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Minerva McGonagall: Character Analysis

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Old September 4th, 2011, 11:53 pm
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Re: Minerva McGonagall: Character Analysis

1 As a teacher, head of house and Deputy Headmistress.
- Is she impartial or does she show favouritism.
- Other

I think throughout the books she was fair but her character was passionate. I think its safe to say that she loved her job. She was not afraid to speak her mind or correct injustices, either, no matter the culprit. I see to remember her correcting Harry quite a few times, though she was obviously very found of him.

2 Do you think she is the right person to become Headmistress? Why?

Yes. She loves the school and she has proven herself to be a powerful and capable witch. Some have said she was too passionate about Griffindor to be a fair headmistress, but we know that many Headmasters throughout Hogwarts history were former heads of houses... there were even a few Slytherins in there, and I dont think she would be any more bias than any of them were.

3 Where do you think her main loyalty lies?
- The school
- The Order
- Other
I think her loyalties lie with Dumbledore. Her friend, her mentor... I think he would have been proud of her and the way she defended the school by rallying the other teachers and the Order of the Phoenix. This also makes her a perfect for headmistress.

4 Has her character changed through the series? How?

I think she has remained the same for the most part, throughout. She's one of my favorite characters, honestly. I love her roll at the school and how she stayed despite everything till the very end.

5 What, if any, has her impact on Harry been?
I think he has enormous affection and respect for her. She has been with him, whether he realizes it or not, since he was placed on his aunt and uncles doorstep. I think she is protective of Harry and she cares for him very much. I think she is proud of the man he becomes. I also believe that Dumbledore hadn't shared things with her that he shared with Snape, and this is probably why she is so passionate about maintaining her post and her roll at Hogwarts. She still believe that Snape was DD's murderer.

6 What do you think of her role in DH? Do you think she was effective in protecting students from the Carrows?

Yes. I think that she did all that she could. Keeping her roll as a professor at the school seemed to be her main priority through the Carrows reign over the school, just as she did with Umbridge.
AND i LOVED her in deathly hallows, when Harry finally comes back to the castle, I love how she defends him from snape and how Harry defends her from the carrows. I love how she defends the students, rally's the teachers, and uses her extraordinary magical skills to protect the school. I really admire her so much!!

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Old September 9th, 2011, 8:36 pm
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Re: Minerva McGonagall: Character Analysis

McGonagall is my favourite character in the books (Next to Dobby,Ron and Luna) and I have loved her from the begining but I think she really shone through from OotP onwards and I really respect her for what she did in the last book, I believe she did get the role as headmistress!! =D

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Re: Minerva McGonagall: Character Analysis

Stay tuned for a new version reflecting the Pottermore info!


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