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Albus Potter and the Triforce Wand

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Albus Potter and the Triforce Wand

This is set right after the Epilogue. Albus Potter never knew a magical world existed until a witch came and informed him. He has to prevent Voldemort's son, Marvolo, from attaining the Triforce Wand. Harry and Ginny are cursed- they don't know a magical world exists anymore.

Albus Potter and the Triforce Wand

Chapter 1
He woke up abruptly, with his shaggy black hair stuck to his face and his hands glued to the bed. This was the fourth dream he had about a place that goes by the name of Hogwarts and about magic, where he and James were jumping onto the Hogwarts Express to attend school, where he actually had an Aunt Hermione and an Uncle Ron, and where he yearned to become…a Gryffindor? But his dreams didn’t surprise him anymore. In fact, his dreams were the only place where he felt safe and alive. But why did he continue to have reoccurring dreams on the same subject? On something that wasn’t real? On something that would never be real?
Albus Potter slowly turned on his side to look at the clock beside him, which winked back 6:15. In the window, a cat sat staring at him. “Time to get up for school,” he thought. After he would wake up, Albus knew he would continue his mundane routine. He’d shower, eat his breakfast, brush his teeth, and have brief conversations with both of his parents. He’d catch the bus, get his lunch money stolen from him, and be ridiculed for his odd appearance and uncanny character. At home, he’d do his homework, watch television, eat dinner, play with his siblings and parents, and go to bed.
But this morning was different. He was turning eleven, and he had an enigmatic feeling that something exciting was going happen to him. Maybe a surprise birthday party or a trip to the amusement park. Something.
“ALBUS!” screamed Ginny Potter, his mother, up the stairs. Albus opened his eyes and was greeted by the clock which now blinked 7:00. “ALBUS! Did you oversleep? Your bus leaves in fifteen minutes!” Albus quickly dressed and went downstairs. His mother embraced him and said, “You’re late, but Happy Birthday. When you get home, we’ll have a proper celebration. Your father had to run to work early.”

Sprinting to catch the bus, Albus couldn’t stop thinking about his dream the night before. James and Lily had left the house by the time Albus was ready to go, so he was on his own. His thoughts were immersed in contemplation, and before he could realize it, he ran straight into an elderly woman with strange robes and an eerie veneer.
“’Scuse me, ma’m,” gasped Albus. “Didn’t see you there.”
Albus picked up his fallen bag, but when he began to run towards the bus again, he immediately halted at the words that the elderly woman croaked.
“Albus Severus Potter, I presume?”
Albus wanted to run away. He could see the bus a couple blocks ahead, and he wanted to catch it, but he couldn’t. He didn’t have any explanation to why his body would not do what he told it to. Instead, he stood still with his back turned to the woman.
“Yes, that’s what I thought. My, you look very much like your grandfather, and father for that matter…but that’s not important right now. What’s important to talk to you about is your heritage and your abilities.”
Suddenly the woman ceased talking and Albus turned around to see why. She was gone. He looked to his left and right, and he saw what looked like wands in two men’s hands. They were looking at him, but after a few moments of awkward staring, they shook their heads and continued to walk on. Albus just realized that he had control of his muscles again, and he began running towards the bus. And as he ran, he noticed that the same cat that occupied his bedroom window was licking its paws and watching him.

