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Signature Content Policy

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Old January 22nd, 2004, 12:23 am
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Signature Content Policy

signature content policy

In recent months, the staff has seen the need to create a policy that would ban images from signatures that we feel to be inappropriate. This is a family-friendly forum where we have many younger members. This policy is supported by Forum Rules #1.

.:CoS Forums Rules:.
View full rules here

9. Signatures are permitted on CoS, but there is a need to limit the type of signature you can have. This is to help reduce the load time of a thread for members on slower dial up connections. You may edit your signature in your profile and include one (1) small image of up to 300x300 pixels and 100KB (102400 bytes) and up to 7 lines of 8-12 point (size 1-3) text. We will not allow html codes in signatures. No audio, javascripts, or other "tricks" allowed. A Professor or Administrator has the right to remove anything at any time. Please also remember to close all bbcode tags. Last, please do not use excessive smilies. Smilies are a nice feature, but too many at one time can be very off putting. We are limiting smilies to 4 per signature. NOTE: We operate the signature rules on a standard 1024x768 resolution.
Reference: Signature Content Policy
Reference: Zero Tolerance Policy

Inappropriate Content

The following content will not be allowed in any signature:
  • Images over 300x300 pixels in size either way or file sizes of up to 100KB (102400 bytes), so for example 400x200 or 200x400 is not allowed. Maximum size is 300. Warnings will be issued, points added to profile.
  • Nudity or sexually provocative images.
  • Images promoting character relationships against the family-friendly nature of the books.
  • Images depicting graphic violence or gore.
  • Images that could be considered disturbing (eg pictures of war, suffering, or cruelty).
  • Images promoting items or activities illegal in most countries (ie drug use or murder).
  • Hate messages or images commonly used to promote racial intolerance.
  • Political or religious insults.
  • Links to sites or images that fall into any of these catagories.
  • Signatures that mock or show anger towards different ships.
  • You Tube embedding is not allowed in Signatures.
Any image that the staff feels fall into any of these categories will be removed instantly. Both the Forum Rules and the CoS Forums Disclaimer state that CoS Forums has the right to remove any content we consider to be inappropriate.

Personal Web Blogs/Journals

Your personal journal such as LiveJournal or MySpace is not exempt from our rules. If your blog contains language or images that are offensive and certainly not family-friendly then you must either filter such comments through a friends-only option or not link the site at all on CoS, which is the better of the two options as it allows you to keep personal freedom over how you manage your blog.

We will not warn you for the content of your journal, we will warn you for linking a site with offensive material.


Any time a staff member sees an offending signature, as well as removing the offensive material, they will send the violating member a warning, placing them on a 30-day period of review. If they continue to violate the Forum Rules, they will be banned. Chamber of Secrets Forums will not tolerate members who continue to post inappropriate content on these forums. For more information, please refer to the Zero Tolerance Policy.

Last edit: 31 Dec 2005

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