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Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

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Old June 11th, 2007, 8:28 am
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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

Originally Posted by Ashkins View Post
Fortiscue.. That is a hard one to think about why he would have left. He was good with History and had a relationship with Harry. But I don't think his leaving had to do with Voldemort and what he wanted. Some of the people being killed or taken away could just be revenge for different Death Eaters. "How dare he be so nice to Harry Potter". Or he could have been a mudblood himself.
It's possible but, and I could be totally off on this but...

The Magical Worlds of Harry PotterThe answer lies in his [Florean's] name. The Fortescues are well known in English history. The career of one member of the family, Sir John Fortescue (c. 1531 - 1607), ranged from tutoring Princess Elizabeth (the future Elizabeth I) to serving as her Chancellor of the Exchequer when she was Queen. In between, it was his job to enforce the tough witchcraft laws that Elizabeth's Parliament passed in 1563. He led the first important trials under those laws, apparently with the same severe attitude Florean Fortescue expresses. In one trial, a woman was executed on charges that included receiving instructions from a cat.

Think it's possible that this points towards him being a good guy? Quite possibly, the Order member we know of but haven't met proplerly (assuming I haven't misunderstood what JK meant as we don't know him to be an Order member)? I mean, just change "Princess Elizabeth" to "Harry"...he "tutored" Harry and may end up joining up with him, assuming he isn't indeed, dead...or evil. After all, those who took part in those trials could be called "evil"...


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Old June 12th, 2007, 3:53 pm
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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

I don't have my book handy, but I believe that it was on the train when Harry, Luna and Neville were in their compartment that Neville says that his Gran bought him a new wand at Ollivander's, and that it was probably one of the last one he ever sold because Ollivander disappeared the next day.

I've always thought this was very important. Is Voldemort trying to find out if Neville is the one referred to in the prophesy?

Old June 12th, 2007, 4:02 pm
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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

i don't know why voldemort would want/need fortescue. but i think he would want ollivander for a new wand as the brother wands can't fight each other.

as for the taken/gone into hiding question i'm not too sure but i think that fortescue was taken and ollinvander is hiding. i don't have any canon evidence it's just a feeling!

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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

Let's see...ortescue is doubtless related to one of the portraits in the Headmaster's office, and has a great knowledge of Wizarding history. Perhaps he knows something of Hogwarts' secrets?

Arthur Weasley seemed to feel that Ollivander would be a help supplying the Death Eaters with wands.

Voldemort doesn't need another. He and Harry's fought just fine in the graveyard, up until they both cast a spell at the exact same time. He probably doesn't expect to face Harry with a wand in his hand again, anyway.

They are both wandless on the cover art, after all.

Of course, I think that both of them are in hiding anyway.


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Old June 12th, 2007, 5:37 pm
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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

Originally Posted by Weasleytwin View Post
Maybe the Death Eaters just wanted the best ice cream...just kidding!

You're right, Athene, one of Florean's ancestors had a portrait at Hogwarts, which means that he was a former headmaster. Maybe the DE kidnapped Florean because he had another portrait of that ancestor in his house and LV wanted to use the portrait to spy on DD?
Apollogies if this has already been addressed.

In OotP it was mentioned (quite vehemently) by many of the portraits in DD's office when they were yelling at Black's great-great-grandfather's portrait, can't remember his name at this time and I haven't got my book with me, that the portraits are to serve the current headmaster/mistress. I'm thinking that even if Florean had a portrait in his house of his ancestor, it would be impossible for Voldemort to use the portrait to spy on DD as he would not be able to coerce the portrait into spying.

I'm not sure if I've made any sense here...

Old June 12th, 2007, 9:01 pm
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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

the ollivander theory is interesting, and it makes sense, the fortscue part however, seems less reliable, we have a tiny bit of info to go on and it dosen't seem like a man who owns an ice cream shop would be a historian to span the ages


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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

I think that Voldy took Olivander because he needed a new wand so that the Priori effect wouldn't happen again. Maybe Olivander was evil? He did seem kind of creepy in the book and the movie.

Fortescue? Voldemort likes Ice Cream while he attempts World Domination.


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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

Fortescue could tell Harry about the Heirlooms and Ollivander could make wands for Voldemort and the Order/"the good guys"


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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

The are both old and learned and have specialized interests so I am sure there were a few things LV might want from them.

I don't think LV or the DE's have either of them though. I think they have something or know they might be useful and ran into hiding much like Slughorn attempted to do.

If LV or the DE''s had them I think they would have been killed by now and they would have turned up dead. I don't see LV holding hostages once he is done with someone.

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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

Originally Posted by TiLoFoShoYo View Post
Maybe Voldemort took Fortescue because he likes to eat ice cream while plotting evil deeds.
LOL, love your answer. The idea of him being brought because of his knoledge of history is plausible, but I'm not sure if its a pratical aproach Voldemort would take. There must be other sources, already written. Ollivander was more of a deffensive strategy in my opinion. The less wands there are, the less chance of OOTP getting a bigger army, eventually wands snap, ect.

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Re: Ollivander and Fortescue - Their use for Voldemort

I think Voldemort took Ollivander to prevent him from selling his wands to wizards that could potentially fight against him. And with Ollivander under his control, Voldemort could provide wands for the wizard children of families working for him.

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