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Another Life

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Another Life

This is a post-DH story stating where chapter 36 left off.
I know this has been done before but I'm going to try to take it in a slightly different direction later on. This is my first attempt at fiction so I'm not sure how this will work out.

Chapter 1: After the Battle (Chapter 37)

Harry awoke lying on this bed, he didn't open his eyes straight away, he wanted to block out the world for a little longer. His whole body ached, although the place killing curse had hit him no longer hurt quite as much, it was more of a dull throb. More than that his head ached, all this thoughts had merged into one jumbled mess. He tried to block this out by remembering the dream he had been having but he couldn’t quite remember it, all he could remember was a flowery smell surrounding him, a very familiar smell. Also he thought he remembered being woken and someone slipping onto the bed beside him, but that must have been part of a dream. Or had it, he suddenly realized his arms wrapped around something, with his body aching he hadn’t noticed until now. He then realised that it was breathing, it was defiantly someone, he could feel their chest rising and falling under his hand.

He opened his eyes, for a second he thought he something was wrong, all he could see was a mass of red. Suddenly he realized who it was, but what was she doing here? He didn’t mind, in fact he was glad she was here. After all she was the only thing that had kept him going after Dumbledore’s death and now he needed that more than ever. But still he thought; after he abandoned her all those months ago she might feel a little angry with him and that she would want to spend time with her family; especially since Fred had died, he was her brother.

What was he going to say to her after what had happened, it couldn’t just go back to how they were could it? Would she expect him to tell her what he had been doing? He didn’t feel like telling anyone at the moment. Did he even want them to get back together, yes it was nice to be with her but was he ready for that yet? Also he felt guilty for what he had put her through and it was his fault Fred had died that all the others had died.

‘Well’ he thought to himself ‘she must want to be with you or she wouldn’t be here, and you can’t push her away, not after everything that's happened.’ He lay there thinking for a while longer ‘This is what you have wanted for months, to be with her.’

His thoughts were interrupted as sudden snore from the next bunk made Harry jump and quickly moved his hand, he didn't want Ron to see. Ginny moved and tried to roll over, the sudden movement must have woken her.

“Hello sleepyhead.” Harry murmured softly.

“Harry! What time is it?” Ginny's tired voice replied just as softly.

“Not sure” Harry replied, he looked out of the window and saw the sun just beginning to rise over the grounds. “Looks early”

“You must be wondering what I'm doing here”

“It had crossed my mind”

“And?” she asked tentatively

“I decided it didn't matter”

“I hope you don't mind”

“Why would I?”

“I thought, well, after last night, you might want to be alone.” She said nervously

“I did, I needed to sleep, to clear my head, but now I'd rather be with you.”

Ginny said nothing but gripped his hand and squeezed it gently.

They continued lying there for several minutes; Harry arms still around Ginny, her hands and gently holding his. They were interrupted by a sudden groan from the next bed, Ron seemed to waking up.

“I think we'd better get up”

“I don't care if he sees us”

“I'd rather talk to you alone.”Harry said hoping she'd understand.

“Ok then.” Ginny said reluctantly, Harry thought she must still be tired.

They both sat up, Harry stretching hoping it would relieve some of the aching, which it did, a little. He reached for the invisibility cloak, he had been so tired last night he had left in tucked under his robes but now it wasn't there.

“Looking for this?” asked Ginny pulling it out from under her own robes.
“Bit lumpy” she replied to Harry's raised eyebrow Ginny blushing slightly.

Harry took the cloak and pulled it over them, he wanted them to be alone, and they walked down the staircase into the common room together. This was the first time Harry had really seen it since the battle, he was too tried last night to notice. Apart from a few cracks in the walls and the ceiling, it appeared undamaged. He kept thinking as they made their way down into the grounds, just what was he going to say?

‘Just talk to her.’

“So why were you there?” he didn’t need to know but he wasn't sure what else to ask.

“I couldn’t sleep and I just thought... Last night I thought I'd lost you. When I saw your body I ... I wasn't sure how I would go on. The thought of being with you again had given me hope. To suddenly lose that. I didn't care what happened to me, or about anything else, all I wanted was to fight, for you.” Her eyes had filled with tears as she said this and her voice shook but she seemed to compose herself and continued.

“Then after it was over and I knew you were safe, everything that had happened suddenly hit me Tonks, Lupin, Fred... I couldn't cope, and I thought that, well, maybe being with you again would help.”
Harry looked at her, he didn't need to ask if it had.

