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The Age Of Dragons

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The Age Of Dragons

The Age of Dragons.

Chapter: 1
Growing up.

In the beginning, Dragons ruled the world. This was not the same world that we know today; this was the beginning of the Magical World! This was the Age of Dragons!
Flying, roaring, fire-breathing monsters, or were they? Yes they could fly, yes they could roar, and yes, they could breathe fire. But they were definitely not monsters!
Some believe that dragons still exist in the world, where-as others think they never did, and never will.

The first two dragons (no-one except the dragons themselves knew how they became) were called Gwenevier, who was female, and Gawain, who was male. Gwenevier was the most beautiful, elegant and wise young dragon of that time and she was the queen of the realm. Her king, Gawain, was handsome, brave and strong. They were a perfect match, and their two eggs hatched. They called them Lavendra (purple) and Shrewkin (black).
Lavendra grew to be even more beautiful than her mother and was a very fair princess! But Shrewkin was scrawny, ugly, and above all, half evil! His limp wings could barely lift himself, but the jets of fire from his mouth could scorch a tree bare in seconds! They say that every dragon had its own special talent, and that was his. Lavendra’s however, was making life bloom just by touching things, and graceful flying.
One warm midsummer’s morning, Shrewkin lay watching his sister happily flitting about from the shadows. He was suddenly overcome by an urge to attack Lavendra! Shrewkin lunged, talons first, out of his hiding place. Luckily, the dragon princess could also sense danger for herself and others, and so she dodged easily. Shrewkin had overlooked the fact that Lavendra had been frolicking by the edge of the Great Lake, into which he plunged! He created such a splash, that fish of all sizes were sent flying into the highest branches of the surrounding trees!
As soon as he re-emerged above the surface, Shrewkin gave a mighty roar, swelling his stomach ready to throw fire at Lavendra. She, of course, was prepared for his rage; she sucked in as much water as possible and sprayed her brother’s flames.
With pride as drenched as he was, Shrewkin stomped away, back to his filthy, dark and dingy dwelling.
Why do you keep trying to hurt me dear brother? Lavendra’s voice echoed through his mind, I have done nothing to you, other than show you love!
Shrewkin’s temper flared, mostly because he knew she spoke the truth, LOVE! You have just, how can you say- oh there is just no point in talking with you! He spat.
As they were communicating with their minds, (dragons could not speak) Shrewkin detected a mixture of hurt and humour within Lavendra.
You know very well that I love you, and you can’t deny it! But talking will help to overcome the anger and frustration you feel towards everyone. So… talk to me, I promise I won’t laugh or tell anyone. Just take your time…
It took a long while for Shrewkin to open up to his sister; so many years of resentment had built up inside him, making it difficult to tell her anything. But eventually, he began to feel as if they were making progress. He told her about the evil demon that often rose up in his heart, taking over his whole existence.

There is nothing I can do to stop him, Shrewkin explained, but soon I fear that he will be the cause of my death, or worse! He is the sole reason for how I acted tonight, I would never try to hurt you Lavendra, and I hope you know that!
Of course I know that! And so do mother and father. I heard them talking about you last night, they thought you were just very active and sometimes got over-excited, no problems there!
Shrewkin laughed and accidentally set fire to a bush, oops! Don’t make me laugh or that will happen!
For the rest of the night, the adolescent dragons talked and laughed as two best friends would, not aware of anything els going on in their world.

Chapter: 2
Must escape!

