Master of Death - Final voting

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Master of Death - Final voting

End of voting: Tuesday July 6th 8pm GMT

Vote for your favourite entry. Please do not vote for yourself and do not speak about how you voted.

The entries

Entry 5:    

Entry 5

Interview with Anonymous

Possessor of all three Hallows!

Reporter: Hello, citizens of the Chamber of Secrets forums! Today I, your local reporter, will be interviewing an avid user who has come into possession of all three Hallows. Welcome,
Anonymous!! Thank you so much for joining us today!

Anonymous: Hello. It was my pleasure.

Reporter: Word on the street is you have all three Hallows- the Cloak, the Stone, and the Wand.

Anonymous: That's right!

Reporter: I think what we are ALL wondering is if you are going to maintain the title of 'Master of Death', or if you will turn it down! Tell us, Anonymous, what exactly do you plan on doing?

Anonymous: I'm going to accept my role as Master of Death, of course!

Reporter: Is that so? What are your reasons for doing so?

Anonymous: *laughs* well, who else can I trust to be Master of Death? Sure, it's a big responsibility. But if I shirk it now, then who knows who would become Master of Death next! At least when I'M Master, I know I'll make good decisions with it.

Reporter: Oh? What do you consider to be a good decision, Anonymous?

Anonymous: Well! First of all, I'd use the Cloak to hide those dreaded Twilight books once and for all!! That seems to be the popular vote, after all.

Reporter: I... happen to enjoy the Twilight series.

Anonymous: .........

Reporter: Ummm... moving on!! What would you use the other two Hallows for?

Anonymous: The Wand is supposed to be unbeatable, right?

Reporter: That is certainly the theory, yes.

Anonymous: Well, what is the one battle we are constantly losing?

Reporter: I don't know!

Anonymous: POLLUTION! Pollution, I tell you! I would use the Wand to finally beat pollution!!

Reporter: I don't think the Wand really works that way...

Anonymous: .... *glare* are you saying that ME, Master of Death, can't beat POLLUTION?!?

Reporter: Hehe. Not at all. *gulps* Um... the Stone?

Anonymous: Ah, the Stone! I would use the stone to bring J. K. Rowling back to life when she dies! Then, we can continue to enjoy her books for FOREVER and EVER!!!!!

Reporter: ... Do you think she'd be happy about that, though? I mean, in her books she takes the time to stress that the people brought back to life in the books are unhappy. Do you really think she'd be content to be brought back to life?

Anonymous: Of course she would. What bazillionaire would pass up the chance to live forever?

Reporter: But... Jo's a nice lady. I mean, I think she just loves to write, she doesn't do it for the money.

Anonymous: What do you mean, she- OF COURSE SHE DOES IT FOR THE MONEY!!!!

Reporter: Um- I really think you've got it all-

Anonymous: Did you bring me here for an interview, or to contradict me??

Reporter: I was just-

Anonymous: You're still contradicting me, Tom!!

Reporter: My name's not Tom-

Anonymous: See?? You're still contradicting me!! Fine! If that's the way you want to do things, then I'll just go!!

Reporter: Anonymous-

Anonymous: *slams door*

Reporter: Hehe... *nervously shuffles* ANYWAY! In today's interview we confirmed:

Anonymous would accept responsibility as Master of Death.
She would use the Cloak to hide the Twilight series.
She would use the Wand to beat pollution.
And she would use the Stone to bring back J. K. Rowling.

Thank you all for listening, folks! We'll talk to you later, onnnn:

Chamber of Secrets News!

Entry 9:    

Entry 9

The Master of Death

I finally have it. The most elusive of the Hallows: the Invisibility Cloak. I am, after almost half a century of search, the Master of Death. I almost laugh out loud but then remember the situation I am in. It would not be wise to laugh out loud right now. I sink to the ground exhausted, leaning against a tree trunk. I lift the cloak to take a better look at it. Then I turn to look at the body beside me.

It had been a stupid duel, but it has weakened me both magically and physically. But finally I have what I had set out to do almost fifty years ago. I look at the wand in my hand. It wasn’t the one that had picked me as I stood in Ollivander’s shop. No this one was called the Elder Wand, the Deathstick or the Unbeatable Wand. A smile quirked my lips as I thought about that. Unbeatable. If it were unbeatable then none of its previous owners would have lost it in a duel, would they? But I hadn’t needed to beat the wand to get it. The final owner had been foolish on that regard. He had pronounced his ownership in the midst of battle and I thought he would claim the wand and make the world a better place. Stamp out any Dark Lord before they created havoc. But no, the fool had placed the wand in a tomb. Like he thought no one would have heard him during the duel. It was lucky I had followed him and found him placing the wand there. What if a Death Eater had done that? I shuddered at that thought. All it took later was an expalliarmus during an auror training session and I was the Master of the wand.