“I'm sorry I had to do that to you. I didn't want to, but I had to, it was the only way to keep you and everyone else safe.”
Something else crossed his mind but he decided now wasn’t the time.

“I know Harry. You don't need to apologise, I wouldn't expect anything else from you. It's why I love you so much.”

Harry smiled at her and kissed her gently on the cheek “I won't ever leave you again.”

'Was that the right thing to do?' he wondered

Ginny put her head on Harry's shoulder and they continued walking; it seemed it had been. Harry looked around the grounds as they walked, it appeared that all the bodies had been taken inside, but the grounds were sill littered with the remains of the battle, bits of the castle walls were strewn everywhere. Harry could see movement through the gaps in the walls; people must be stating to wake up.

‘Keep taking’ He thought to himself.

“I thought you’d have left with your parents.”

“Professor McGonagall insisted everyone stayed overnight and told us the Hogwarts Express would take us all back after breakfast. They're closing the school early.”
She laughed; Harry could tell it was a forced, hollow laugh.

“Well I can't see it what else they could do.”

Harry led the way down to Dumbledore’s tomb, he still had one thing left to do. He reached into his pocket as they walked and pulled out the Elder Wand and looked at it, this was the wand which had killed Riddle, it wasn’t Harry who had killed him, Riddle had done that himself.

“You going to put it back?” Ginny asked

“Yeh, this thing causes trouble and I’ve had enough of that.”

As they approached the tomb Harry could feel Ginny wanting to hang back so he pulled off the cloak. She didn’t want to see inside he could understand that, he didn’t either but he had to do this. He took a deep
breath and used his own wand to open the tomb; there inside just as he had seen before was Dumbledore’s body. Harry looked down at it for a moment, he looked so peaceful, before carefully placing the Elder Wand on top and then resealing the tomb.

Ginny made her way back over to him and returned her head to his shoulder and Harry threw the cloak back over them.

“Is it over now?” she asked

Harry though for a moment, he wasn’t sure of anything at the moment, his thoughts and feeling were all
jumbled mess he couldn’t decide anything now, well, there was one thing, he wanted to be with her.

“I hope so. I just want a normal life now” He replied putting his arm around her hoping she understood the gesture, he wanted her to be part of that life.

They continued walking, slowly, to the lake where they stopped.

“So what have you been up to?” Harry asked.

“Oh not much, nothing compared to what you've been doing.”

“What about breaking into Snapes office?”

“Oh that was nothing.”

“I want to hear anyway.”

Ginny told him what had happened, how she had planned it and how Snape had caught them, it took her about ten minutes to explain everything.

“What I don't get is, why he sent us to Hagrid for punishment, it's almost like he didn't want to punish us.”

“I don't think he did, he wasn't as bad as everyone thought, as I thought, he may have seemed to be on Voldemorts side but he was really on ours.”

Ginny looked at him questioningly but didn't ask how he knew this.

“I understand, you don't feel like telling me what happened, you don't have to.”

“Thanks, but I want to, just not now.”

They were interrupted at this point by a loud growling from Harry’s stomach, he realised that he hadn't eaten a
proper meal for since he’d left shell cottage.

“I think we'd better get you some breakfast. It must have started by now.”

Harry tucked invisibility cloak back under his robes as they made their way back to the castle now; it didn't matter who saw them together now. She was safe, he would make sure of that.

Ginny's head was still on Harry's shoulder, his arm around her as they entered the great hall. People had abandoned the house tables and were sitting in small groups on any table with room. It didn't take long for them to find the Weasleys sitting on the Gryffindor table. Mrs Weasley had her head on Mr Weasley's shoulder,
from what Harry could tell it seemed shed spent the whole night crying. Sitting with them were Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron and Hermione, Ron sitting with his head on Hermione's shoulder.

She looked up and saw the two of them heading toward the group and nudged Ron who looked up too. For a moment he looked angry but then his faced changed to what Harry thought looked strangely approving.

“I see you to finally got up” George said as they sat down opposite Ron & Hermione.

“Yeh” Harry said slightly confused, why did he think they had been asleep?

“We told them you were both still asleep” Ron whispered across the table. “We thought, well Hermione thought, you'd probably need time to talk.”

“Thanks” they whispered back.

“Harry, I assume you will come back to the Burrow with us.” Mr Weasley asked. He looked tired; as though he had spent the night awake, which Harry thought, he probably had.