Lavendra and Shrewkin’s bond was stronger than it had ever been after that. But a test for their relationship came all too soon in the form of a tiny newborn egg. Gwenevier and Gawain had almost lost their egg laying abilities to age, and so they wanted at least one more dragon to carry on their race. Which is what they got! After a week, (the average time for a dragon to stay in its egg) a golden baby dragon appeared from within the egg, screeching for food. Even Lavendra became jealous of this new dragon. Her parents fussed over him, saying things like, oh isn’t he a perfect colour, how can his scales be so bright? And we are so lucky to have had him in time! But what pleased Lavendra was that they could not think of a name for him! Her name was from her colour, of which she was extremely proud. Come to think of it though, where had Shrewkin’s name come from? Anyway, she thought deviously, I can think of a few names for this little rat!
Shrewkin however, was overwhelmed by his demons, they kept telling him to kill the golden dragon! No, he thought desperately, Lavendra taught me how to resist you; I’m not going to hurt him! But how long can I hold out? I must escape from this evil!
Meanwhile, Lavendra had been watching Shrewkin, she could tell that he was battling against his urges for violence, but did not know how to help him without telling their parents. Run brother, I will find you. Run, fly, anything! Just get away!
He agreed silently and fled. Gwenevier and Gawain were both so wrapped up in admiring the new dragon that they did not even notice their son disappear into the night.
Panic gripped Lavendra as she crept through the forest searching for Shrewkin, she was afraid that her danger-sensor would not work while she was so frightened. As total darkness swallowed her, danger seemed imminent… I have to find him, she thought, before it’s too late! All Lavendra knew at that point in time, was that Shrewkin was in mortal peril and she was the only one who could save him! Suddenly, Gwenevier’s consciousness linked with hers and her mother’s voice hissed through her mind, where are you two? Your father is trying to reach Shrewkin but he won’t answer us. If you children are playing games then I think you both need to grow up! Come home NOW!
Lavendra sensed how worried her mother was and replied in the politest way she could, mother, we are fine. Shrewkin has just gotten very dirty and he’s trying to get clean. He thinks father will be angry if he returns home looking like a beggar! I will tell you more detail when we get back, if we get back! She put a lot of emphasis on the
last part, trying to hint that they were in trouble. Relief flooded Lavendra from both parents. There’s a good girl!
SHREWKIN! WHERE ARE YOU? Lavendra bellowed, finally feeling him touch her mind in response, I’m here. But please, do not endanger yourself by coming near me yet!
Poppycock! You are forgetting that I can sense danger! And I’m getting no bad signals from you, so tell me where you are! Oh, mother and father are asking for us.
At last, princess Lavendra found her brother hunched in a corner of a cave. He was battered and bruised all over his body, his eyes were blood-shot and he had bloody cuts everywhere. The jubilation that Lavendra had felt at finding Shrewkin had vanished, only to be replaced by pure anguish. Seeing her brother this way was… indescribable. She hurried over to him and fussed over him like a mother hen, attempting to ease his pain as best she could.
How’s that Shrewkin?
Still pure agony! He moaned, he had said something about an attack but refused to elaborate. Lavendra struggled to gain any information about what had happened to her brother, all he said was odd words like “ugly”, “control”, “petrify”…
Luckily, Lavendra was an expert at riddles, so she made something of Shrewkin’s babbling. Dear brother, are you trying to tell me that a fierce creature attacked you and tried to control you? Did you recognise it? Please try and remember!
I-I-I can’t! It was so quick; it entered my mind and told me to- to be the evil ruler of the Magical World! By that, over-throw mother and father! The thing had dull, grey, slimy scales, not shiny like ours, red slits for eyes and jagged and broken teeth. I’ve never seen anything like it! Lavendra was amazed that Shrewkin had recovered so fast, but hid her emotions behind a solid barrier of sympathy. She immediately thought of Gwenevier and Gawain and how concerned they must be for her and Shrewkin’s safety, so she kindly said to him, Shrewkin, our parents will be panicking by now so we’d better get home. Do you want them to find out?
They’ll have to won’t they? All my injuries are a big give away don’t you think? But please can you explain, and I hope that they won’t cast me away because they fear me!
Secretly, Lavendra predicted that they might fear him, but she reassured Shrewkin all the same.

Chapter: 3
Flight to the unknown.

Are you both sure? I mean, really, demons indeed! Gwenevier scoffed, what a ridiculous thing to say!
Maybe not dear.
Gwenevier turned on Gawain scowling. You can’t possibly believe this- this, nonsense!
I do! You know yourself how, well, excitable Shrewkin can be! Perhaps, it is not his fault! You used to say to me when we were younger that you would always believe our children if they were being serious. What has changed?
Gwenevier knew he was right but her pride would not allow herself to be proved wrong about her own children. It is not that I don’t believe you dear, it is just hard to! Especially when your sister is so, how can I say this, normal!
Shrewkin’s face fell miles. Why, he thought, is Lavendra always the better dragon? She is not so perfect! Fine! If you care so much about Lavendra, then you won’t mind if I’m not around any more to take the blame for everything! Now you’ll be sorry, I’m going to let these demons take over! Goodbye!
And with that, Shrewkin stormed off, back into the forest. He was fuming all night and the next day, so whenever a small creature came near him, he would snap it up in his powerful jaws. Once he had finally calmed down, Shrewkin was about to go back home and apologise when he stopped and roared to the heavens. Birds flew from the trees in terror, making almost as much noise as Shrewkin. Suddenly, he was aware of someone’s (or was it something?) eyes peering at him through the darkness. All too familiar scarlet slits, with vertical black pupils that glinted menacingly, and gave the whole forest an eerie red glow…
Who are you and what do you want with me? Shrewkin hissed wickedly, though he was scared out of his wits and could not move. I warn you, I have powers that you could never even dream of!
An evil, cackle split the night, followed by, you cannot be sssserioussss! You are but a puny insssect compared to me! And, you should be deeply honoured that I have addresssssed you in persssson, ‘tis an extremely rare occurrence Shrewkin! HA HA HA HA HA...! The voice was husky and high-pitched, and made Shrewkin’s scales rattle.
How, how do you know my name stranger? He stammered.
Oh, I know more than that believe me! I know more about you than you do! But letssss not linger on the pleassssantriessss; you have a tassssk to do. A tassssk that may take centuriessss, or it may take dayssss. The sssssooner we, that is you, get ssssstarted the eassssier it will be! Come. Nooooooowwwwww…
The thing held the last word for ten seconds, getting quieter until it’s voice trailed away. With it, so did the eyes. Shrewkin was then taken over by an unusual urge to follow the stranger.

