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My first Fanfic.....Draco/Luna

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My first Fanfic.....Draco/Luna

Quick note:
This is not a full story, this is just a starter to my series in Fan Fiction. This is just a trial to see if I get a reaction or not. Also, the idea for chapters 2 & 3 were given to me by my cousin. Thanks.

Chapter 1

Luna stepped out of the girls dormitory. She along with some of her fellow Ravenclaw students were just getting themselves ready for the day. She brushed her long blonde hair and put on some light make-up. She had been having some strange thoughts recently, about a boy, a boy in Slytherin. His name she knew, but she did not like to speak of. Draco Malfoy.

Draco stepped out of the boys dormitory. He had just been arguing with a fellow Slytherin student about a book that went missing from Draco's bedside table. He had been thinking about a girl, a girl in Ravenclaw. Her name he knew, but he did not like to speak of. Luna Lovegood.

The Great Hall was getting itself ready to accomodate the students for breakfast, food prepared itself and drinks poured themselves into shining gold goblets. Luna rushed downstairs and was heading towards the Great Hall when she saw a flash of blonde hidden behind some other Slytherin students, it was him, Draco.
Draco was walking into the Great Hall, but as he did so, he saw a flash of blonde hidden behind some of his fellow Slytherin students, Luna.

Chapter 2

As Luna made her way to the Ravenclaw table she got a brief tap on the back. It was Draco's 'minions' Crabbe and Goyle making stupid remarks on how much they adored her and wanted to marry her. "Stupefy." Luna muttered and they flew onto the Slytherin table whilst the owls panicked around the Great Hall. She jumped on the table dodging many Expelliarmus spells and shouting "Stupefy!" once more, the minions flew across the room and into the path of the teachers table. That was when Severus Snape got a face full of Crabbe and Goyle buttocks.

Luna charged out of the Great Hall leaving a destruction in her wake. Draco glanced over to see Luna leaving, he got up and briefly followed her as she headed towards the Ravenclaw common room. "LUNA!" He shouted storming up the stairs after her. She didn't turn, she didn't know who it was. "Luna, it's Draco, please stop, I want to talk to you!" Draco shouted. Luna turned...

Chapter 3

What Luna saw was astonishing, a death eater was heading through the castle, it was after someone. Luna looked down the stairs and saw the headmaster Albus Dumbledore charging up the moving staircase. "DRACO!" bellowed Luna as the moving staircase connected Draco and Luna to the dreaded Death Eater. "QUICK, THE GREAT HALL, A TEACHER CAN GET RID OF IT!" Draco yelled over the sudden noise of creature and human scrabbling towards the end of the moving staircase.
Luna willed the staircase to move, they waited and the death eater grew ever closer. "Father!" Draco shouted as a bright light englufed Luna....

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