times certainly was proving to be the charm. It was my third school, which allowed me to stay for three years. You've probably caught on by now on how I keep talking about it like I don't go there anymore. Well, you would be correct if that is what you came up with. School number three worked out too long. Something was bound to happen soon that would cause Gran and I to move again, I just didn't know what. Then, when I went home, my suspicions (like yours) were correct.

Professor McGonagall was sitting in my kitchen with a very stern expression on her face. She looked exactly the same as she did three years before. Only, somewhere in her stern gaze was a contorted soft expression. I called out for Gran's help, but no one came for my rescue. At first I didn't understand, but then the change in the McGonagall woman's expression caught up with me.

"Your grandmother passed away this morning, Eun Ae," McGonagall told me with a sense of stern compassion (If you were me you'd realise how helpful her stern lips were when trying to lip read). "There is no place else for you to go."

The realisation crashed down on me pretty hard. Not only did Gran die two weeks before my fifteenth birthday, but my only friend and protector was gone. This woman in front of me would force me to go with her to learn magic and there was nothing I could do about it. I needed some place to go, but Gran was my last living (not so living now I guess) relative. I thought I would have the entire summer to mourn and plan my escape, but McGonagall pretty much made that impossible by making me pack my things immediately and accompany her to a place I could stay over the holidays and also get my school things.

The place I ended up staying at was called The Leaky Cauldron, and leaky it was. The only place to get food was downstairs and I was terrified to go down there half of the time because of the amount of magical people waiting for me. A man named Tom continuously came up to check on me, creeping me out every time he did so, and (worst of all) McGonagall forced me to get one of those stick things (even though I tried to absolutely refuse ever getting one) so I would be ready for school. The stick just sat across from me as I stared it down, making sure it did nothing while I was watching it. I was incredibly relieved when I was allowed to leave the place, but completely dreading it because it now meant I would be heading to the freakiest place of all the freaks put together: Hogwarts.

Now, my dear friends, that is where I am right now. Not Hogwarts, of course, but pretty damn close enough. I am sitting in a lonely compartment on the Hogwarts Express, freaking out and absolutely furious about this whole situation. So, if you'd care to join me, I would be happy to share my story with you (even if I'm not all that enthused about it all together).


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Re: Eun Ae: A Misfit's Guide to Hogwarts


Chapter Two
The Sound of a Hat


How does one go on about describing Fred and George Weasley? I don’t know about you, but the terms obnoxious, annoying, egotistical, and dangerous come to my mind. I guess obnoxious and annoying practically fall under the same category, but I can’t decide which word suits them best. Then again, maybe there is a difference.

In George’s defence, Fred was obnoxious first. I had just gotten off the train and decided to steer clear of an enormous man leading the smallest of children away from the rest of the crowd. I’m pretty sure he was a giant, and by what I’ve read, giants eat people. He was relatively smaller than what I always imagined a giant to be like, but I guess that’s why he took the smaller children. Anyway, I digress from the obnoxiousness of Fred Weasley.

I was just backing away from the giant when he came right up behind me and put one of his arms around my shoulders. It startled me so much that I screamed and used my super awesome karate skills on him. By karate, I mean I pulled away and punched Fred right in the nose. Of course, I didn’t know who he was then, but I’m sure I could do it again now without any regrets if the two of them don’t stop alternating every sentence they say!

Fred wasn’t too upset by the fact that I had just punched him. Actually, I think all I did was manage to make his nose sting. He is much taller than I am. He checked for blood, which there was none, and then he laughed. I didn’t want to stick around much longer so I turned to follow the direction of the students who didn’t follow the man-eating giant. I stormed off, but the red head (did I forget to mention that? Yeah, they’re red heads) ran around me and stood right in front of me instead. I managed to read his lips as he said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you!” before I turned on my heel once more.

Now, I want you to understand that I know just as much about twins as the next person, but when you get shoved into a magical place you’re forced to live at and a boy is already pestering you within the first five minutes, see if the first thing you think of is twins when the said boy “magically” appears suddenly behind you. Needless to say, I used my karate skills once more and kicked him in the shin before turning right back around to run away. Or, you know, right smack dab into the boy again.

