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CoS Forums Personal Information & Impersonation Policy

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Old March 28th, 2004, 4:58 pm
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CoS Forums Personal Information & Impersonation Policy

cos forums personal information & impersonation policy


It has been decided to create a new tough policy concerning individuals who supply false information about themselves on the forums. Our reasons for doing this rest on recent events, which led the admins to take action against a member who posed as a minor when they were, in fact, an adult and another member who attempted to coerce the admins into supplying names and e-mails of young members of the forums. Their attempts failed and we took immediate action against them.

Some of you may well ask why we are doing this, if it's not already obvious. Our reasoning is based on what we have had to deal with on CoS and that it's becoming apparent that as our membership increases, the greater the risk of something unfortunate happening. Thus we are attempting to preempt any misbehaviour of this nature with this policy. It's a deterrant to those who would try to do something like this; if they aren't deterred, then they'll be sorry.

Members who create duplicate usernames with the intention of causing disruption or annoyance to members and/or staff will find themselves under watch by the Administrators. Members who refuse to choose between usernames will lose one automatically within 48 hours of being warned. Please be aware that duplicate usernames are not tolerated whatsoever.

We have also been made aware of the fact that some members of the HP community have been approached by individuals posing as actors from the HP films. This type of behaviour will happen from time-to-time, but obviously these sorts of actions constitute a security and welfare risk, especially on youth-orientated forums like this one.

CoS Forums wishes to stress that members of this site caught giving false information about themselves will be met with instant removal from the site. Such actions include lying about your age (eg saying you're 15 when you are really 25), incorrect gender, posting pictures that are not of you, as well as saying you are someone of high standing in the community (ie a celebrity).

Rule Amendment

Rule #2 now becomes #2a and this new instruction will become rule #2 effective immediately and will read like this:

2. CoS Forums Privacy Policy ensures your privacy on this site, however members who supply false information about themselves, in particular age and gender will be removed from this site instantly with the possibility that your ISP will be notified of your behaviour. Note: You are not obliged to give your age or gender upon registration and that is a right we guarantee, but the staff will not tolerate misleading information of this nature either in your profile or in threads. It is a security and welfare risk to our young members.
2i. Duplicate usernames are NOT to be created on CoS Forums for any reason. If you do so, you will be asked to choose the one you wish to keep and will have the other(s) removed. If you cause disruption in any way, shapeor form with your duplicate username you will be severely warned.
Reference: Personal Information & Impersonation Policy


  • What we're saying:
  • Do not give false information about yourself. Be honest with your age and do not claim to be a minor when you are not! Don't lie about your gender or don't reveal it at all.
  • Do not create duplicate accounts.
  • Do not claim to be someone you are not, including posting pictures of people that are not you.
  • What action we will take
  • You will be banned
  • ISP could be informed as a result
  • Further action if we discover more serious abuses of trust

Any of the Admins are available for comment on this new policy.


The CoS Staff

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