“Yeh” Harry replied, after all he had nowhere else to go and he wasn't going to leave Ginny, they needed each other.

“I’m not sure what it will be like. We had to leave in quite a hurry as you know, but I think it should be safe to go back now.”

Harry felt guilty at hearing this. After all it was his fault that the death eaters discovered Ron was with him.

“Harry I almost forgot, Professor McGonagall said she wanted to speak to you but that she'd see you before you left” this time it was Hermione who spoke.

Harry nodded in response.

No one spoke much as they finished breakfast, everyone was mourning for not only Fred but for Lupin and Tonks, for everyone else who'd died.

Just as Harry was finishing his toast Professor McGonagall entered the hall.

“The Minister for Magic has asked me to thank you all for what you did last night and to apologise that the Floo Network is currently not operational. This is to prevent death eaters using it to escape. As I said last night, because of this I have arranged for the Hogwarts Express to transport you to London from where the Ministry has arranged alternative transportation.”

She looked over at the Weasleys, saw Harry sitting there and made her way over.

“Harry, I think it would be best if you Apparate back to the Burrow”

“But Professor, I haven't past my te…”

“Harry, we both know that hasn’t stopped you before but it doesn't matter. The minister has asked me to give you this.”

She handed Harry a piece of parchment.

I Kinglsey Shacklebolt acting Minister for Magic hereby grant Harry James Potter a temporary Apparition license to ensure his continuing safety during this dangerous time.
This license is valid for 1 week at which point he must take an Apparition test in order to continue apparating.

“The ministry though it best for your protection and frankly I agree, and I sure you do too. There are still many death eaters who haven't been caught, and the last thing you need to worry about is having to explain why you broke the law to get away.”

“I'm sure I will see you all later” she said to the group as a whole.

“Professor” Harry said, he had almost forgotten. “Snape’s body, it’s in the Shrieking Shack.”

“I’ll arrange for it to be placed with the other death eaters.”

“No” Harry said firmly, “with the others.”

Professor McGonagall looked at him, “Very well Harry, I expect an explanation for this but it can wait.”

With that she turned and left joining the people slowly making their way out of the hall and down to Hogsmead station.

The Weasleys were some of the last to leave. They all made their way down to Hogsmead together, Ginny holding Harry's hand, Ron holding Hermione's.

“So are they finally?” Ginny whispered to Harry, looking at Ron and Hermione who were in front of them.

“Yeh, I'll tell you about it later.”

When they reached the gates Mr Weasley turned to them.

“Right, I think its best if take Molly back. Ron as you haven't got you license yet I think it's best if you go with Hermione. Bill you go back to Shell Cottage I'm sure Fleur's waiting for you. Percy I think the ministry could do with all the people they can get at the moment. Charlie if you can speak to Muriel and move our things back to the Burrow, George can you help him. Now that just leaves you Ginny.”

Ginny looked like she was about to speak but Mr Weasley continued.

“If it's ok with you Harry, can you take her?”

Harry was a little surprised, but assumed that the fact him and Ginny were together hadn't escaped Mr Weasley who of course also knew he had apparated back to Hogwarts with the injured Dumbledore last year.

“Yes, of course.”

“Right then that’s settled. I think we'd better get going”

Ginny gripped Harry's arm tightly and they all turned disappearing with a loud crack.

I'm not completly happy with how that worked out so it's probably going to change a bit before Chapter 2 but not much.

Feedback Appreciated - http://www.cosforums.com/showthread.php?p=5283859

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Re: Another Life

Chapter 2: Back at the Burrow

The Burrow looked almost the same as he last time Harry had seen it; The garden was overgrown and the windows looked dirty but apart from that it looked untouched. Inside it looked exactly the same has Harry remembered it, although with an added layer of dust.

A sudden thought struck Harry. Were they alone, and after all the death eaters would probably assume he would go back with the Weasleys, maybe they were waiting for them, or maybe one had been waiting since the Weasleys left, they had after all abandoned this place a few weeks ago so there would have been plenty of time to break any protective enchantments.

“Wait! Homenum Revelio”

Nothing happened and they all looked at him.

“I just wanted to make sure no one else was here.” He said feeling slightly stupid.
“Good idea” Mr Weasley said “Should have thought of that but it doesn’t look like anyone’s been in since we left. Place needs a good clean though.”

Mrs Weasley immediately set to work giving out jobs for them to do, having something to do seemed to make her take her mind of Fred. No one complained, much it did, after all gave them something to do.