At that point in time I thought it was all sort of some crazy plan. All of the “magical students” McGonagall told me about were just like those men who killed my parents and she tricked me into coming here. She was probably the one who killed my Gran just to do so, too. Of course it didn’t help much when Fred, at least I’m pretty sure he was the one, grabbed me by the arms and wouldn’t let me go.

I started kicking, thrashing, and screaming. Now, boys and girls, this is when you should always check to see if you’re really in danger or not. Especially if you’re deaf. I probably could have spared myself a lot of trouble and a portion of my dignity if I would have just looked up to see what they were saying.

Apparently, as I was told by George only a few minutes ago, someone shouted out to them that I was “the new deaf girl!” That would explain why one of them then ducked down to my eye level and flashed what I could only assume was meant to be a friendly smile.

“We’re not trying to hurt you,” he said, his lips moving in a very dramatic fashion. I refused to read them until he repeated it for the third time and I had managed to come to my senses and stop screaming. When there are a couple dozen carriages full of kids not coming to your rescue because you’re not really in danger, you would too.

I’m not exactly sure how the three of us even landed in a carriage together. Maybe it had something to do with being the absolute last three people to board a carriage, but I was not happy about it at all. And that, my friend, leads us to how annoying the twins are.

On the carriage they constantly continued to ask me questions. You’d think being deaf would be great at a time like this. If I really wanted to I could just look away and pretend to be none the wiser about the two of them talking to me. Unfortunately, my curiosity got the better of me and I was forced to look at their freckly faces.

They had informed me that they were mistaken at the train. They didn’t recognise me so Fred, that is when I learned his name, thought it was necessary to lead me to the rest of the first years since I looked small enough to be one. I also learned that his twin brother’s name is George and they’re seventeen. They then asked me how old I was, and since I decided not to use what bit of a voice I had to answer, the two of the guessed until I nodded my head curtly at the both of them.

“Fifteen!” George had said.

“That means she’s with Ronnie-kins and Harry!” Fred said quickly after, causing me to almost miss what he said completely.

“Do you know about Harry Potter?” George asked. Again he was shortly followed by Fred.

“Of course she has!”

The truth was, I had heard of Harry Potter.

During my time at the Leaky Cauldron, when I would be brave enough to venture down to the pub, the name Harry Potter was on everybody’s lips. I even read a couple, not too many though because they seriously creeped me out, of the papers called The Daily Prophet. Harry was on the front page of both papers that I read. There was some general information about him in both articles provided, and I learned all about how he was “The Boy Who Lived” because a dark and evil wizard named He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who tried to kill him when he was a baby just after killing his parents and failed. Well, let me tell you, I do not know who You-Know-Who is. Anyway, the Harry bloke is absolutely bonkers. At least, that’s how the Prophet makes him out to be. Apparently, when You-Know-Who tried to kill him, a curse rebounded and killed himself instead. Now Harry is swearing up and down that he is back. I remember scoffing at him like everyone else because someone coming back to life was absolutely crazy. Because of the incident with my Gran, McGonagall informed me there was nothing magic could do to bring her back so I learned pretty early on that it was impossible.

So yes, I had heard of Harry Potter.

I nodded my head in reply to George’s question. They beamed at me and then started all over again.

“He’s in Gryffindor you know?” Said Fred.

“So are we! Along with our sister Ginny.” Said George.

“And our brother Ron.” Fred.

“And the whole Weasley family really.” George.

Do you see what I mean by utterly annoying? It gave me a headache.

“What House do you s’pose you’ll be in?” George asked, breaking the alternation cycle. I looked at Fred to see if this bothered him but he didn’t seem to notice. I had no idea what they were talking about though. I mean, McGonagall tried explaining aspects of Hogwarts to me, and a vaguely remember her mentioning Houses, but I really paid her no mind. At that time I was still convinced that I would never allow myself to get this far.

“I bet she’s in Gryffindor,” answered Fred, returning to the cycle right when I looked at him.

