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George without Fred

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George without Fred

When george first layed eyes on the red-Headed lifeless body in frount of him, his world ended. No he thought, No not fred please not fred. It was to late fred was gone, to george it felt like he had not only lost his brOther but he had lost more than a brother, he had lost part of him selve his best friend and his bussness partner. His mum was sobbing oppenly, pleaded for his son that wasnt there. His dad was crying lakes, silently. Bill was crying holding onto fleur, fleurs marvollous face was soaked with water and she wasnt bothering to keep quiet. Percy and Charlie were hugging each other sobbong into their shoulders. Ron was silently sobbing, tears rolled down his cheecks like rivers, hermione was whispering words of love into his ears and Ginny was sitting on harrys lap wailing. But fred was the one who showed little emotian his eyes were blank compeared to the ussal cheerful look in the, his face was pale and expreasonless, he could of been mistaken as one of the dead.
At the sight of freds limp body, he ran, he didnt know what he was running away from but it was hard to grasp the fact that the impossable became the reality. Fred couldnt be dead, he just couldnt. It was a dream- no a nightmare a huge nightmare that couldnt be real it just couldnt.
But sooner or later george had to come face to face with the fact that This wasnt a dream That fred wouldnt come walking though the door lauging with his always cheerful face, Fred wouldnt step foot in the shop he partly help created. Fred would never marry or have a family or have grandchild.
George knew it but he didnt want to think it. Fred weasly is dead.

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