“You four, bedrooms, I don’t want to see a single speck of dust and when you’ve finished the garden needs doing.”

“Oh and I think you’ll need these.” She added passing them two copies of ‘Practical Household Magic’.

“Harry I think you’d better help Ginny as she cannot use magic yet. “ Hermione said as they went upstairs passing him a copy of Practical Household Magic. “You two start down here and make you way up we’ll work our way down and meet you in the middle.”

The first bedroom was Ginny’s and on opening the door it was clear that Mr Weasley’s assumption that no one had been inside the burrow since they had left it was wrong. The posters which had once decorated the walls were lying ripped and torn on the floor, the bed had been slashed and moved away from the wall. All the draws were open, although this could have been because the Weasleys had left in a hurry, and the wardrobe had been completely torn apart. It looked to Harry as though someone had searched the room, thoroughly.

“Not quite how I left it.” Ginny said, her voice trembling slightly as they stood in the doorway surveying the chaos.

It took them a good hour to make their way round the small room, Ginny was still unable to use magic outside Hogwarts so Harry had to repair all the furniture and other smashed, torn and otherwise damaged objects littering the room, while Ginny collected and started sorting though them to see if anything was missing. Once all the furniture had been repaired Harry set about cleaning the room, he consulted Practical Household Magic which had spells for everything from cleaning clothes to getting rid of squeaky floorboards, eventually finding the spell he wanted and started dusting the room. At first he did little more than move it about but with a little practice he managed to do a fairly good job.

“Ow!” Ginny cried from the other side of the room, adding a few choice swear words.

“What’s wrong?” he asked concerned

“Cut myself on a bit of mirror” Ginny muttered coming over to Harry.
The cut didn’t look too bad but it was bleeding freely, the blood dripping onto the floor.

“Episkey” Harry said, pointing his wand at the cut, which healed instantly.

“Thanks” Ginny said smiling at him. “I made a bit of a mess over there though”

“Tergeo” The blood instantly siphoned to Harry’s wand.

“You know, you’re getting quite good at these household spells” Ginny said ten minutes later after he had helped her stick the posters back onto the walls and had conjured a bunch of flowers complete with vase which he had placed by the window , he had found the spell in Practical Household Magic.

“Thanks, just don’t tell your mum or she’ll have me helping her cleaning the whole house.”

At that moment Mrs Weasley came through the door carrying a pile of clothes and two piles of clean bedding, which she placed on the bed.
“Good work you two.” She said looking round the room “George tells me the bedrooms ware ransacked.”

They both nodded.

“It looked like they were looking for something, probably something about me.” Harry said, again felling guilty that it was his fault.

“What’s this?” Mrs Weasley interrupted looking at Ginny’s sleeve, which still had blood on it.

“Oh I just cut myself on a bit of broken mirror, but Harry healed it.”

Mrs Weasley smiled affectionately at Harry before continuing “Lunch will be ready in about an hour and there are still plenty of bedrooms to clean.”

“Oh and I’ll leave your clothes here, you can stay in Bill's old room but I don't suppose you've cleaned there yet.” she added to Harry.

“Yeh, thanks.”

She turned and left, and Harry and Ginny made their way to the next room. This had been Bill’s room and like Ginny’s it too had been searched, although Harry noted, not quite as thoroughly.

It didn’t take them long this time as there was a lot less stuff, no one actually living there. They weren’t quite sure where everything went, so after fixing the furniture and generally tidying up they put any misplaced items out of the way and moved on. They ignored the next bedroom as they thought they could hear George inside crying and decided not to disturb him.

The last bedroom they came to was the master bedroom and they found Ron and Hermione had already finished and were sitting on the bed as they entered, Hermione looking slightly flustered.

“So what took you two so long?” Ron asked

“Well only one of us could use magic and Ginny’s room needed quite a lot of work.” Harry said defensively, he knew what Ron meant by this question.

“It been searched too?” Hermione asked

“Yeh, they smashed nearly everything and ripped all my posters off the walls” Ginny replied, eyeing Hermione and Ron suspiciously.

Ron appeared to notice this and said hurriedly “Mum wants us downstairs when we’ve finished so I think we’d better go before she comes looking for us.”

As the four of them left the room and went downstairs Ginny asked Harry in a whisper.

“So when did those two?”

“I’ll tell you later” Harry whispered back for at that moment Mrs Weasley had appeared out of the kitchen.

“Right then you four, lunch is ready and there are still some more jobs for you to do.”

