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Where's Peeves?

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Old June 7th, 2004, 9:22 pm
Rinn Shiryuu  Female.gif Rinn Shiryuu is offline
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Peeves just MUST be in OotP! Or I'll kill the director! Argh, to who should Fred and George [Gred and Forge ] tell the famous quote "Give her hell from us, Peeves"? I hope they won't cut out that scene!

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Old June 8th, 2004, 5:37 am
Strange_Divine  Female.gif Strange_Divine is offline
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I wouldn't be quite so upset that Peeves didn't make the cut if he was being played by someone other than Rik Mayall. He would have been SO perfect.

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Old June 8th, 2004, 5:59 am
Pheonix Fyre  Female.gif Pheonix Fyre is offline
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Peeves is just too important to be cut all together they'll bring him in somehow

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Old June 8th, 2004, 1:25 pm
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Even though Peeves hasn't made an appearance yet I can easily see him fit into the up coming films, even if it isn't until OOTP.

In POA there were random, unknown Ghost threw out the film so I can see OOTP showing Peeves for the first time, just reeking havoc on the students every so often in the halls, just as long as we can have Fred and George's famous lines, "Give her hell from us, Peeves" That's a must have line!! I can't wait to see that part on film!!


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Old June 8th, 2004, 5:55 pm
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I think that if they try to shove him in at this point, it'll seem like an after-thought. I really wish they'd had him in from the start, but at this point? It'd seem like clumsy directing. "Oops! We forgot someone."

I'm sure they probably will not add him. More's the pity. Should have had him from the start.

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Old June 8th, 2004, 6:22 pm
JasonR02  Male.gif JasonR02 is offline
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Mayall was going to play Peeves? Wow, he would have been perfect. I do wish Peeves was in the movie, but perhaps he'll make the Goblet film

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Old January 25th, 2005, 8:13 pm
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I miss Peeves in the films. I hope they will let him appear in the OotP, when the Twins leave, but I don't have much hope


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Old January 25th, 2005, 10:52 pm
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peeves helps make the books good. he's one of my fave characters!
im so bummed he hasnt been in any of the movies so far.

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Old January 26th, 2005, 2:22 am
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I don't mind him being cut too much, but he would have been nice in CoS for the scene with Mrs. Norris. It's obvious they shot the scenes, because Peeves in the playstation game looks a bit like the man they cast as peeves.

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Old January 26th, 2005, 2:48 am
HPGoddess101  Female.gif HPGoddess101 is offline
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I just don't think they thought he was very important to the storyline so they cut him. (I beg to differ...)

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Old January 26th, 2005, 3:15 am
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I don't mind that Peeves hasn't been in the films. I find him particularly annoying. All he would do is take up valuable time in the movies that is already deseperately needed.

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Old January 26th, 2005, 3:49 am
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The HP directors all seem pretty intent on making the movies humorous, so much so that they've added extra non-book bits just to get laughs (eg. Knight Bus talking head fiasco). Wouldn't it be more effective to include more of the comedy from the books, like the antics of Peeves, which, aside from being far funnier, actually have something to do with the plot?

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Old January 26th, 2005, 10:30 am
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You know, it would be nice to put Peeves in. I'd love to see him for OotP after the twins leave and told him to cause havoc for Umbridge. lol

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Old January 27th, 2005, 3:54 am
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Originally Posted by Wimsey
Peeves really has never had anything to do with the plot. The closest he ever came to being involved with the plot was in PoA, when he identified Sirius as the attacker of the Fat Lady. However, the Fat Lady herself could do that.

Peeves was tangentially involved in developing Filch's character and the wizarding world by setting up our learning about squibs in CoS. However, that actually proved unnecessary to that story.
Peeves has a far greater role in the books than any talking heads or exploding birds. I'm not saying that Peeves is as significant a character as Harry, but he's certainly been involved in lots of important parts of the stories, especially in CoS and PoA. Therefore I think his appearance in the movies is quite justifiable.

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Old January 27th, 2005, 4:58 am
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if he were to become important in future books, they will prob. shift that responsiblity to someone else. thats actually in the movie.


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Old January 27th, 2005, 5:52 am
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Bring on the little trouble maker and give him his Due......

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Old January 28th, 2005, 3:11 am
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Me and my friend both noticed he was missing from the films. He's supposed to be the one who tells them that Black was in the castle. I thought that was a rather imortant part

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Old January 28th, 2005, 5:56 am
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I know that Peeves isn't a very important character, but I would like to see him in future films. He is a very funny character and deserves at least at least one short scene, even if it is only for a few seconds! I hope to see the "Give her hell from us, Peeves" line in OotP!

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Old January 28th, 2005, 6:07 am
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Originally Posted by Wimsey
But Peeves himself has not been a crucial element to any scenes, either as a plot device or a device for developing Harry's (or Ron's or Hermione's) character(s).
But Peeves is far from being a useless character - he adds to the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts just as much as the ghosts do, he helps to define important characters such as Filch and Lupin, he acts as a source of tension or suspense in quite a few scenes, and he's somehow involved with the as yet unaddressed history of the Bloody Baron.

Of course the movies make do well enough without him, and I'm not saying that his inclusion is absolutely essential, or that without him the movies fall to pieces. I'm simply proposing that, since the role he plays in the books isn't insignificant, he deserves at least to make an (albeit small) appearance in the films.

Moreover, simply eliminating the talking heads or birds would not somehow create time for Peeves. Columbus bloated his movies with excessive scenes (nearly ruining the franchise in the process, given the huge drop in CoS' BO and the fact that PoA's good reviews and word of mouth still could not bring back the audience that the first two movies lost), yet even his most extraneous scenes did not waste time on Peeves.
But Peeves' scenes were still filmed, and from what I've read, they turned out well, so I think the exclusion of his character must have been due more to the need to cut down the length of the film rather than the fact that he wasn't important enough to include. Which leads me to wonder why they didn't use Peeves' scenes, which would have added humour and atmosphere, instead of some of the other reasonably boring scenes.

Why? Because even though Peeves is involved in important scenes, he never is an important or uniquely crucial part of any scene. There is nothing that Peeves does that cannot be done by someone else who does have an important role to play.

Story telling is hindered by extraneous characters. The book can get away with it because it uses Peeves largely in the "down-time" scenes between crucial events, or to add humor to otherwise dark events.The movies use other things (like the bluebird of happiness getting squashed motif - which summarizes becoming a teenager quite well) to provide breaks between scenes, and they use existing characters to add levity.
I suppose that's true. I admit, I'm being selfish in that I feel the films should cater more to the actual readers of HP by sticking more closely to the books and including more of the characters and events which occur in them, and I can see how this could confuse or bore other moviegoers. But Peeves, like the ghosts, probably wouldn't feature prominently enough in any scene to be overbearing or confusing, so I can't see why his appearance would make much difference to the flow of the story.

Also, I know that the talking heads and bird scenes don't actually use up much time, but I just get irritated when parts of the books are ignored because they'll take up too much time or will confuse the viewers, and new just-for-the-hell-of-it details are added, like the talking heads, which end up doing much the same thing.

BTW, I apparently missed the link between the transition from childhood to adolescence and the squished bluebird.

Originally Posted by Raven_Girly
I hope to see the "Give her hell from us, Peeves" line in OotP!
Me too!

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Old January 28th, 2005, 9:18 am
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I do hope that Peeves manages to make his way into any of the upcoming movies. It would be a shame if he was passed up. Rik Mayall would be absolutely brilliant as Peeves. But I would prefer Peeves over Headless Nick.

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