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The Fallen Cottage (One-Shot)

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The Fallen Cottage (One-Shot)

Disclaimer- I don't own the characters, and I'm surley not Mrs. Jo Rowling... if I were I would have these things published
Warnings:Character death
Era:Marauders, post Hogwarts
Length:1143 words

Lilly Potter sat on the four poster bed that she shared with her husband, James Potter, in their comfy cottage, on a small lane in Godrics Hollow. She could hear James and her son, Harry in the sitting room; James’ laugh was loud, and comforting, almost as magnificent as her sons, whose high pitched giggle brought joy to her heart, every time she heard it.

Deciding to join them, Lilly stretched and got off the bed, entering the sitting room. At the sight of his mother, Harry Potter pointed and started laughing again. Pretending not to notice that Lilly had walked into the room, James continued shooting flowers out of his wand for Harry.

Stepping forward quietly, holding her finger up to her mouth motioning to Harry to not give her away, Lilly jumped on James back, covering his eyes and shouted, “Guess who?”

James grabbed Lilly’s legs which were wrapped around his stomach, and said through a laugh, “I don’t know… maybe its Angelina, my mistress?”

Lilly slapped the back of James’ head and said, “Your mistress? Well she doesn’t have to be your mistress, I heard that your wife was divorcing you!”

With amazing strength, James swung Lilly around, and held her in front of him, “Oh no! Lilly, I had no idea. You see what I mean to say was… My err… well its not important now, your loving husband would like a kiss.”

Harry watched his parents with curiosity, not sure why his mother had hit his father. When he saw them both smiling however, he smiled to, and started jumping up and down in his walker that was placed in front of the couch.

James sat Lilly down on the couch, and sat beside her wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Lilly, noticing that Harry looked disappointed, leaned forward and picked him up.

“Where’s his toy broom, James?” she asked, playing with Harrys tiny hands, smiling. Harry was looking into his mothers face, joy etched in his own. His eyes, the same brilliant green as Lilly’s watched as James set his wand on the table beside the couch, opened the closet and got out his broom. Immediately he started fidgeting in his mothers arms.

“Ok, Ok Harry.” she said, handing him to James, who set him on the ground beside the broom. Watching as Harry struggled to mount, James leaned forward and helped him. The toy broom that James best friend Sirius, had gotten Harry, for his first birthday hovered a few feet off the ground, while Harry zoomed around the room.

James followed Harry around as he flew all around the sitting room. Lilly watched the scene, filled with happiness. She had all she needed; a loving husband, who catered to her every need, even when she didn’t ask, a son whose simple smile could clear away any sadness that she had ever felt. A home, that was small, but comfortable, in a wonderful, cheery village. Life for Lilly Potter was perfect.

There was a loud crash, followed by hissing. Lilly jumped up, her heart beating fast, looking around for the sound of the noise. Rushing into the dining room, where Harry and James were, she saw a broken vase on the floor, and two yellow eyes glaring from underneath a cabinet.

“Oh, James, that scared me to death. Is Harry alright?” she asked, looking at Harry who was sitting upright beside his broom.

James, who was sitting on the floor beside Harry, chuckled, “We just had a slight mishap dear, no damage done.” he looked over at the broken vase and said, “Well… besides a broken vase, and a very unhappy cat. I’ll go get my wand and clean this up.”

Lilly walked over to James, and helped him up off the ground. After kissing his cheek, she bent down and scooped Harry up, cradling him in her arms.

“I think that’s enough playing for Harry tonight James,” she said, rocking Harry in her arms, and walking back into the sitting room.

The scene that met her eyes when she entered made her heart stop. She strengthened her hold on Harry and screamed. A man in a black cloak was standing above James, who shouted, “Take Harry and run! GO LILLY!”

Frozen to the spot, Lilly watched as the man brandished his wand.

“Its pointless to fight me James, hand over your son and I’ll leave you two be.” he said. Lilly could barley see his face through the cloak, nothing but his eyes. Eyes that couldn’t be human, there was no humanity in them. They looked barley open, more like a snakes small slits, and were a vibrant red. Panic stricken, she realized who it was.

She screamed again, and ran up the stairs to Harrys bedroom. Panic stricken, she prayed that James was alright, and laid Harry down in his crib, who started to cry.

“Shushhh.. Harry, its alright. Oh where is my wand… Oh god.. James…” there was a loud crash down stairs and Lilly struggled for breath. She picked Harry back up and started rocking him, tears falling down her face. “Its going to be alright Harry… it’s going to be alright, baby, just stop screaming.” she ran to the door and locked it, although she knew that no lock would ever stop the wizard behind the door.

As though summoned by the thought, the door blasted open and the man in the dark cloak stepped into the room. He started laughing, a horrible hollow, high pitched laugh that made the hair on the back of Lilly’s neck stand up.

Setting Harry back down in his crib, Lilly faced Lord Voldemort.

“Please… not my son! Not Harry!” she pleaded, tearing rolling down her fear filled face.

The man laughed again, “Give me your son, and I will spare your life.” he advanced on her, his wand drawn, “Your husband was foolish, but you, you can live. Hand me your son!”

“No!” she begged, blocking Harrys crib, “Take me! Please, please, take me, just not Harry!”

Outside of the cottage, down the lane, and even in the village, Lilly Potters scream was heard. Villagers who were just getting out of Sunday church, or taking their children trick-or-treating, turned towards the lane. Moments afterward, there was a resounding crash that echoed for miles, as the home of Lilly, James, and the extraordinary boy, Harry Potters home collapsed.

The witches and wizards of Godrics hollow were all rooted to the spot, some women screamed, alarmed, the men rushed towards the scene of the fallen cottage. The wizard who had entered the cottage did not come out, but no one noticed the form that slivered out into the night.

Through the wreckage, a small boys cries could be heard. A small boy who had a lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead; the boy who lived.

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The Fallen Cottage
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