They ate slowly, no one was looking forward to having to do any more work. While they ate Mrs Weasley kept bustling about, moving things from one place to another than seeming to decide they were better where they had been and moving them back again. When she left the room to help Mr Weasley in the living room Ron asked.

“Why do you think she's doing that?”

“I think she's trying to take her mind of... well... you know” Hermione replied in a hushed voice, she didn't appear to want to say Fred's name which, Harry thought, was probably a good idea.

“I wonder where George is?” Ron asked no one in particular

Neither Harry nor Ginny replied for a few seconds, they both knew where he was but were unsure as to whether to worry Ron. Eventually Harry decided to tell him.

“I think he's in his and ... well his room.” He had been about to say his and Fred's room but it wasn't Fred's anymore.

No one said anything, they all knew it had probably hit George hardest, after all they had been twins and nearly always together. Harry couldn’t imagine what any of them must be going though, he may have considered them his family but it wasn’t the same.

When they had finished Mrs Weasley set them to work de-gnoming the garden so they all trudged outside and started work, picking up a gnome swinging it round and then throwing it over the garden hedge. It took them several hours to finish, after which they were all tired and hungry. They made their way back inside and collapsed in the living room.
“Remind me never to agree to that again” Ron groaned.

“I don't know what you're complaining about, at least you didn't get bitten.” Hermione muttered under her breath while massaging fingers which were slightly swollen from a bite she'd received while trying to pick up a particularly feisty gnome up.

Mrs Weasley made them all go and change before dinner. Bill, Fleur, Charlie and Percy all turned up and Mrs Weasley had to magically extend the table to cope, even so they were squashed so close together that they could barely move enough to eat.

While they ate Percy told them about what was going on at the Ministry, It appeared the Kingsley was making a lot of changes. Umbridge along with many other officials who’d taken part in Voldermorts activities and had not fled at the first sign of trouble had been arrested, The Muggle-Born Registration Commission had been suspended and anyone being held for interrogation released. The Ministry was also doing everything it could to find anyone still on-the-run to tell them they were no longer wanted.
“But we’ve got some work to do convincing them that we’re not trying to trick them.”

To everyone’s relief Dementors had been removed from Azkaban, which was now being guarded by a team of Aurors, and taken to a secret location and kept there by powerful enchantments.

“You cannot destroy Dementors Harry, only contain them.” Mr Weasley had responded after Harry had asked why they weren’t being destroyed.

“The Aurors are busy rounding up remaining supporters. Unfortunately it’s going to take them awhile they haven’t got enough people.” Percy continued.

“Which reminds me, the Minister says he wants to see you three later tonight.” He added looking at Hermione, Harry and Ron.

When they had finished they made their way through into the living room. There were so many of them that there weren’t enough places to sit. Mr Weasley conjured some extra seats but even so they were a few seats short when Bill and Fleur joined them after they had finished sorting out the dishes, they had offered to clean them so Mrs Weasley could rest, she had been doing work all day. Ginny moved onto Harry's lap to make room, getting few surprised looks which she responded to by wrapping Harry's arms around her waist and kissing him on the cheek. Harry, embarrassed by this blushed so red he matched Ginny’s hair, but didn't complain.

“Professor McGonagall says they'll be able to release the bodies in a few days.” Charlie, who had been helping start repairs to the castle said, trying to be careful not to upset his mother. “The Ministry wants to make sure everyone’s identified, they are organising a memorial at Hogwarts in a few weeks and they want to make sure they don't forget anyone.”

“So what’s going on between you two?” George interrupted, speaking to Harry & Ginny, trying to sound casual but failing miserably, he clearly wanted to change the subject.

“Erm…” Harry felt a bit awkward answering. He wasn’t quite sure himself at the moment, and he didn’t want to say anything in front of her parents but his tone must have given it away.

“I thought something was going on, there was an odd tension between you two during the wedding preparations, Fred…”

But exactly what Fred had said or did would remain a mystery as George went silent. Everyone in the room knew why, they all felt the same and an awkward silence ensued for several minutes, interrupted only by Mrs Weasley’s sobs into her husband’s shoulder.

Much to Harry's relief a knock came from the door and Percy went to answer it. When he came back he was accompanied by the Kingsley who greeted them as he entered.

“Congratulations”, they all knew he had been made Acting Minister for Magic

“I’m sorry to hear about Fred, but at least he died while being part of something worthwhile.” Kingsley said addressing Mrs Weasley and George in particular.