Chapter: 4

Gawain, Gwenevier and Lavendra were all searching tirelessly for the lost prince. This is all your fault mother, if you hadn’t compared him to me, then none of this would have happened!
I know I know! And I regret it all! But please Lavendra darling, lets not fight among ourselves at this terrible time! Gwenevier moaned helplessly.
Your mother is right. But so are you Lavendra, we cannot fight, but you made a mistake Gwen, and we can’t change that. Gawain’s rationalisation seemed to work for the mother and daughter, for they tried doubly hard to find Shrewkin well into the night!
The next morning, Shrewkin also had his regrets. Why, he thought, why did I listen to that demon? Now I’ll never see mother, or father, or- oh Lavendra! Please forgive me sister, this is not my doing, you have to believe that!
Of courssssse I believe you dear brother! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! You don’t posssssibly think that you’ll sssssee your family again do you? How pathetic!
YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW BRAVE MY SISTER IS, OR MY PARENTS COME TO THAT! Shrewkin bellowed. And with that, he turned his back on the world, on the demon, and slept, not knowing when he would next awake.
Yessss, you ssssilly creature! Ssssleep. When you wake you will be in my power, I musssst sssstart the processsss, now…

Meanwhile, Gawain, Gwenevier, and Lavendra all searched still. The skies were cool and calming to their scales, so the three of them inspected the land from above. But after four whole days and nights without sleep, they retired to the ground once more. As a king, but more importantly, a father and husband should, Gawain wrapped his enormous tail around Gwenevier and Lavendra. This was how they remained. That is until they were awoken by a malicious voice echoing throughout the forest. You have been wasting your time your majesties! Shrewkin is mine now, he is- shall I say, useful, to me. Get used to life without your foul prince, he is-
You know nothing of me, it replied calmly; perhapssss you would like to sssssee me? I musssst warn you, I will not be ressssponssssible for my actionssss if I reveal mysssself to you and-
HA! Neither will we, Gawain spat, show yourself!

Chapter: 5
The first encounter.

The ground shuddered. Trees uprooted themselves from it. A huge whirlwind surrounded the three dragons, and they were temporarily blinded by the elements. But then, directly in front of them, something was starting to take shape. It was just as Shrewkin had described it; slimy grey, deep red and black slits for eyes, and such an evil presence about it… none of them had seen or heard of anything like it.
Good day, your highnessssessss. Hahahahahahaha!
We wished to look upon the face of our son’s captor Gwenevier, but what to do with him I wonder? Gawain asked viciously.
Carry out our threats! Make him eat his own-
Lavendra! Gwenevier gasped mockingly, such a vivid imagination! Not quite vivid enough for this “waste of fire” as you called him. Most fitting name I must say.
You won’t be laughing for long, muttered the creature, esssspecially when you ssssee what changesss I have made to your ssssson. He is very different now. But I’m sssssorry to ssssay that I’m not sssure that you will like him!

At this, Gawain’s insides burned with anger- literally. He opened his jaws and expelled a jet of flames. Right on cue, Gwenevier and Lavendra did the same. The three merged together in one gigantic fireball, the creature screeched deafeningly. His “scales”, or whatever they were, melted to the floor. In place of them was a skeleton- unexpected. All three dragons thought that it would have been burned to a crisp by such an inferno.
It, whatever “it” was, vanished into the night. Making sure that it was gone, Gwenevier dissolved onto floods of tears. This was dangerous, because, if too many of her precious tears were shed, her soul would be washed away with them! Leaping into action immediately, Gawain blew warm air into Gwenevier’s face, evaporating the tiny droplets of water. Sinking into the pebbly soil, the dragon queen sighed miserably.
What could that foul beast have done to our little boy, she wailed, how can we save him when the changes have already been made? If either of you have any answers, please tell me! I want my baby boy back…
Eeerrrr…I don’t know if it will help, Lavendra began.
What? Tell us now! Gawain interrupted loudly, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you dear.
Well, Shrewkin and I started having sort of talks. He explained why he sometimes lost control of himself. It was because a dark presence rose up inside him! He didn’t want you to know because he thought that you would cast him out, banish him! She finished.
Gwenevier peered at her daughter sadly, what bad parents we must be, if our own son thought that we would do such a thing. Why on earth…
You’re not bad parents! You are both the best that either of us could ever- Lavendra was cut off in mid-sentence by a screaming baby dragon. Gwenevier and Gawain sighed together, and went to check what the matter was with their newborn son. This was another problem for them to resolve, they needed to name him! But what?

Chapter: 6
Shrewkin returns.