The power had been incredible. When I had first held the wand it seemed so normal but then it was just amazing. I had then realized that the legend of the Hallows had always been true. I had to become the master of death so that then I could teach evil to die. I remember my thoughts as if it were just yesterday. My conviction was still there. I had to rid the world off evil. To do that I had taken whatever steps I deemed necessary. I turn to look at the body beside me again. At the smooth young face, dark raven hair that was stuck up in all odd places. I knew the boys father and grandfather. The hair was definitely Potter. I couln’t believe that Potter had once possessed all the Hallows. He had been the Master of Death. Why had he then given it all up? It didn’t make sense. That had thrown me off his trail after I had gotten the Wand. Hadn’t he known the power he had possessed in his hands? He could have saved so many other innocents.

My eyes flick to the body once more. I had taken an innocent life. Maybe not so innocent. The young boy knew curses I had never heard of. Even his Slytherin house mates had feared him. I almost laugh out again as I remember James Potter’s face as he watched his son walk over to the Slytherin table. Maybe he was going to be a Dark Lord and I had done everyone a favour by getting rid of him early. I had accomplished my first task as the Defender of Light and Master of Death.

No that wasn’t right. I extract the stone from my pocket and place it on the cloak. Then I stare at them. What have I done? I have killed more than ten people in my quest for the Hallows. A sudden chill goes down my back. Maybe I am the fool. The power had intoxicated me. I peer at the trees ahead of me imagining the castle that should be beyond the forest. I can imagine the warmth and the comfort there. But now I had gone too far off the beaten path. I stare at the Hallows in front of me again. Without another thought I move the wand shouting two curses guaranteed to work on the target because of the wand I was holding. “Reducto, Incendio.” The stone shattered before the cloak caught fire. I then threw the wand in the flames watching it being consumed. The flames are strong and will destroy all evidence of the body. Now the only question I remain with is whether to stay or leave.

Entry 10:    

Entry 10

A descendant of Ignotus Peverell, says the famous tale from the ancient days of wizard-kind, came into possession of all three of Death's Hallows. But refusing to become Master of Death, he accepted only the Cloak. Then, when it came his own time to meet Death, he passed the Cloak down to his wisest child. Ever since, it has passed from wisest child to wisest child, often bypassing the eldest son.

Many wizards believe the story to be a child's bedtime tale. But I know better, for - as the only child of the last wisest child - I own Death's Cloak. And now, the Wand and Stone, too, have found their way back to a descendent of the Peverells.

Yes. Death's Wand and Stone. How came these ancient relics to be preserved when so much else was lost? It is impossible to say exactly. True, extraordinary magic was performed shortly after the Goblin-Dementor Alliance of 2273 - the memories of millions preserved in a single charm, enabling my family and others like it to keep safe the history, and literature, and even magical training methods of our race. But some detail naturally was lost. What remains is left to guesswork.

As every wizard knows, after the Statute of Secrecy was shattered in 2098, the muggles (thinking us mutants) secretly created a genetically-wizard army, stealing DNA from the young magical children of muggle parents. If they could simply reproduce wizard DNA, they thought, they could reproduce our powers. The result was catastrophic: millions of martially trained demi-wizards, mentally engineered for easy manipulation, with uncontrolled-magic powers and no magical training. Goaded by goblin promises, they turned first on their makers. And then they turned on us.

There is little in the world more dangerous, or unpredictable, than Uncontrolled Magic Rage in large, organized numbers. We at least had sufficient controlled magic to preserve a remnant of wizard-kind, but the muggles were not so fortunate. Thus came the Thousand Years Decimation, and the Reign of Goblins, along with their dementor lackeys and demi-wizard slaves.

And so it came to pass that relics of the ancient past - the Sword of Gryffindor, the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, the Mouth-Caught Snitch - were collected shortly before the Decimation, and hidden by wizards seeking to preserve what they could of our history and culture. Because the Wand and Stone, too, have now emerged from hiding (together, in an innocuously small beaded bag - much like the one legend says was used during the Horcrux Quest), I believe that the unclaimed Hallows were targeted for collection as well, despite the wish of the Boy Who Lived that they remain unused.

I know his name, of course. All wizards do. But the Goblin-Dementor Suppression, no matter how close to collapse, makes us dare not speak it. We will speak his name again in the time of Wizarding Restoration. And now, with demi-wizards increasingly abandoning their goblin masters and seeking knowledge of controlled magic, the time of Restoration seems close upon us.