“Thank you” Mrs Weasley said suppressing a sob. But George remained silent.

“Would you like a seat?” Percy asked offering him the place in which he had been sitting, squashed between Ron and George.

“Thanks, but I cannot stop long, I only came to see Harry, Ron and Hermione.”

Ginny made to move to let Harry get up, but Kingsley motioned for her to remain seated.

“I might as well speak to them here, you can all stay, I'm sure you’ll all want to discuss it anyway. I came to ask you three, the Auror office is rather stretched at the moment, we lost too many people and we've still got a lot of work to do. I’m dropping the normal N.E.W.T requirement for Auror training for everyone involved in the battle, you all proved you've got what it takes and you three have probably done more than most Wizards so I wanted to ask you personally. I don't want an answer straight away, I'll see you again in a few days and if you agree then you will start training in about a month, I think you could all do with some time off.”

“What if we want to go back to Hogwarts?” It was Hermione who asked, Harry wasn't really surprised, she’d never shown much interest in becoming an Auror and he couldn’t imagine Hermione not finishing school.

“That's up to Minerva but I'm sure she’ll let you if you want, a lot of people missed a year so she’ll probably be arranging something so I’m sure she’ll contact you soon but I’ll have a word Miss Granger.”


“See you tomorrow Arthur, Percy, I wish I could give you some time off but there’s a lot of work to be done and I need everyone we’ve got. Right now I’ve got to be going.”

Percy showed him to the door and once they had left the room everyone turned to look a Harry.

“Well Harry.” It was Mrs Weasley who asked “I don't suppose there’s much point trying to talk you out of this?”

Harry looked at Ginny who was still sitting on his knee, she gave a slight nod. She understood that it was what he had to do, there was nothing else he had ever wanted to do and he wanted to help.

“Yeh, I wanted to be an Auror and I don’t’ think it wouldn't feel right going back to Hogwarts.”

“And you Ron?”

“Not sure” Ron sounded slightly bemused, “I don't want to go back to school so I guess…”

“We can talk about this later” Mr Weasley interrupted “You need time to think about it.”

No one said much for a while, now that they had nothing else to do the reality of what had happened was starting to hit them. After a while Bill & Fleur left followed by Charlie and Percy. George said he was going to bed and shortly after Mr and Mrs Weasley followed leaving the four of them alone. Ginny stretched out of the sofa, her back resting against Harry shoulder.

“So what are you going to do Hermione?” Ron asked

“I think I'll go back to Hogwarts, I don't particularly want to be an Auror and I think I should finish my N.E.W.Ts.”

For a while they discussed what they thought was going to happen to Hogwarts and the Ministry. Ginny eventually dozed off curled up next to Harry, her head resting on Harry's leg.

“So what are you going to do about your parents?” It was Ron who asked, he hesitated slightly as he said it, not wanting to upset Hermione further.
“I'm going to find them as soon as I can. I've got a lot of planning to do, I’m not sure exactly where they'll be.” Her eyes filled with tears as she said this.

“You'll find them, I'll help you.” Ron said putting his arm around her.
“Thanks, but you should stay with your family.” Hermione managed to reply suppressing the tears.

“No, I'm helping you.” He said firmly.

Ron looked at Harry, knowing Harry wanted to help too “And you’d better look after my sister.”

Harry looked down at Ginny sleeping peacefully next to him, he ran his hand though her hair, he loved the feel of it, and gently moved a few stands which had drifted down in front of her face.

“Of course I will Ron.”

He gave up on going with Hermione, he realised Ron wanted to do this alone and he wasn't going to get into an argument with him at the moment. Anyway it would probably be bad enough for Hermione’s parents without all three of them there, and he could at least help her prepare even if he couldn't be there.

“I think we'd all better get to bed it must be late.” Hermione yawned nodding towards Ginny.

Harry tried gently to wake Ginny, it took a few attempts but eventually she groaned.
“I think you'd better go to bed.” Harry murmured to her.

“You'll get no argument from me” She replied sleepily.

The four of them went upstairs stopping outside Ginny room where she and Hermione were sleeping, Mrs Weasley had moved an extra bed in after they had cleaned it.

“Good night” Ginny said to Harry, kissing him gently.

“Good night” Harry replied softly.

They both expected a protest from Ron but none came, he was too busy wishing Hermione 'Good Night'.


Right that's mostly finished but if theres anything that seems odd or you think is wrong please leave feedback.

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