Lavendra was struck dumb all of a sudden. A shrill echo of her brother’s voice came from her mouth, hello family… you may still be looking for me, well… now I come to you. Would you like to see your transformed son?
Stopping dead in their tracks, Gwenevier and Gawain turned to the petrified Lavendra. She held her throat in her front claws, trying desperately to communicate to her parents that this was not her doing. But she couldn’t say or do anything while Shrewkin possessed her.
Shrewkin? Is that you? Please leave your sister alone, now! Growled Gawain.
Yes, umm- dear. Please, lets see you then… oh please, let him be ok…! Muttered Gwenevier to herself.
Laughter, cruel harsh laughter spread from Lavendra’s mouth and wrapped itself around the three dragons’ hearts. Followed by the sneering voice of Shrewkin, I heard that mother! You cannot hide anything from me any more! I have been taught to be a REAL dragon, instead of the weakling I would have been if I had stayed with you three! But, you asked for me to reveal myself to you, so I will. You might want to brace yourselves… more wicked laughing.
Just as it did when they had met the demon, the wind swirled about them, dragging up everything that got in its way. Again, almost completely paralysed by the ferociousness of the weather, they began to see a creature forming before them.
Scales of solid silver, eyes of midnight black, blood red arrowhead tail and talons, this was not their prince any longer! He now, at least, looked like a dragon, instead of an over-grown lizard. But that made no difference to his family; they loved him no matter what his appearance was.
Oh Shrewkin! If that is really you, you don’t look like our son…and you are not acting like him either… this is a trick! Gawain’s shrewd mind was in over-drive, so was working at double pace. But this also meant that he had a higher chance of being wrong, which he was.
No no father! It is I, but not the “I” that you once knew. I will never be that fool again!
But Gawain was not able to reply, because someone else did it for him, yessssssss… you WE’RE a fool Shrewkin. But I have fixed that, wouldn’t you sssssay? Now Gawain, Gwenevier, and young Lavendra, you wished to ssssee my masssssterpiecccce. Here he issssss.
Both Shrewkin cackled together at this, it was unnerving to see their own flesh and blood acting like a stranger. What is it you want with our son? Demanded Gawain, why do you have to cause so much pain? What is your name?
The demon tilted a scaly (the scales had grown back) eyebrow in mock concern, oh! I did not realise that I have hurt your precioussss family! Oh what a shame! Ssssso many quesssstionsss…where to sssstart…ah, I know! My name issss Milovssssorov, and I am the ruler of the dark realm in the foresssst. Assss for what I want with your sssson- you will find out sssssoon enough! But I will ssssay thissss; Shrewkin will not be hisssss name for much longer, he will be know assss Murtagh The Mercilessssss.
And with that, Milovsorov dissolved into thin air. But “Murtagh The Merciless” remained behind, and stood grimacing at his sister.
Dear Lavendra. HA! You were some use to me; you helped me to speak, to speak what was in my heart. At first, I did not like what was in there, but, father has turned my world around. Oh yes! Milovsorov is my father, not you Gawain. You are a pitiful excuse for a dragon. You all are!!!!!!! GOODBYE “EX”-FAMILY!!!!!!!
Poof! He was gone. Lavendra slowly turned to face her father. He was staring watery eyed at the ground, carving something into it. Half in pity, half in wonder, Lavendra sidled up to his side to see his creation.

Chapter: 7
The Mother of Earth.

To begin with, it was nothing but a formless something in the soil, but gradually, it began to take shape. Gawain, the mighty ruler of the world, was drawing a bunch of flowers. Silently, Gwenevier and Lavendra observed, waiting for Gawain to explain. Soon, the flowers were so detailed and perfect, that they looked almost real. Unable to wait any longer, Gwenevier whispered, uuummm, very beautiful flowers dear. But, umm, what are they for?
Oh! He gasped; I- seemed to have drifted off! Where were we? Ah yes… his face fell, Shrewkin. Wait. What are these flowers? They’re a masterpiece! Who did them?
Lavendra and her mother gaped at him in astonishment. How could he not realise he had done this?
Um… father… you did it! Don’t you remember? You must do…father?
Me? How? I would remember creating such a thing! Please dears, forget this nonsense, we need to focus on Shrewkin!
Yes, I agree Gawain. But, I remain worried about why you do not recall… well, never mind- said Gwenevier.
NO! I believe that your picture is very significant to everything that has happened! I can sense a presence around it! Please, step back, or hover, just move from it. I will attempt to fathom it out…and with that, Lavendra blew a magical ring of smoke around her father’s flowers. This was to prevent any living thing getting near them other than her.
Her parents did as they were told, and watched in amazement as she performed a sacred ritual. Lavendra placed a scaly foot over the drawing and closed her eyes. She was not at all sure what she was supposed to do, but something was guiding her from within. A gentle voice echoed around her head, it was a female, but not one of a dragon. As it sang, Lavendra’s mind misted over. But through the mist, the voice became clearer, and an image started to form before her. It was of an entirely new type of being. It had long billowing hair the colour of flames, and eyes of emerald. Her voice was beautiful; soft, and graceful, yet strong and powerful. Soon, she entranced even Lavendra. She listened hard,
“Every story has its beginning,
And also its ultimate end.
But nothing can stop my singing,
Or the message that I am to send.

If ever you run into trouble,
It’s simple. Just call out my name.
When your problems seem to double,
For me they are easy to tame!