Perhaps uniting Death's Hallows could hasten its coming. After centuries of hiding, no trained wizard needs a Cloak to become invisible. But what if the Cloak's true aim is to unite with its fellows and create an immortal, invincible, fearless Master of Death who can rally even the demi-wizards to unite with us? And what if the Stone's true purpose is to make the image of the Boy Who Lived live once again? Imagine him, with his lightning-bolt scar, urging us onward to overthrow the goblin tyrants, as he twice overthrew the Dark Lord! And what if the Wand yet retains its awesome power? Could it still, as legend claims, level goblin fortresses as quickly as a thousand demi-wizards could cast down a citadel with an explosion of Uncontrolled Magic Rage? And if anyone merits uniting the Hallows, it is I, who am a true descendent of the Peverells, heir of the Boy Who Lived through the line of wisest children, directly descended from the son named for the two Headmasters.

But what foolishness has my quill set to parchment? Desperate dreams and shortcuts to destruction all! Such wild imaginings make me as unfit to unite Death’s Hallows as the Headmaster who once wished to wield them “for the greater good.” If the legends tell us anything, it is that the true Master of Death is the one who uses the Hallows to meet Death willingly, not the one who uses their darker powers for immortality or conquest. If being of the line of wisest children means anything, it means knowing that Peverell descent offers no guarantee of wisdom, and no inherited merit.

There once was a descendant of Cadmus Peverell who made all the wrong choices. And he became nemesis to the Boy Who Lived.

Entry 17:    

Entry 17

Master of Death or Master of Daft?

Your Daily Prophet reporter, Rita Skeeter, has just been granted an inside interview with the anonymous warlock who has been topping news headlines for the past week, who claims he is now “Master of Death” - a self-righteous title that I thought required investigating. Sink your teeth into this fetching story to discover if this warlock and his story should really be in The Quibbler!

Q: You have just appointed yourself “Master of Death.” What is that?

A: Master, conqueror, vanquisher, ruler, controller of death. That’s me!

[This deluded dunderhead has already raised my eyebrows, but I persist:]

Q: Why, then, do you claim this title?

A: I have finally done what no known wizard has ever accomplished: collect all three of the legendary Deathly Hallows!

[If you busted out laughing at this point, count yourself in the company of Rita Skeeter.]

Q: The Deathly Hallows? Really? What are those?

A: Ever heard of Beedle the Bard? The Tale of the Three Brothers? According to Beedle and his story, three brothers meet Death and win three mighty items: an unbeatable wand, a stone to resurrect the dead, and a cloak to hide from Death.

Q: So you believe yourself to be the possessor of these imaginary items?

[I thought at this point to owl Xeno Lovegood, but then again, he’s probably part of this gig.]

A: Not imaginary. They exist. The three brothers are Antioch, Cadmus, and Ignotus Peverell, who enchanted three objects that actually work – and I found them. The Resurrection Stone was buried in the hoof wall of a centaur I was shoeing, I bought the Cloak of Invisibility off this young chap – name of James, or something like that - who seemed pretty desperate for money, and the Elder Wand…. Let’s just say…. I got the Elder Wand.

[Readers, please try to imagine my expression at this point. Peverell? Resurrection Stone? Cloak of Invisibility? Elder Wand? Shoeing a centaur? What is this?! But I persist:]

Q: Right. So uniting these, these –

A: Hallows.

Q: Hallows… Makes you “Master of Death”?

A: You better believe it.

Q: And you can hide from death, resurrect the dead, and beat anyone in a duel?

A: Exactly.

[Maybe I should send an owl to St. Mungo’s instead.]

Q: Lovely. And you accept this title?

A: Certainly. I’m now Master of Death! Woohooo!

Q: And what do you plan to do with this new… empowerment?

A: World peace is my first objective.

Q: World peace?

[So now he’s turned into a Sleekeazy’s Beauty Pageant contestant?]

A: Yeah, so I’m going to do it like this: I’ll let everyone who’s grieving over their dead mum, dad, brother, sister, great auntie, pet kneazle, owl, anything – I’ll let them use the Resurrection Stone to feel better.

[Is this old trout serious?]

A: And I can let people who need to hide or to stop death for a while use the Cloak of Invisibility…

Q: So you’re basically going to turn into an abettor of criminals and thieves and a charity for the sick and dying?

A: Yeah, and then I’ll use the Elder Wand to do magic other people can’t do with normal wands, like make people invisible, bring back the dead, or stuff like that…

Q: Um, isn’t that what the stone and cloak are for?

A: Yeah, but this is with the wand!

Q: But why would you need the other two if the wand can do it all?

A: Because then I wouldn’t be Master of Death, geez!

Q: It doesn’t seem like you need the other two objects if the wand can do it all…

[I can’t believe I’m getting wrapped into an argument with this dolt, but my devotion to my readers is my top priority.]

A: But then I wouldn’t be Master of Death! I’d just be Master of the Elder Wand!

Q: And what exactly is the point of being “Master of Death”?

A: Master, conqueror, vanquisher, ruler, controller of death. That’s me!

[Does he have that memorized?]

