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Where's Peeves?

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Old January 4th, 2003, 1:43 am
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Manyasha, do you have any specific scene to point out?

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Old January 5th, 2003, 1:40 am
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That was THE one thing I noticed wasn't in the film. The Deathday party. Poor Peeves....I feel sorry for the character. He didn't get to be in the movie...

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Old January 8th, 2003, 2:49 am
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Wasn't Peeves somewhat helpful in getting the students to better respect Lupin or see him in a better light when he first taught the first DADA class? Peeves was plugging up a hole in the door and Lupin had cast a spell that dislodged the gum and pinged onto Peeves. If CC doesn't like Peeves, he shouldn't cut him out of the movie just because he doesn't like him or that he doesn't serve a real purpose. How does he know he won't in later to be published books?

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Old January 8th, 2003, 5:26 pm
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I think it's a shame. Rik Mayall would have made the most fantastic Peeves.

Besides, just because he doesn't do anything doesn't mean he's unimportant. Fang doesn't do anything and they left him in! He's a part of the books, albeit the part that irritates the characters, but a part nonetheless. He's a worthy feature of the castle.

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Old January 8th, 2003, 9:11 pm
Victor Moody
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But what about "Potter Your Rotter" thing! It rulez.

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Old January 8th, 2003, 9:24 pm
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He'll be in the PoA. He's the one who tells the about Black.


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Old January 8th, 2003, 9:27 pm
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About "Potter you rotter" thing - I was rather disappointed when I saw the scene where Harry finds Nearly-Headless Nick and Justin. It was supposed to be a scandal - everyone saw it and there was a big fuss about Harry being the Heir of Slythering. But in the movie it's somehow "omitted". No Peeves, no students, only McGonagall. They could have done that scene better.

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Old January 8th, 2003, 9:37 pm
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Yeah... I think they should have left peeve's scenes in the movies... oh well... I just think it would be incredibly funny if he became an important character later on and they didnt know how to fit him in the movies... however, I am sure JK would have said something to them about it by now (that they should have had him in the movies) if it were the case that he would become an important character.


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Old January 9th, 2003, 3:49 pm
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While Peeves isn't a major character, I have been disappointed not to see him thus far in the movies.

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Old April 23rd, 2003, 2:18 pm
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I think it's a shame they took him out. He is a really funny actor!


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Old April 23rd, 2003, 6:50 pm
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Casting Rik Mayall for the part of peeves was brilliant, because there is nobody else so perfectly suited for the role. I love the guy - he's just so brutally funny and annoying at the same time. I was disappointed he wasn't in either film.

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Old April 24th, 2003, 12:38 am
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Well they could have at least put them in the deleated scenes on the DVD! I would have loved to see Peeves!! Or maybe they were waiting till they come out with a Limited addition/ Collectors addtion DVD and put that in there. (hope they do come out with something like that *crosses fingers*) who knows?

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Old July 22nd, 2003, 11:57 am
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Well, I wouldn't be surprised if JKR DOES make him a larger character in upcoming books. I mean, I know she has the basic 7-part series laid out in her head, but it's not as though she knows EVERY little sub-plot and scene that is going to happen. When you write, sometimes these things just occur.

I also read an article about JKR saying that she is totally disregarding the future movies as she writes new books. She won't worry about how new stuff could be filmed or whether the books are too long. This is all to her credit, of course. So I don't think she would deliberately not use Peeves as a major character in the future just because he's not in the movies.

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Old July 22nd, 2003, 5:51 pm
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I would love Peeves to feature more in the movies - Rik Mayall would be great for the role, and I'd just love to see him in the OotP Movie, especially at the end where:
Spoiler: show
He's chasing Umbridge out of the castle with McGonagall's walking stick and a sock full of chalk

Wasn't too sure if that was a spoiler.. but better to be safe than spoil, eh.

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Old July 23rd, 2003, 2:03 am
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I think Peeves was a pretty semi big part in the first 2 books, but with films you have to cut something back, they figured they could and did get the point across with out pevees.

Look at all the stuff they will have to cut from books 4 and 5, unless they do it 2 part movies.

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Old July 23rd, 2003, 6:04 am
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i actually think peeves IS in the 1st movie, when all the ghost come out of the ceiling/walls/floor theres this little funny guy who comes out of the floor and hes waving about going "wohowooo" i think thats peeves

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Old July 28th, 2003, 4:07 am
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No, you know who, Peeves is supposed to be coloured and all the ghosts were clear. I'm also upset he wasn't in the movie, he was so funny. But did anyone notice that when Quirrel let the troll in, Ron says 'Probably Peeves' idea of a joke!" if I'm not mistaken. But if they didn't even introduce him, then what's the point of him saying that? I think this was a major blunder!


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Old July 28th, 2003, 4:42 pm
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Why did they cut him out? Was there just not enough time?

I saw some pictures of the actor who plays peeves, and he looked just like Peeves should look. I think he would have been hillarious if they left him in.

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Old August 3rd, 2003, 5:50 am
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This may have been asked before but will Peeves appear in PoA? or any future Harry Potter movies? I have always wanted to see what Peeves looks like.


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Old August 3rd, 2003, 9:40 am
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Peeves was cast in the first film, but as far as I know his scenes were just cut. I'm not sure if he was cast in the second film or if he has been cast in the third.

I highly doubt we will be seeing celluiod Peeves and we'll just have to keep imagining him.


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