My name will come to you,
At the time when your need is great.
You will know exactly what to do,
I will never be too late!

I am this earth’s mother,
And that is how I will stay.
This world was made by no other,
What more is there to say?

My very dear friend,
You’ve come such a long way.
But now is not the end,
Is all that I have to say!”

These words were repeated until they drowned out everything. Then, a blast of blue-white light erupted in frond of Lavendra. When she uncovered her eyes, before her, stood the singing enchantress. “Hello Lavendra,” she breathed, “I have waited a long time to meat you!”
Who are you? She replied viciously, and what are you?
“I am, as my song said, The Mother of Earth. My name is Diana, at your service.”
Her voice was as enchanting in speech as it was in song, flowing through Lavendra’s ears like water. How can I know that I can trust you? Lavendra asked.
“Aaaaahhhhhh… I am glad you have said that… allow me to demonstrate to you and your family…” she replied, and she spun on the spot as fast as lightening, making her hair fly about her beautiful face. Leaves, flowers, blades of grass, and even water droplets whizzed around her as she danced. All the water seemed to merge together into a large wet sphere. Inside of this the three dragons could see an image emerging… it was Shrewkin! “This is called scrying,” said Diana, “it allows you to see whoever and whatever you wish. This will be a great help to you I believe. Would you like to try it yourselves? It is very simple; all you have to do is… slip into a dreamlike state, and think of nothing but your subject. Oh, and you always need something reflective. Water is perfect. Here, try it!”
Gwenevier and Gawain were hesitant, but Lavendra was so desperate to get her brother back, that she was willing to try anything. She cleared her mind of all thought and feeling, and gazed into the water. Shrewkin… her mind told her, and at the same moment, a vision of him appeared in the water. He seemed happy, but there was something different about him since they last met. Shrewkin’s eyes were dark and cold, last time he still had some life in them, not any longer. Although Lavendra could see nothing but her brother, she could still sense another presence all around him. Perhaps, she thought, Milovsorov had taken the precaution of protecting Shrewkin from his real family. Her eyes swam with tears and she broke the connection. Opening her tear-filled eyes, Lavendra saw Diana still peering at her kindly from the ground (as Diana was like an ant to the dragons). Lavendra then knew, even though Diana was small in stature, she was great in power! Lavendra bowed down low to her.
“There is no need for that Lavendra my dear,” she whispered, “you have now seen a tiny part of what I have seen. Your brother is not completely gone. All is not lost. That is one thing that will remain certain for a while.”
But how can you know all this? Gawain spoke for the first time.
Diana bowed this time, “mighty Gawain, I am honoured to finally meet you properly. I have observed you all from afar, and I now think it is time for action! In answer to your question sire, I believe I have already said, I am Diana, creator of the world as we know it. Does that help in any way your majesties?”
Well- yes. And you need not call us that. Just our names will do fine. It is we, I believe, that should be addressing you as your highness! You said it yourself; you are solely responsible for all theses natural wonders that we have come to take for granted! Do you agree Gwenevier?
Of course it does. We are but humble servants to you, your majesty! Replied Gwenevier.
“Diana! That is my name, not your majesty. Let us begin our quest to save the soul of Shrewkin!

Chapter: 8
The quest begins.

