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Hogsmeade Review Guidelines

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Old January 22nd, 2004, 12:25 am
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Hogsmeade Review Guidelines

hogsmeade review guidelines

These guidelines have been revised in accordance with the expanding membership of the forums a desire to have a better placed system for the staff to use when selecting and for members to use as a clear reference point.

Further questions may be answered in the Hogsmeade FAQs

We ask that members have at least 200 posts in the following forums, which we call The Qualifying Areas:
Harry Potter
  • The Stone
  • Legilimency Studies
  • The Cloak
  • The Pensieve
  • The Wand
  • Muggle Studies
  • Flourish and Blotts
  • Magical Masterpieces
  • Hogwarts Archive
  • Post DH Reference Books
Diagon Alley
  • In Cinemas & General Movie discussion
  • Television
  • Music (Entertainment)
  • Anime
Off Topic
  • Department of International Magical Cooperation
  • Office of Science & Nature
  • Office of Culture
  • Office of the Spirit Division
  • Office of the Muggle History Division
The Writing on the Wall
  • Fiction
  • Writer's Corner
  • Novella
Also, we look for substance in your posts as well. Good theories, good responses and good well formed counter-points are all seen as bonuses for you when we deliberate over your access. Chances are if you've made a number of well constructed points, you will catch the eye of one of our staff. It's hard not to.

We understand that not every member is the world's best speller, or can contribute PERFECT posts all the time. What we look for is consistent effort with regards to spelling and grammar -- we're not going to hold small spelling mistakes against you, however, sloppy sentences, or the use of indecipherable shorthand will count against you.

With regards to acronyms, we would prefer you to keep their use to a minimum. Obviously there are some acronyms that are acceptable (eg PS/SS, CoS, PoA, GoF, HP, and established, non-HP acronyms such as "eg", "ie", and "aka"). The continued use of acronyms, or lazy typing won't do you any favours.

We do not look at other forums when deciding who to give access to Hogsmeade, so although you may participate in any public forum you like, be aware that we won't select you unless you have met the requirements as laid out above.

Other Considerations

Be aware that if you are warned by a Unspeakable or a Auror during your time on CoS, the nature of the violation may go against you if you do come up for Hogsmeade consideration. Normally there is a one-month review of all warned members, but that can be extended depending on the nature of the offense.

The Staff do not accept Owls from individuals asking to be made Hogsmeade members. Whilst we don't want to mark that against you, if you do send an Owl of that nature to us, we will reply with these guidelines for you to read.

Another note. Boosting your post count throughout the forums in particular the Qualifying Areas will not get you into Hogsmeade. The staff are very thorough in their examination of posts and we can spot a post counter booster quite easily.

Questions & Answers

The staff have prepared some basic Q&As to help answer any questions you might have.

1. I've got over 200 posts, why aren't I in Hogsmeade yet?
- Well, as we've said in our Requirements section, we look for at least 200 posts in the Qualifying Areas, so you probably don't have the right number yet for us to select you, but don't lose heart. Keep posting in the right areas and giving us your ideas and hopefully you'll get an Owl inviting you in one day. The responsibility for obtaining access is down to you.

2. I've got 1XX posts in the Qualifying Areas. Surely I don't need another XX to get access?
- Well, ask yourself at what point do the staff draw a line to judge on? We have to start somewhere and 200 is the starting point for this forum.

3. I don't have much to discuss on Harry Potter as it's all been said, so what do I do?
- We've included a number of non-Harry Potter areas in the Qualifying Areas. As long as you're making intelligent posts in these areas, you'll be fine. You do not have to post in the Harry Potter areas to be eligible.

4. Hang on, I've been on CoS for XX months now. Can't I have access for my long time as a member?
- It's great that you come back to CoS and post here and thank you for doing so, but there is no rule that says Hogsmeade is a right after X amount of time on here. It's a privilege, which people earn through their good posts in the right areas.

5. I had a warning a few months ago, does that mean I won't get access?
- Honestly depends on the nature of the warning. If you posted something offensive or insulted someone, then chances are that warning will be taken into greater consideration when we discuss your access. However, if you had a warning about an oversized signature or too many images in a signature, then that is unlikely to go against you when it comes to access. Just remember that the Forum Rules are there for a good reason.

6. What constitutes a good post?
- Best way to answer this is to show you what constitutes a bad post. A bad post is something that contains very little information or ideas. One-lined replies repeated throughout the forums by the same person won't work. Attempting to boost your post count in the qualifying areas will not get you into Hogsmeade. See our points above. A good post is something that contains information that helps the thread evolve and give people other means to debate Harry Potter.

7. Your guidelines are too harsh. Why can't you just let people in after so many posts?
- Well, that would be the best thing to do wouldn't it? But then we'd have several hundred people in there and Hogsmeade wouldn't be exclusive any more and it wouldn't feel like you'd achieved something in gaining access. What is better, achieving something because you earned it or achieving something because you will anyway? The easiest option is generally not the most rewarding.

8. What's in Hogsmeade anyway?
- Ah, well it's a fun place to be. We have a general chat area, a forum to play arcade games in, a general fun, insane forum and an area for posting your creative side from pictures to poetry. We also have a mature themed Harry Potter discussion area for discussing the truly darker aspects of the Harry Potter world. Also you may have a CoS Blog, a piece of blogging software that lets you connect to your friends on CoS without needing to go through MySpace or Facebook.

9. I think certain members are being overlooked for access. Can I recommend they be allowed entry?
- You are more than welcome to suggest to the staff members you feel would be good for Hogsmeade, but please note the staff have the final say on who gets access and who doesn't. We do not give access lightly. The system of selection is as it is described here. If you wish to be made aware of whether a certain member is being considered, you may ask a member of staff who will reply with either a yes or no. We will not reveal anything other than that basic information.

10. How can I be sure that my views and opinions don't act against me when deciding on my selection?
- The right and freedom to hold an opinion is respected by all. The staff themselves are very diverse in terms of social & HP opinions. Our judgement is based on contribution and conduct irrespective of opinion.

If you have any further questions regarding Hogsmeade, please direct them to the thread in The Wizengamot Administration Services or Owl a staff member.

Good luck

The CoS Forums Staff.

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