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Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody: Character Analysis

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Re: Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by SageThyme View Post
3. Would there have been a place for Moody in the new order or the new Ministry?
The Order- definitely, he was one of the most experienced members, had a sense of strategy and exercised caution ().

The Ministry -I think so - he was quite ethical and unequivocal in his belief that Death Eaters should be stopped, though without unnecessary bloodshed. This makes him markedly different from Crouch or Scrimgeour or at the other extreme, the officials who allowed many Death Eaters like Karkaroff, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle lie or buy their way out of prison. That's the kind of person who would have been valuable in Kingsley's ministry. Also, he would have known what he was talking about in the training of new Aurors post-war.

Originally Posted by Emperor_Gestahl View Post
It bypassed the magic of a Deadly Hallows so I'm guessing they don't go 5 Galleons a piece.
Yep, which means that it must be a pretty rare magical object. Also, I seem to remember wizarding raised students commenting on the eye as well as Muggle-raised. Plus, the fact that Umbridge goes to the trouble of having it retrieved for spying purposes - if they weren't a rarity, she could surely lay hands on one with the entire Ministry at her disposal.

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Back to his living character, I don't think he was less paranoid during the 7 Potters. He didn't have much time to explain the plan, so his "constant vigilance" barrage was muted. Additionally, he came well-prepared with lots of clothes, polyjuice, and even glasses.
That's a good point - with the blood protection hanging in the balance after Petunia's departure, he didn't have time to tell people what he expected them to be fully aware of by now.

Originally Posted by CowsRSkary View Post
I'm not entirly sure. Moody's methods are incredibly similar to Rufus Scrimgeour's; shoot (or imprison) first, ask questions later (or never.)
Harry is angry with Rufus' imprisonment of Stan without reason, and yet everyone seems to just take Moody's attacking garbage cans as a personality quirk.
I'm still not entirly sure why this is, and I don't beleive this is fair. If people were angry with Scrimgeour, they would eventually have a problem with Alsator.
I think there is a difference -Moody ws firing off hexes, not Killing Curses. We hear that he never killed if he could help it. Moody was a fighter, not a leader in the political sense. His reactions are instinctive, defensive (even if borne of paranoia) whereas Scrimgeour's interment of people is an exercise in PR.

I think Moody's paranoia is quite understandable, given his experience of the worst the wizarding world has to offer - an extreme version of Muggle police becoming cynical, perhaps.

I also think, that, while he avoided killing if possible, he wouldn't have refrained from Aberforth's idea of keeping some of the Death Eater's children hostage - not because he expected it to have an effect on Voldemort, but because he wouldn't have wanted to swell his numbers.


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Re: Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody: Character Analysis

1. Moody's magical eye is a very intriguing bit of magic to me. Do you think Moody's magical eye is a rarity in wizarding world, since he's the only person we know of who has one?
I don't think it's a rarity. People losing their eyes happens more often. Those probably got a replacement similar to Moody's. I think he's just the only character we met that did have one.

3. Would there have been a place for Moody in the new order or the new Ministry?
Yes, definitely. Although I doubt that the Order continued to exist the way it did the past years.

I see Moody going back to the Ministry, but not to work as an Auror or Head of the Department, but as counselor. He could give advise to the workers and help training new ones.

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alastor moody, character analysis

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