It turned out that Diana had already formulated a plan to overthrow Milovsorov. She was first going to construct an anti-scrying shield around her, and the dragons. Next, she needed plenty of help finding Milovsorov’s hideout. The anti-scrying shield was a piece of cake, but hunting down Milovsorov and Murtagh the Merciless was a lot harder!
The dragons watched in awe as Diana weaved her magic over them. The shield was to stop anyone (even Milovsorov) from scrying them, and finding out how far ahead they were. This was a huge benefit for them obviously, as they could now be taught simple spells without being hindered by their foe spying on them! Fortunately. It did not prevent them from scrying him!
But next, their task became all too difficult. Finding a master of disguise would be almost impossible, but not to the dragons’ keen minds it wouldn’t! Diana told them how to scry objects and their surroundings, which would make life a little easier at least! But, even with this new talent, they were making extremely slow progress in discovering Milovsorov’s hiding place. While she was scrying her brother, Lavendra concentrated as ever on where he was, and it looked very familiar. Then it struck her; it was the clearing in the forest where she had found Shrewkin whimpering on the ground. And what was more; she knew how to get back there! But wait, she thought to herself, Milovsorov will have enchantments all over the place! Diana is the only person that can break them.
So, yet again releasing the bond of scrying, she flew back to Diana, and explained.
“Very well done Lavendra,” she said happily, “very well done indeed! That is phase two of my plan almost finished, thanks to you! There isn’t a moment to loose now; we have to make a diversion for Milovsorov and Murtagh, as he now calls himself, to follow. But what? Any ideas Gwenevier?”
Yes actually. Well, I don’t know if you will agree with me Diana, but, well- no, it won’t work, you’ll disagree. Never mind. Gwenevier babbled.
“Oh I’m sure it will be a worthy suggestion to make, lets hear it eh!”
Awkwardly, Gwenevier cleared her throat with a growl, and began, well. You have said that our Shrewkin still has some goodness left in him. Perhaps we could play on that somehow…? But in what way I do not know. That was as far as I could go I am afraid.
Yes! Lavendra gasped, we could, I don’t know, umm. Maybe tell him that we would rather join him than be against him forever-
And then he should be happy that he has his family back, and come out to meet us. Milovsorov would accompany him to check that we are actually telling the truth- added Gawain.
And then Diana and Lavendra can curse their hideout! Finished Gwenevier.
“I’m astounded,” laughed Diana, “simply astounded! Not only were you all more or less on the same wavelength, but you also helped each other finish off this brilliant plan! I could never have come up with such a plot on my own! This just shows; a family unit is stronger than any wisdom in the world! Ah! I think you have given me a new motto!”
This is the plan then, Lavendra; I think it is your time to shine. Show us the way to this clearing dear!
With silent consent, Lavendra opened her huge wings and took flight over the Great forest carrying Diana on her back. Gawain and Gwenevier followed too (leaving their golden baby son in unbreakable protection). For some reason, all the birds had stopped singing. The wind was still. And the animals were totally muted. It was strange, too strange, like they were walking into an ambush… but they came ever nearer their destination, without a hitch. Landing quietly on the soft leafy forest floor, Lavendra peered through the twilight. All their anxiety dropped, and their heartbeats relaxed to a slow hum. And at the same time, the place seemed to come alive once more; animals and birds made their usual nightly noises and there was a gentle breeze. Everything was so calm and tranquil; they almost forgot their task. But Diana kept a level head and pressed on. Deeper into the forest they went, and in the dim light, they began to see a strange shape emerging. It was an arch-like object that grew before them. Soon it made itself into a wooden door, when- POOF! In a cloud of smoke, a sphinx appeared. Oval eyes glared at them, but not in an unfriendly way. Placing itself so no one could reach the door, it opened its mouth and yawned. Lazily it hummed, “what created the earth, but didn’t create itself? You must answer this riddle correctly to pass.”
Quickly Lavendra thought. To her right, she saw Diana crack a small smile. To her left, her parents looked puzzled.
Well, that sounds easy, but the answer seems too obvious to me, she muttered to herself, is it… Diana?
“That is correct. May I enquire as to your business? You do not have to give me a response. In case the master returns, I should like something to tell him about his visitors,” replied the sphinx.
“Before I answer yours, request three questions of my own if you please?” Diana asked, “thank you. I wish to know, if it is possible, why you uttered your master’s name in the way you did? Is there something wrong with him health wise? And finally, can Milovsorov feel? Or maybe, no. I have no right to intrude, I apologise. Thank you for…”
But she was cut off by an outburst from the sphinx, “yes! The master is perfectly fine physically. He is just such a- a- oh what’s the use, he has spies all over this forest, and they will no doubt have told him that you are here. Go inside, and hurry with what you have come to do, please! Before it’s too late. I’m leaving this horrid place. Thank you for giving me the chance. I shall never forget this.” And with that, it vanished.
Well, at least we’ve made a friend in this- this, place! That’s something I suppose…
Yes dear, but I think it was a one off! As this forest has so many unfriendly creatures in it. Replied Gawain.
“We have made a friend, that is a good thing, especially at times like these. Now, lets press on shall we?” whispered Diana forcefully.
So they did. Silently entering Milovsorov’s lair, they saw the remnants of his last meal. Bones, lots of them, he was obviously fattening Shrewkin up for his task, whatever that was. The interior was one of great taste, if you were a foul parasite that is! As well as the bones, there were feathers, bloodstains, it was generally, not very nice! They all knew perfectly well that Milovsorov and Shrewkin could be back any moment, so they had to work fast. Gawain was lookout outside the entrance, while Diana cursed the place. She made it so that Milovsorov and Shrewkin could not enter under any circumstances, only if she removed the enchantment would they be able to.
Five minutes was as long as it took her to construct her spell, and they were out of the forest in the blink of an eye, with Milovsorov none the wiser.
In a matter of seconds after they had landed back at their home, the dragons and Diana heard the deafening combined roars of Milovsorov and Shrewkin. They all laughed nervously and waited with baited breath for what was to come next.
You dragonssssss are incapable of magic! Milovsorov shrieked upon his arrival, ahhhhhhh! Diana. Sssssso you are ressssponssssible for thissssss I sssseee! 1 how niccce!
“Yesssssss you hissing vermin! It is I!” spat Diana, “you didn’t expect me to let you destroy one of my most wonderful creations did you? If you did then you’re an even bigger fool than I thought!”
Oooohhhhh you won’t think ssssssso for long my dear! Jussssst wait ‘till I unleash Murtagh the Merciless! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He replied viciously.
Diana shook her head. She knew fully well that she was no match against Milovsorov, but she knew who was! “Now dear Lavendra, it is your chance to shine! I gave you powers when I created you. You never knew this of course but you do now. This is the time to use them! I will guide you! Trust me!” she whispered hurriedly to Lavendra. She nodded resolutely.
Now, you are to sssssssssee the new and improved Shrewkin! Or, assssss he is now known; MURTAGH THE MERCCCCCCILLESSSSSSSSSSSS!
BOOM! BOOM! DOOM! DOOM! Went the claps of sudden thunder. But there was no lightening to accompany it… Shrewkin must be controlling the weather.
Hello my- FAMILY! Want to see your ex-son by any chance? Came the extremely changed voice of Shrewkin.

