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General Photography Thread

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Old September 6th, 2012, 6:39 pm
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Re: General Photography Thread

This last weekend I went to the state fair and managed to get off some pretty good action shots of the drill teams.

They aren't perhaps the perfect photograph and the black horse is a little blurrier than I would have liked to get but I was just thrilled that out of the +/- 200 photos I took of the drill teams that I even managed to get ones as in focus as these (especially since my zoom lens is old, doesn't zoom smoothly, doesn't have image stablization built into to...)!

Black Horse, taken with my 70-300mm zoom:    


Buff Horse, taken with my 70-300mm zoom:    



Out walking with my cats and have been meaning to photograph these flowers for a while. So I did.

Also, a couple more shots in my never-ending quest to get the perfect cat portrait.
Rudy, taken with my fixed 50mm:    

I actually really like the color story in this photo, the greens and blues, especially since Rudy has a blue collar and though his eyes are usually yellow he was in a good mood so they look more green here (his eyes change color with his mood; yellow=fiesty, focused or bored, green-tinged=lovey or manipulative - in this case he was lovely because I was taking him on his walk)

Riley, taken with my fixed 50mm:    

A King of Sheba-type portrait of Riley. He's not this stately or regal usually, but he was cooperating as I was photographing him and this is what he decided to give me so I took it.

Any comments or, especially, suggestions for future improvements welcome!

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Old October 20th, 2012, 6:32 pm
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Re: General Photography Thread

Went for a long walk the other day and got some shots that I thought were sharing. the rest are over at my blog or my flickr.

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