Q: But what does that mean? Does it make you invincible? What if you lose one of the objects? What if someone steals one of the objects? What if everyone rises against you now that you have proclaimed yourself as “Master of Death”?

A: Um….

[I think I finally got through to him.]

A: I’m Master of Death, for goodness sake!

[Never mind.]

Q: Well, Bozo and I certainly wish you the best of luck [in St. Mungo’s]. I hope you will bring a world of happiness to the wizarding world as Master of Death.

And there, readers, is the Daily Prophet’s exclusive interview with the media sensation that calls himself “Master of Death.” This is Rita Skeeter telling you: Really?!

Entry 21:    

  Entry 21

A summer’s day

I am still the only person I know who has seen a ghost.

I would, like Harry, refuse the responsibility of being Master of Death, simply because we don’t really know what’s in store for us, and cheating the inevitable, even for a few years, would be a huge mistake.

But back to my ghost …

It was a sunny afternoon. My mother had been cutting flowers for the house, and the scent of sweet peas was pervading almost every room. Now she had a basket full of roses, and was complaining that there were no more vases to use, and she wasn’t about to arrange them in milk bottles. I was despatched to the attic room and commanded to bring down whatever jugs or vases that I could find that would hold water.

Our attic in the rambling Victorian monstrosity we called home was approached by a small door in one of the rooms in the roof. Armed with a torch I pushed it open, and was greeted with a dark musty void. Pinpoints of light from badly fitting roof tiles threw pencil beams onto a jumbled mass of ephemera. Books, pictures stacked against the water tank, broken tennis rackets, old suitcases stuffed with clothes – the forgotten and discarded rubbish of a family’s life.

I turned the torch on to aid my search, and found two old glass vases, dusty but functional. I grabbed them, turned the torch off and prepared to leave.

You know the feeling you get when you think you are being watched? I got it then. I turned, expecting my brother hell bent on scaring me, but unexpectedly came face to face with a smiling girl.
Trick of the light? Too vivid an imagination? Maybe, but my first thought, and one that has remained with me to this day was “ghost”.

But she was happy. Not some awful spectre wailing and bemoaning her fate, not scary, not in the least bit a frightening image to give me nightmares, she was just there, existing.

We didn’t speak. Could she have spoken? I just stared at her, mesmerised. Dressed in a simple floor-length cream frock, a wide satin ribbon around her waist, long fair hair curled into ringlets on her shoulders, she was, I suppose, about eleven or twelve years old. Pale and pretty, amusement in her eyes. Did I look silly, standing there gawping at her, two dusty vases clutched in my arms. Probably. I looked down at the vases, I think I was probably about to explain to her why I was there, perhaps apologise for disturbing her, and when I looked back up, she had gone.

I returned to the noise and bustle of a sun-lit house, presented the vases to my mother, and escaped into the garden to sit under a tree and ponder this encounter. All too quickly the bright summer’s day made the vision fade. It was just my imagination, I told myself. But I didn’t tell anyone.

Now, faced with the question would I chose to be master of death, the answer is undoubtedly, no. My little ghost was, perhaps, indecisive. She had her choice to make when faced with her “King’s Cross Station”, to go forward, or to remain in a house that she loved. And she was happy.

We don’t know what we will face when the time comes, but face it we all must. I hope I will be able to say, as Tolkien’s Bilbo did, “I think I am quite ready to go on another journey.”

There is an ending to my ghost story. Years later we left the old Victorian house and the monumental task of clearing out the attic began. Books were sorted, an awful lot of stuff was sold, given away, disposed of, and the stack of pictures dusted off, the glass cleaned, and most of them sold in auctions, along with the books.

Except one. My ghost. A tiny, not very good portrait of the girl, perhaps a few years younger, sitting in a rather formal pose with a bunch of flowers in her lap.

I have her still.

Entry 26:    

Entry 26


Entry 27:    

Entry 27

Why I would choose to walk away...


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting


And none will come after...
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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Voting for entry 5


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

I vote for entry number 17

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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

I'm curious...we voted for 8...but there are only 7?


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Entry 17

~!Proud Ravenclaw!~


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Of that group, I'm voting for #21.

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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

I vote for


But there were soooo many good ones here.

is totally awesome!
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Re: Master of Death - Final voting



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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

My pick is #



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Re: Master of Death - Final voting


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

My vote is 17


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

#17 gets my vote!

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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Entry 5



UnicornSeeker8718 (Pottermore)
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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

As I was sending my final vote, AOL kicked me offline. I dont' think the vote went through, but if it did, please know I'm not trying to vote twice.
My final vote was:


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Entry 17

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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

entry 27


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

I vote for:

Entry 27


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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Ahh... It's a dreadfully hard choice, but I'm going to have to go with entry 10. A real downer, but absolutely brilliant. Kudos to the author!

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Re: Master of Death - Final voting

Entry 21


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