Chapter: 9
The final battle.

Shrewkin? Can that really be you? Gasped Gwenevier.
Yes Gwenevier, it is I, Murtagh the Merciless! Your king-to-be as it were!
And in an instant, he was standing before them all. His scales were still black, but they were strong and dazzling to the eye. His eyes were keen and glaring. His teeth were longer and deadly. His legs were powerful and his claws were sharper than ever.
Diana pulled on one of Lavendra’s scales and whispered to her, “you need to let your parents keep him distracted while I give you a very brief lesson in simple spells.”
Lavendra nodded as Diana made herself invisible, so that Shrewkin wouldn’t see her talking to Gawain. Lavendra smiled slightly to herself as she watched her father unnoticeably do as he was told, so. Son, he said, this is your new look then? Powerful looking I must say, but not quite you.
What would you know! He spat back.
Well, quite a lot actually, since you are my son! And no matter how many changes this beast makes to you that will always be so…
While all this was going on, Lavendra had mastered the most basic spell, silencing your opponent. But, Diana had said, Milovsorov had undoubtedly taught Shrewkin to cast spells using the mind. Now she was almost able to block even the strongest spells, which had astounded Diana.
“My spells,” Diana explained whilst Lavendra was performing, “draw on the earth’s power, not your own like Shrewkin’s and Milovsorov’s. They will become tired eventually, whereas you won’t. They are indeed very strong, but not as strong as nature. They might think they are but…” she added. As Diana was still invisible, it was unknown to Shrewkin or Milovsorov what was going on right beneath their noses. Soon, Lavendra had knowledge of ten simple spells that people like Milovsorov often underestimated. Silencing, blocking, reversing, transmogrification (moving to another place), and other such spells. “Even I am stunned to see how much progress you’ve made in a matter of minutes! Well done. Now, I believe it is time… to face your destiny…” Diana finished dramatically.
…Wait! I haven’t heard from my dear big sister yet! Where are you Lavendra darling? Shouted Shrewkin wickedly.
Lavendra, who had started to fake cry, came out from behind her mother and father to face him. He cackled maliciously when her saw her misery, aaaawwww, poor little Lavendra eh? You’re still the weakling I remember, stop crying you worthless wretch, he commanded.
She shook her head convincingly as if to say she was unable to speak, but she was actually placing a spell upon herself and the rest of them in her mind (another enchantment that she had been taught). The evil laughter of her brother sent a shiver down all their spines, but they stood fast. Lavendra continued placing hexes upon them and Shrewkin, she even prevented Milovsorov from interfering once the real battle began. All of these curses were extremely simple but impressively effective.
Well. Lets not catch up on old times then dear sister. Let us begin. Oh yes! I almost forgot I know that you and I must battle at some point. So, lets get it over with shall we? I want to quash your pathetic beliefs that you can defeat us. As a gentleman, I will allow the lady to go first. Go ahead…
With her mind (without anyone else being able to hear her), Lavendra chanted, you will be silent for ever more…. Over and over again, until Shrewkin’s insane s******ing stopped abruptly. He gesticulated to Milovsorov to help him but sudden ropes had bound him to the floor. Shrewkin calmed down and began his comeback, but what he didn’t know was that she had placed the rebound spell upon herself (which sent spells back on your adversary). He was thrown backwards across the Great Lake making his second huge splash in there! This amused Lavendra but she kept a level head and persisted, she held him under the water for longer than he could hold out, but not long enough for him to drown. By this time, Milovsorov had untied himself but was being held at bay by two dragons and the creator of the world (not good odds!).
Shrewkin came bursting out of the Lake panting and angry. He showered them all with water droplets (including Milovsorov) and flailed about furiously. Lavendra remained composed and aimed another spell at him. It rendered him unable to move any more and he fell with an almighty splash back into the Lake. Through her mirth, another feeling broke in, misery, coupled with guilt. How can I do this to my brother, she thought, I was so preoccupied by winning, that I forgot that I’m destroying my little brother! Oh no! I’m drowning him! DIANA!
Diana turned to see Lavendra in tears, with a pleading look on her face. “What is it? Has he hurt you?”
No but I’m hurting him! This is my brother! Can’t we just get rid of Milovsorov and get the old Shrewkin back? Please!
Diana shook he head sadly, “I’m sorry Lavendra. I would love to say we could but he’s too far into Milovsorov’s evil now. There’s no hope left for your brother. I’m sorry.”
Lavendra dear, said Gwenevier, I know how you feel I am as mortified as you to do this to your brother, but this is our only chance to keep the world as beautiful and prosperous as it is now!
Your mother is right. Go and do what you have to do darling…added Gawain.
Lavendra hated herself as she rounded on her brother once more. He was struggling to keep himself above water as the spell was wearing off (but he could just about do it), and silently begging his sister to free him. But Lavendra stared past him resolutely and began to chant,
Dear brother what have you done?
You’ve caused your own demise.
But I can still see childhood joy,
In those familiar eyes.

