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The Pensieve

The final book in JK Rowling's septology is due (so we all hope) for release in 2007. Throughout the last four years CoS Forums Hogwarts section has hosted a grand number of young and mature students engaged in studying, theorising and debating various plot points that could point to future outcomes for our heroes (and villains). The debates have proven to be in depth, thought provoking and at times, controversial but still exciting in their own right.

Many of our threads have been canon-controlled or required people to stick to a formula that could be seen by some as overly rigid, though many good debates have formed as a result of this format. Now that we're on the downward slope towards book 7, we thought it was time to let the shackles off of debate rules on CoS and give you all an area where you can discuss your ideas and theories with your peers in a more flexible environment. Canon be damned! Or maybe it should be darned!

As well as the staff imput, I also sought some general advice from a few members on this, including Anabel, Silver Ink Pot & zgirnius, who contributed their ideas to me privately. I've borrowed some of their examples. Thanks guys.

What's a Literary Analysis sub-forum?

Have you ever wanted to debate or compare the Harry Potter novels from a completely non-canon perspective? Well, this forum lets you do that. Below are some basic examples of thread ideas to give you an idea of how we see this evolving.

HP and psychology
Discuss the psychology of the novels. Compare and contrast the likes of Tom Riddle with real life sociopaths? The emphasis on orphans in the series and her work with orphanges in Eastern Europe? The grief process and how characters, in particular, Harry handle death.

Muggle science and the Potterverse

Any discussion of the Potterverse from a Muggle scientific point of view. On other forums I’ve read discussion of topics like how magic might be transmitted genetically, and various attempts to estimate the population of the Wizarding world from clues in the books using the tools of social science. I am sure other scientific disciplines could be brought to bear as well (Biology and magical creatures? Chem/biochem and Potions ingredients? And so on.)

JK Rowling’s favorite authors/books
What influences has the author drawn on when writing the novels. Are there any kind of comparisons you can draw on where you think that maybe certain characters are similar in ways.

Symbolism in HP

Deep look into the general mythologies that the book represents to you. Use of Tarot & Divination. Discussion of prophecies and how they are handled between one novel and another.

Religion & Harry Potter

How does Rowling's faith influence her work? How does the reader's religious beliefs or lack of compare with the moral messages of the books? Is there some deeper meaning that can be read into that would explain a great deal more about Harry's destiny?

This is just a basic example of how this area could work. You're not required to use canon though you may choose to mix and match. You can simply suggest an idea and see how others take to it and maybe expand on it.

Guidance on Conduct

The Rules

You should all be aware of the Forum Rules. The staff will base warnings from these. There are no specific thread rules.

Applying the Rules

The staff will use a new beefed up version of the Warning System to keep people in check. Basically if you violate the Forum Rules in any way, we will be able to ban your account from this forum (and others). This will ensure that we allow debates to flow more freely rather than close threads all the time to stop arguments.

Contradicting Canon

There are lots of facts in Harry Potter. For example, Lily Potter is a Muggle-born witch. So we can't really accept threads that contradict that understanding. It wouldn't make sense to argue from a viewpoint that the author clearly has not left open for us to discuss.

However, we could have threads that discuss the definition of a Harry Potter-pureblood in comparison to what the Nazi's considered to be a pureblooded Aryan German.

Finally, there will be a limit on what we will allow. Not everything will survive. Threads that we deem un-necessary will be removed and the user informed.

Brave New World

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