Again, something I had no clue about. Am I even sure I’m reading their lips right? I know they’re - well - they’re you-know-whats, but not even you-know-whats can have so many funny words can they?

“Will she even have to be sorted?” George wondered, his lips proved harder to read because he was facing his brother. Fred didn’t copy that gesture, however. Instead he answered while staring straight at me.

“Dunno, George. We’ve never had transfers like this before.”

Well pooh. Not only was I going to be the new girl, but the new deaf girl who can’t be sorted (whatever that means) because I’m too old! At least I don’t have to hear about it. But I’ll know that everyone will be whispering behind my back, and the thought of it already has me upset. I’m going to a freak’s school and I’m consider the freak. Bloody. Freaking. Perfect.

That was what the whole ride consisted of. Fred and George told a few crazy jokes -some of which I actually caught myself laughing at. They tried to include me in conversations, but most of the time I avoided looking at them so I could avoid the long overdue question: “How did you go deaf?”

When the carriages came to a halt I took no time in jumping out and joining the other students all clad in black. That lands us to where I currently am right now. I wonder if Fred and George will be able to find me in this large mass? It’s not that I found them particularly rude or anything. I just don’t want to be bothered by anything else right now. I do, after all, have to adjust to living here.

A tap on my shoulder sends my hopes down the drain and I groan as I turn around to see the twins. To my surprise, I’m not facing the two red heads, but instead the familiar, stern face of Professor McGonagall.

“Come with me,” she mouths. I assume no actual words left her mouth since no one else turned to inspect our scenario. A part of me wants to stay put because I’m stubborn like that, but the rational side of me takes over and I follow her up the castle steps and leave everyone else behind without so much of a glance over my shoulder.

I guess you’re expecting me to describe the castle, huh? Well there’s not much to say about it other than it’s what I expected. Living in Scotland, though most are ruined, castles aren’t all that uncommon. I guess it is beautiful, but it has a definite magical appeal to it, and being biased against all things magical, I’ll let you form your own opinion of the place.

McGonagall began leading me up another set of stairs and I noticed, waiting at the top of them, was a girl about my age. Her hair is brown, but there is a reddish tint to it. From where I’m standing she is very tall, and also very pale. Though she looks just like most of the Irish girls I remember seeing in front of school buildings to have a smoke, something about this girl seems very familiar. The joy on her face tells me I’m not wrong.

“Annyeong, Hong Eun Ae!” The girl mouths, but I barely catch it because her hands are saying something entirely different.

“You probably don’t remember me, but my name is Aine O’Sullivan. We went to school together for a brief time.”

The realisation came at once and I found myself leaving McGonagall’s side and running up to greet my childhood friend with a hug. At that moment I forgot all about hating magic, or how miserable I felt for having to come here, or even the common sense to wonder what in the hell Aine was doing here anyway. We may have only been friends for a few weeks, but this girl was the only person in my childhood since my parent’s deaths that bothered to be my friend. She hugged me back tightly and when we pulled away she gave McGonagall an expectant look. Suddenly it hit me. Aine was using sign language. She was going to be my translator. She proved my theory by then signing shortly after.

After you left, your story inspired me to start sign language in case I ever met someone like you again. Shortly after that, I got a letter accepting me into Hogwarts! I had no idea you were a witch, too until McGonagall told me a few weeks ago! Why didn’t you come to Hogwarts when you were eleven?”

I’ll tell you later.” I sign back to her, not all too happy that she just called me a witch.

Oh, McGonagall wants me to translate now.” Aine signed back, but she has a funny expression on her face that tells me she seems somewhat worried. I don’t think she’s as confident about her signing skills as much as McGonagall thinks she is. The professor stands right next to Aine and I am caught between looking at the professor’s thin lips and Aine’s shaking hands. I decided to test out Aine’s skills by not paying attention to the professor’s lips the first few sentences.

There are…Houses…Seeing as how you can’t be sorted by the…hat. You….choose.”

Hold on.” I sign, giving Aine a break. Maybe watching McGonagall first would help. They got my hint that I was ready to move on so McGonagall continued.