I have to do what I have to do,
I’m sorry but it is so.
I’ll never forget what could have been,
Or places we could go.

Why do you have to push me?
Into this chilling task?
Do you know it’s killing me?
Or do I have to ask?

Shrewkin! Please, if you can still hear me, listen! I love you! We all do! We are all sorry for everything, and we want the real you back- ahhhhhggggrrr!
Shrewkin had cast a spell of his own, it blocked out anything he did not want to hear. But it also caused immense pain to the person saying it! He laughed, but the song had hit (what was left of) his heart, and he, at last, saw Lavendra for what she really was: a loving sister. His loving sister.

Chapter: 10

He removed his spell and looked at her. For the first time in months, he realised what he’d been missing out on, a caring family. Milovsorov had been so hard on him so that he could make him into what he was (evil), that Shrewkin had even forgotten what it was like to be loved. Lavendra, can you for give me? I was so angry that I was easily taken in. I –
And with that, Lavendra dived into the Great Lake after Shrewkin, and dragged him out by his front claws. Diana! Look Diana! It’s Shrewkin! It’s REALLY Shrewkin! Mother, father, he’s back! But they did not come. They were still busy with Milovsorov. Both Lavendra and Shrewkin together, rushed to their aid, to the utter shock of Diana, Gwenevier and Gawain. Let him go! They chorused, and as Milovsorov shot from their grasp, the prince and princess yelled, DIE!
And as if he were obeying a command, the great Milovsorov fell, there and then. But just before that moment, he peered deep into Shrewkin’s eyes and shed a single tear… he could feel after all. But not any more…
“Do not feel guilty. One so evil will not ever see the light of day again. He will burn in the fires of hell for eternity,” said Diana solemnly, “but, if this is the real you, what was Shrewkin’s favourite colour?”
Blood red, replied Shrewkin replied with a smile, or it was. But it is now bright purple, the colour of lavender. Or should that be Lavendra?
“How very touching!”
The family (and Diana) turned towards the newcomer. It was the sphinx. It smiled graciously, and continued, “I was wondering how your kind would prosper once Murtagh the Merciless had had his reign of terror. So I went back to where everyone knew you had lived. And I found something very cute, very gold, and very loud. Have a guess what it was…”
Oh my. The baby! Gasped Gwenevier.
The sphinx raised a hand, “no need to worry your highness. He’s safe and sound, right here,” and it withdrew a bundle of leaves from her soft underbelly. Inside the leaves was a wriggling little golden dragon.
We still haven’t thought of a name for him yet- began Gawain.
“Him? This is a girl Gawain,” interrupted Diana, “not a boy!”
Good lord she’s right! I know a perfect name for her too! Gasped Lavendra, Diana the dragon. But wait, what is your name? It can’t be sphinx!
“My name is Nanuak,” the sphinx replied.
Very well then. Our daughter shall be named, Diana Nanuak the Gold. Do you agree dear? Gawain added quickly.
I do indeed. Diana Nanuak the Gold. Very fitting, don’t you all think?
They all nodded happily. Lavendra looked at her little sister fondly, maybe, she thought, she won’t be too bad after all. Girls are nicer than boys I’m sure…!

And she was right. Diana grew up into a graceful princess, with Lavendra as queen. Diana (the witch) had created another male dragon just for her, Galdor; (he was a beautiful shade of blue that contrasted wonderfully with Diana Nanuak’s gold) so that the age of dragons could last forever… and we all know that dragons are still around today don’t we! Unfortunately, we do not know where. They could be hiding in the deepest darkest woods, or the largest lakes. You never know, one of the world’s lakes could be the Great Lake in which Shrewkin so often fell!

But it is known by only a select few, that they come out every so often to check that all is pleasant with the world (and that they are remembered of course!). I have yet to see these wonderful creatures, but if and when I have the honour of catching even the smallest glimpse, it will be the beginning of a whole new genre of stories! And I will make sure that, if it is the last thing I do, people learn more about the most magnificent creations of this earth and beyond… Dragons.


"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark."
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn.
"Witt beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure."
Luna Lovegood.

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Re: The Age Of Dragons

I hope people will actually take time to read this, because I really did put A LOT of effort into it...

"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark."
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn.
"Witt beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure."
Luna Lovegood.

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Re: The Age Of Dragons

Pleeeeaaase Comment.

"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark."
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn.
"Witt beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure."
Luna Lovegood.

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Re: The Age Of Dragons

????Anyone there????

"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark."
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn.
"Witt beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure."
Luna Lovegood.

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