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Fair Warning Guide - UPDATE

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Old January 3rd, 2010, 6:07 pm
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Fair Warning Guide - UPDATE

With Legilimency Studies becoming one of the Hot Zones new rules apply:

From the thread in The Notice BoardWarning System: HOT ZONES

The following forums & sub-forums are classed as hot zones. These areas will be subject to longer forum bans and one-strike rule:
  • Legilimency Studies
  • DoIMC

Typical length of ban:

Member with more than 30 days membership: 120 days
Member with under 30 days membership: 15 days
Member who duplicated account, thinking we wouldn’t know: FULL BAN (OF ALL ACCOUNTS)

From Morgoth: "This policy has been retroactively applied to one member who participates in one of these areas. They are serving a ban and are on my ignore list for the duration of their ban."

Once you’ve served this ban, if it hasn’t been made apparent to you, then your next warning will be in the form of a strikethrough of your username. End of the line. Be aware, your reputation & popularity, length of membership to this site is irrelevant.

Things for which you will be warned: Clear violations of our forum rules (e.g. rude and/or insulting posts with the sole purpose of baiting other posters etc.) These offences will result in warning points right away.

Snape vs. Marauders - who's evil incarnate and ate fluffy kittens is a banned topic and ignoring this rule will result in warning points.

Additionally, repeated failure to observe in-thread reminders and warnings by staff (e.g. requests to stay on topic or to drop a particular strand of discussion) may result in warning points as well.

How to avoid warnings and forum bans:

Our Forum Rules aside, these guidelines are a must read:

How to have a pleasant conversation on any topic. | REVISED: Character Bashing/Worship: aka Shades of Gray

By posting according to those guidelines, you should be fine.

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