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The Studio Ghibli Thread

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Old August 15th, 2009, 6:36 am
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread


Just saw Ponyo, CUTEST. MOVIE. EVER! Aha, it was off-the-charts amazing. What are you doing reading this? Go watch Ponyo, NOW!

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Old July 3rd, 2010, 7:38 pm
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread

My Studio Ghibli rankings (from worst to first, with explanations).

Note: I have not seen everything produced by Studio Ghibli, so there might be some major works familiar to you not included in this ranking.

My Neighbors the Yamadas. This is a rare Studio Ghibli misfire; a work that I simply didn't "get", apparently for stylistic reasons. The artwork was just too crude and overly cartoonish for my taste; it simply didn't speak to me. But then again, time spent watching even the lowest-ranked of Studio Ghibli's works is way better than my best day at work.

Pom Poko. A bit better stylistically, but I just never got behind the story. It was apparently based on a Japanese fairy tale, so there might be a cultural deficit for us gaijin to overcome before it can resonate with a larger audience.

Whisper of the Heart. Hayao Miyazaki seems to specialize in strong juvenile female characters; Whisper of the Heart was no exception. A lovely little movie, full of imagination and teenage angst.

The Cat Returns. You almost have to watch this first THEN watch Whisper of the Heart in order to get the true backstory behind the imaginative characters in the latter.

Grave of the Fireflies. Yes, it is heresy for this stunning work to be so low on any list. But it had to go somewhere A haunting examination of the human cost of war (and not just the people fighting on the front lines).

Howl's Moving Castle. Not a bad movie by any stretch, but it did seem to drag in places. I noticed myself checking my watch several times the first time I saw it, an oddity for a Studio Ghibli film. And like Nausicaa (described below), I would have loved to have seen some more backstory in the form of a prequel (how did the war start?, etc.).

Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind. A classic, but one of the more frustrating entries on my list because I simply had so many questions about how things got so bad in that benighted world. The source manga included much deeper explanations about how such harsh conditions came to be in this story; this is a work that just cried out for a prequel.

Princess Mononoke. The first Studio Ghibli production I ever saw; it was the gateway drug to a subsequent lifetime of delicious addiction. Homeric in scope, conflict, and everything else that makes a movie truly great.

Spirited Away. A riot of color and of imagination. Sometimes heroes don't start out in life as heroes, but as whiny little girls.

Porco Rosso. Hayao Miyazaki is a master at evoking bygone eras. His set pieces, characters, hardware and situations in Porco Rosso take you back to the 1930s. You can almost smell the castor oil lubricant every time his scrupulously researched aircraft fly.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. I have seen both the Miyazaki original and Disney dub of this imaginative work, and I vastly prefer the Japanese version. I even went so far as to re-translate the subtitles from the truly horrible translation I had. This movie has even more poignancy for me as the juvenile male lead Sosuke is based very closely on Miyazaki's own estranged son as a child. The artwork is stunningly beautiful and every frame is hand-drawn. I have no gripes about CGI, but it is nice to be reminded of the beauty that a human being with ink and a pen can still create.

Castle in the Sky. This movie has it all: imagination, lovingly-detailed art, compelling story, and rich fantasy. It even featured pirates before pirates became cool.

Kiki's Delivery Service. You can tell a lot about somebody (or something) by the quality of its enemies. And the fact that at least one right wing pressure group in the US issued press releases demanding a boycott of Disney's screenings of this movie for its depiction of witchcraft makes me love it all the more. Something can easily become my favorite when it annoys the right people, and Kiki's Delivery Service does that in spades.

My Neighbor Totoro. Another late discovery of mine, this movie has stood the test of time to be at the top of my list. Everything from the charming opening credits to the numerous earworms (tunes that get stuck in your head) scattered throughout to the true-to-life depictions of every character in this wonderful movie combine to make this my absolute favorite of all Studio Ghibli's works.

Uh, sorry about that inappropriate reference in the piece above. It has been edited out and rightly so. My writing sometimes contains little ebony nuggets from the darker places my soul has traveled, but in this case I simply missed my normal self-vetting process and one slipped past. It won't happen again - here.

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Old July 21st, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread

I think i've seen maybe 2/3 of the Studio Ghibli flims. My favourites were Kiki's Delivery Service, Whisper of the Heart and Howl's Moving Castle. I am a cuteness addict so anything with cats has me hooked. From all i'd heard I had expected something different from Spirited Away, not that there was anything bad about it but I enjoyed the others more. With the likes of Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke I thought they were great but a little darker and not something I would watch as often.

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Old July 29th, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread

I love Ghibli films My favourite by far is My Neighbour Totoro, but my other favourites are Pom Poko, Only Yesterday, Grave of the Fireflies and Princess Mononoke. I like them all though, except I haven't seen Ponyo yet (gotta order the bluray when I have more money!)

Other Ghibli fans might be interested to see this, an advert made by Goro Miyazaki (Tales of Earthsea). I think it is adorable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrXmPsnL-4o

Apparantly Miyazaki is considering releasing his next museum short on YouTube so people can see it- this makes me very happy, I hope it means he might consider releasing other museum shorts online too- I have been pretty obsessed with seeing Mei and the Kittenbus for ages and I'd love to finally see it! Sadly I just can't see me getting to the Ghibli museum in Tokyo any time soon.

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Old September 3rd, 2011, 3:57 am
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread

Ah Ghibli. The countless worlds presented have fascinated me to no end. Strong female characters, endless smiles, music that truly resonates inside, and altogether unforgettable experiences. I could write novels on the studio's works, but for now, I will say they have had an enormous impact on my life.

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Old September 3rd, 2011, 5:29 pm
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread

Awww. Strong and smart little girls, crazy old ladies, cats... and Totoro . I love everything they do.

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Old April 17th, 2012, 6:53 am
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Re: The Studio Ghibli Thread

Studio Ghibli is my favorite anime studio and I've enjoyed almost all their movies. I think the only one I didn't care for was Ocean Waves which felt like a cheesy soap opera TV special and didn't interest me. But my favorite Ghibli movies are Howl's Moving Castle, The Secret World of Arrietty, and The Cat Returns.

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