“The four Houses you can choose from are that of Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.” McGonagall said and then eyed Aine carefully. I understood that she was under inspection so I watched as the other girl repeated the information back to me the best she could. As not to blow her cover, I nodded my head so McGonagall would know she did well. We could always work out the kinks at a later time. Besides, Aine seemed to do much better when it was just her signing.

After five minutes of intensely staring at McGonagall’s face and then watching Aine’s hands shake as she grew tired of the long trial, I learned all about the four alleged Houses I was allowed to choose from. I say choose because McGonagall said the Headmaster was giving me the option so as not to be embarrassed in front of the entire school. If I can’t make up my mind, however, it is strongly advised that I go to the Headmaster’s office and become sorted there.

Though this isn’t exactly what McGonagall said, she may as well have. Slytherin House was completely out of the question for me. She said it was a House for the cunning, and I’m going to be honest. I don’t want a bunch of Slytherins tailing me everywhere I go if that’s the case. Anyone automatically deemed cunning before anything else sounds shifty to me. Gryffindor is out of the question, too. I wouldn’t exactly go around and proclaim myself as a scared-y cat, but as someone who Is terrified and royally miffed over every person’s being here, I can hardly say I’m brave or noble enough to join. Regardless of what Fred and George say.

Ravenclaw is a no because, well, lets face it. Clever and cunning almost come hand-in-hand. Besides, if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, I’m deaf. I don’t want to have to draw attention to myself just to prove my cleverness, and I’m still on plan “learn absolutely nothing whilst here” mode. Even if Aine is here, I’m sure I’d have a much more enjoyable time away from people who could use magic from their fingertips. Really, why don’t people see this as terrifying as I do?

Hufflepuff doesn’t sound so bad. In all I can’t help but wonder if I’d make a few friends there even with my condition. They were deemed as the “loyal” House. Then again, how loyal would it be of me if I truly despised those said new friends because they’re freaks?

When it all comes down to it, I want nothing to do with the students in the school. They can’t keep me here if I make no interactions with anyone and fail everything can they? My decision is clear and, for extra measure, I sign it to Aine so she can break the news to McGonagall. As I suspected, the professor wasn’t all that happy with my answer.

“Miss Hong, it is highly inadvisable for you to not choose a House. I will notify the Headmaster that you will be visiting shortly after the feast’s end. It would be wise of you to attend this meeting for the purpose of your future here at Hogwarts.” McGonagall’s thin lips were pursed and I could tell she was quite upset. She turned to Aine and said something I couldn’t quite make out. Well, if she doesn’t like me, I can honestly say I’m not too fond of her either. Face it, you wouldn’t like the woman who dropped the “Your Gran just died and you’re coming with me” bomb on you either. Especially if you had some sort of theory that bomb lady had something to do with your Gran’s death. Never mind the fact that your Gran was a little past her nineties and her health wasn’t in the best condition, she still had years to go! Right, so maybe I’m substituting your Gran with my own, but how else am I to get you to relate with me? That being said, I hope your Gran lives to be a thousand years old.

You’ve made her cross with you,” Aine signs with ease. I smirk and shrug. I’m well on my way to being kicked out already and I’ve just walked through the front door. When I have no other form of a reply, Aine looks me dead in the eye and speaks instead of signs.

“Come on then. Lets get you to the Great Hall.”

I groan and stomp behind her. The realisation of the fact that my childhood best friend is a you-know-what has now hit me and all I want to do is run of somewhere. But this place is so big and filled with so much magic that I’m pretty sure I’d be lost forever if I ran. I need Aine to survive.

“We’re going to sit at the Ravenclaw table until you get sorted. That’s my House,” she signs and speaks at the same time once we reach two huge double entry doors. I roll my eyes, not too keen on sitting with those clever folk, and sign me agreement.

We walk in just in time to see the last few remaining students take a seat at one of the large four tables before us. Everyone seems very excited and they are so busy chatting before their empty plates that most don’t even realise we’ve walked in late. I eye the end of the room and notice McGonagall sitting and having a chat with a man who has a very long, silvery beard. Then, as if he noticed the pair of us walk in, he winked at us before continuing his conversation with the rudest lady I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. A tug at my arm told me we were moving again and Aine dragged me along to a table full of students with black robes, pointed hats, and blue badges.

We’re just in time for the sorting. Soon they will bring the first years in and you can see how it works.” Aine signed and then she suddenly turned her attention to across the table and I saw my name leave her lips. I followed the direction of her attention and saw a very skinny, curly brown headed, brown eyed, sharp nosed boy. I’m not talking about the sort of curls that are loose and springy, but the kind that are so tight that they stick to your head. When he noticed me look at him, he smiled this really big, goofy sort of smile and held his hand across the table for me to shake.

“The name’s Sebastian Crook. You can call me Bass. So, you’re the deaf girl, eh?”

Note: I do not like Sebastian Crook.

Apparently, the girl sitting next to him didn’t like his comment either. She slapped him upside the head and then looked at me sweetly.

“Sorry about our friend, Eun Ae. He lacks in the mannerism department. I’m Amelia Jargis. It’s very nice to meat you.”

Amelia is one of those girls that is really pretty, but not in the shove-it-in-your-face sort of way. She isn’t wearing makeup like Aine is, and her black hair looks freshly cut and lays right above her shoulders. She has blue eyes, full lips, and a pale complexion as well. Surprisingly, minus the Weasley twins, none of the people I’ve met so far seem very dangerous. Then again, it could all be some sort of front as to throw me off guard.

Aine tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and I looked at her just in time to see the doors in which we had entered moments ago swing open and bring forth the students that followed the giant. I guess he didn’t eat any of them.

It’s time for the sorting and then we can eat.” Aine signed before my attention continued to follow the small children that walked past me. There were a lot of them and nearly all of them had terrified looks plastered on their small, round faces.

A three-legged stool was set before them, and on top of that was a pointed, old, leather hat that looked rather beat up. There was a short speech from McGonagall in which I could not read her lips from this distance and I did not care to turn to Aine for a translation. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think she’d be able to keep up anyway. She can tell me later if I miss anything important anyway.

A few minutes go by and finally McGonagall’s mouth is completely covered as she reads from an unraveled parchment. I assume it must be a list of the first year student’s names because a small boy then walked up to the stool to sit and McGonagall placed the hat on his head. A couple more seconds go by before I see a seam on the hat rip open and move as if it were a mouth. I have no idea what it said, but the boy then shortly took a seat two tables away. I don’t, however, feel obligated to clap like the others I see before me. This boy just went to a table because a hat, presumably, told him to. This place really is bonkers.

The sorting ceremony went on for a while, but I lost interest and stared at the empty golden plate before me. I hadn’t realised, but I was starving. Can I trust whatever food they serve me? Do you-know-whats eat the same things normal people eat? I once read somewhere that they eat toads. I can’t eat toads. I’d rather die before they make me eat one. Whatever I eat here, I’ll be sure to steer clear of any apples.

When the sorting finished, and the man with the silvery beard (who I assume is the Headmaster) gave not even a full minute's speech, I yelped in surprise when the food just magically appeared before us. I saw Bass chuckle at my reaction and, once again, Amelia stood up for me by slapping his hand with her fork.

I don't know what I expected out of a magical place, but the food popping out of no where wasn't it. Though, oddly enough, none of the food before me even slightly resembled a toad. There were apples though, but I've already shared my peace on that issue. Otherwise, the food looked exactly like any other dish I've eaten before. Sure there were a few things I didn't recognise, but nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe that chicken is safe enough to try...

The food was delicious. For lack of my better judgment, I ate nearly everything that was presented to me. Keep in mind, I have been living in the Leaky Cauldron for the last few weeks, too terrified to walk downstairs when I needed to. Amelia and Aine were talking to one another, asking me questions every now and then to make me feel somewhat included, and I eventually found out that Bass is actually pretty funny. Of course, I let out no outward expression to inform him of this. He was, after all, still rude.

“Pumpkin juice again? Can I have a drink of yours, Amelia?” he asked, eyeing her drink and shoving his own away. I watched as she handed her drink over without much thought and Bass scowled at it just as he brought it to his lips to drink it.

“I am man,” he told her, “and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone woman, and bring me something brown.” He said, shooting a quick wink in my direction. I nearly gagged on my food. Did I read his lips correctly?

“A man?” Amelia asked, raising an eyebrow in his direction. I smirked and took a drink of my own pumpkin juice. “Didn’t you just turn fifteen like, a week ago?”

“A month ago!” Bass said, still proud as ever. “And I require something brown!”

Then, to my horror, Amelia brought her wand out and tapped his goblet. I cringed, but no one noticed.

“There,” she said. “Now have some muddy water.”

Bass cringed and then swapped his goblet with the boy sitting next to him who was paying us no attention. I’d have to watch my food carefully around here.

I was just about content with being overstuffed when the food disappeared and then many colourful desserts took it’s place. Well, there may be a chance of me liking magic yet. I only had the chance to try a few of the dishes until I could not take another bit of a purple coloured pudding I was eating. When everyone else finished, and the boy sitting next to Bass spat out the drink he had just taken and looked around wildly, all of the food disappeared for good. Half expecting everyone to get up and leave, I looked at Aine for confirmation.

The Headmaster will remind us of a few rules and then we can go to his office so you can be sorted.” She signed while keeping eye contact with the staff table.

I wish it was only the Headmaster who spoke. Instead, he managed to fit in a few words before a very toad-like woman (I reckon she eats her toads) dressed in pink stood up and, by the looks of it, interrupted him. The Headmaster didn’t look too disgruntled and allowed for her to speak. Again I grew tired of watching as she was too far away to see her lips and I didn’t feel like drawing attention to myself by turning to watch Aine sign everything to me. We’d have to work it out so she sits closer to the side of the staff table next time so it doesn’t draw as much attention. When everyone slowly responded to the end of her speech with unsure glances at one another and the occasional clap, I knew it was over.

“Are you joining us in the Ravenclaw Tower then?” Amelia asked me once she got my attention. I turned to Aine so she could explain and watched as she told her how we would be going to the Headmaster’s so I could be sorted privately. “Oh, alright then. See you around!”

“Preferably in the Ravenclaw common room!” Bass said, following shortly behind Amelia as they left the Great Hall.

Come on then. Let’s go to Professor Dumbledore’s office,” Amelia signed and mouthed at the same time. She seemed genuinely happy and I have a feeling that she wants me to be in Ravenclaw, too. We don’t make it very far outside of the Great Hall before Aine stops and turns around, causing me to run right into her. She doesn’t look at me though. Instead, her attention is on someone right behind me. Rather, two someones.

Fred and George Weasley were right behind me and they both seemed happier than someone who had just one the lottery. Obviously they were happy to be back here at the castle. Why they were was beyond me. There’s nothing extraordinarily exciting about it other than being absolutely terrifying.

“So you’re in Ravenclaw then?” Fred asked, looking right down at me. I shake my head and notice his eyes dart over my head and to my friend behind me. She must have explained to him what was going on because he looked at me and then at his brother.

“So there’s still a chance for you yet to be in good ol’ Gryffindor, eh? Hope to see you soon!” George said and then ruffled my hair as the pair of them passed us. I followed them with an icy glare and straightened my hair back out. Whatever possessed him to think that we were friendly enough toward one another for them to touch me, well, he was sorely mistaken.

“You know Fred and George Weasley?” she asked me when we continued on our way. It took her a moment to figure out how to sign their names, but I got it before she finished.

“Yeah. We met on the carriage ride here,” I informed her, not wanting to go too far in the details. She gave me a small smile and then flushed. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I’d rather not ask right now.

I followed her all the way up the stairs until we reached a corridor on the third floor that had an extremely ugly gargoyle statue. Admittedly, it took us longer than I’d like to admit to get here because I saw a few of the staircases move and I wanted nothing to do with them. It took continuous promising on Aine’s part that they would not move while I was on them to get me to follow her. Fortunately for her, they didn’t. The gargoyle jumped to the side (another magical thing I did not like) and then we walked up the spiraling stairs to the most magnificently terrifying place I’ve ever seen.

Dumbledore’s office was full of orbs and trinkets that moved and whirled slowly around the room. Some of them were filled with smoke, and others simply sat on top of books that looked to be hundreds of years old. There was a claw-footed desk in the middle, and it looked like an absolute mess. How he keeps this freak school organized is beyond me. On top of his desk, however, I can see the very same hat that sorted all of those students just a few hours ago.

Aine taps me on the shoulder points to the side of the office where I did not notice Professor Dumbledore standing before. His silver hair and beard shimmered in his office and his blue eyes shown beautifully behind his half-moon spectacles. Though everything about this man, from his crimson red robes, to his matching pointed hat, reminded me of everything I’ve ever read about wizards, something about his presence was soothing and was able to calm me down. I was not scared in this room.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Eun Ae. I’m Professor Dumbledore; Headmaster of Hogwarts. I understand you wish to not partake in the sorting?” The old man signed at me with a half smile. Wait. He just signed at me? The Headmaster of this freak school could sign? I shouldn’t be that surprised. It’s not like signing is that unusual. I’ve seen many people use it before. I just didn’t expect the Headmaster of all the little you-know-whats to know how to sign. Instead of properly replying to him, I nod my head.

“Professor McGonagall wanted us to meet you so the hat could sort her, sir.” I catch Aine sign out of the corner of my eye. He too nods at her, but the way he does it makes nodding seem so polite. I now want to learn the art of perfecting such a simple gesture such as a nod to seem as graceful as he does.

“Well, we shall see if the hat has a place to put you then.” He smiles mischievously at me and I can see a twinkle in his blue eyes. Some part of me wishes this man was my grandfather. If Gran could ever get over her fear and hatred towards you-know-whats, I’m sure they would have made a lovely couple. Then again, Dumbledore looks a good fifty years her senior, which is quite sad really.

Dumbledore holds a hand out and I take it without second thought. He leads me to a chair in his office and I sit down. Another moment later, and the hat is on top of my head. Unlike the smaller children, it does not cover my eyes. Instead, it is nearly a perfect fit.

Well, you are different aren’t you?” Something inside my head, a voice that is not my own, speaks to me in a coy, questioning way. I jump and take the hat off immediately. Before I know it, tears are streaming down my face and I’m infuriated. What sort of game do they think they’re playing at? I throw the ruddy old thing into the seat I was sitting in and stare wildly at the pair before me.

What is it, Eun?” Aine signs, her face riddled with worry. Dumbledore looks at me knowingly and I scowl at him. He knew.

Perhaps it is best Miss Hong gets her wish, Aine,” Dumbledore signed, but he was talking to Aine. If he thought I would appreciate the gesture, he was wrong. “There is a spare room on the fourth floor that I have set aside. It is right behind a rather stubborn tapestry. All you need do is tickle it a little on the upper right and then a little on the lower left and it will allow you passage. Lead Miss Hong to it and that shall be her new room.” He smiles at me as though he’s done me some incredible favor. The tears are still rolling down my cheeks and I can feel my face flush. I don’t want anything to do with tickling tapestries or this castle. I just want to go home to my Gran.

Aine nods her head, an art that she should probably perfect in order to be good as Dumbledore as well, and then places an arm around my shoulder as she leads me out of the office. Neither of us sign a word to one another as she leads me one flight higher and finds the tapestry Dumbledore told her about. It took her a moment to find the appropriate tickle spots, but the tapestry eventually rolled up and presented us a door.

“I can stay with you if you’d like,” she signs sadly, and I know she feels bad for not knowing exactly what happened back in Dumbledore’s office. I don’t even know what exactly happened back there, but I can’t help but be extremely unnerved by the terrible trick he and McGonagall played on me. I open the door, walk inside, and then turn to face her before she allows herself in.

I’m fine, thanks,” I sign. “Why don’t you go to your own common room. I think I’m going to get some sleep.” She looked somewhat surprised, but I didn’t leave her any time to question me. I shut the door and did exactly what I said I would do. I did not take time to look around, nor did I worry about being extremely rude to my only friend. I simply looked for a bed, laid face down in it, and cried until I fell asleep.


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