Throughout his day at school, Albus was unhinged. He couldn’t understand what that woman was talking about. Of course he knew what his heritage was: Ginny and Harry Potter met at college at the University of St. Andrew’s, where they both majored in English. Harry first met Ginny when they were on the same co-ed team, and from that moment on, he knew “she was the one.” But what really gnawed at Albus’s conscience was the word “abilities.” He didn’t have any abilities, or unique abilities. What had she meant?
Albus went home that day alone. He told Lily and James he had a homework assignment to make up so they wouldn’t worry about him; however, his only intentions were to seek out that woman to ask her what she had meant.
He returned to the same spot where he had encountered the woman before, just a few blocks away from the bus stop. Of course, no one was there. He slowly walked back to his house, where he enjoyed a joyous celebration with his family for his birthday. They ate chocolate cake, danced, and watched movies; nonetheless, something didn’t feel right. Albus felt as if he were being watched. He looked to his left and again saw the same cat by the window. He excused himself and went outside to see who its owner might be. Right before his eyes, however, the cat transformed into the woman he was searching for. She transformed like magic.
“We need to talk,” she said. “In private.”
Albus seemed to have a loss of words. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Was this a dream? He even pinched himself to make sure, but he was awake. “Wh-Who-Who are you?” he stuttered.
“We’ll discuss all of that in just a second. This is urgent. I can’t let your parents see us.”
The woman led Albus into an abandoned park and paced back and forth for about ten minutes before she said a word to him.
“Please, sit down. This is going to take a while,” she said.
Albus obediently took a seat on a swing and she began.
“I am Professor McGonagall from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I
have a challenging task to ask of you. As you and I know, you’ve never been exposed to witchcraft of any sort and do not believe that there is such a thing. But I’m here to tell you that magic is real.”
McGonagall told Albus about Lord Voldemort, about the epic and outstanding life of Dumbledore and about “the boy who lived.” She told Albus about the seven year adventure the boy had faced and how he finally defeated Lord Voldemort right outside of Hogwarts.
“Though that story is known to wizards and witches across lands, what most don’t know is the aftermath of Voldemort’s killing: What happened between now and nineteen years ago. This is what happened.” McGonagall took a deep breath before she began again. She had to be hitting age 90.
“When Voldemort tried to kill this boy, something miraculous happened. Yes, you know that. But not only did his spell repel the boy, it also created a powerful object: The Triforce Wand. The wand was picked up by a now teacher at Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom, and he realized the power of this object and immediately consulted Dumbledore’s portrait. He tried to destroy it, but he couldn’t. The Triforce Wand has so much power that one wizard cannot destroy it alone. Whoever has the wand will have ultimate power.”
McGonagall finished this statement and took a deep breath. Albus was literally in shock,
“Professor, who is the ‘Boy Who lived?’ Albus demanded. “Why are you telling me all of this?”
McGonagall looked deeply into the boy’s eyes and started again.
“The boy who lived…Albus, he is your father. Harry Potter, the boy who lived.”
Albus fell off his swing and into the sand. “No,” Albus thought. “Not my father. Harry Potter, the boy who lived?”
“No,” said Albus. “My father works at a bank up the street. He can’t be…”
“Well, he is,” said McGonagall. “Do you ever have strange dreams…strange memories of living in the magical world, dreams you can’t explain but seem comfortable to you?”
Albus immediately remembered his reoccurring dreams and knew she was right. “I have one,” he said, “that continuously occurs. I can’t explain it. It’s about Hogwarts and Gryffindor and my first day of school…not that it has happened, but it looks like the future.”
McGonagall smiled. “Exactly. You and your family used to live in the magical world, when you were about two, James three, and Lily one. But Lord Voldemort had a child with Bellatrix Lestrange before he died. His name is Marvolo, and he is about 19 years old now. About 7 years ago, in the memory of his mother and father, Marvolo went searching for your father. His goal was to find the Triforce Wand, but he realized he couldn’t do it without your father’s help.
“The Triforce Wand, Albus, can only be fully used if all three parts of it are together: one of Courage, Wisdom, and Power. Marvolo could find the Wand of Power through his father. The other two he’d have to achieve. Your father has the Wand of Courage and Dumbledore had the one of Wisdom. When Neville realized what Marvolo was up to, as he was one of his students, he quickly alerted your father; however, supporters of Marvolo were already on their way to your house to attain Harry’s Wand of Courage. But we were on the move too. We had to put a spell on you and your family: we had to curse you all.”
“What?” gasped Albus. “You actually cursed us…all of us?”
“Well, not all of you. Whenever you’re with your parents…you’re cursed. But let me finish. We put a barrier around Harry and his family, so that you all would never come in contact with the magical world. This spell also entailed a memory charm. Harry and Ginny didn’t lose their memory, but they were given a different one so that they’d seem normal, like Muggles. The whole point of this spell, Albus, was to keep the magical world intact. Albus, your father wanted us to put this spell on him, to protect the wizardry world and his family. This curse keeps Marvolo and his supporters from reaching Harry.
“But the magical world isn’t intact, especially without Harry. Everything is gloomier, with Marvolo taking over; he does have the Wand of Power. This is where you come in, Albus. I’ve come here to give you the task of attaining the Wand of Courage from Harry and Wand of Wisdom from Dumbledore. It will be difficult, but you have the ability…the talent…we all saw it…”
McGonagall stopped. There were trees rattling in the distance, and fear entered her eyes.
“I can’t stay here,” McGonagall whispered. “Marvolo’s supporters know that The Order of the Phoenix has the ability to lift the curse on Harry, and once we do, they’ll try to swoop in and take the wand. Albus, I know this is a lot of information, especially for a boy your age, but it’s in your blood. The courage is in your blood. The curse is not on you or your siblings. If you accept this challenge, go to your attic. There will be an old trunk that looks useless and empty. But in it, you’ll find…”
Suddenly, two men on brooms were in the park going straight towards McGonagall. She immediately transformed into a cat, but before she did, she said “Run home!”
Albus sprinted as fast as he could to his safe home, and as he entered the door, he quickly slammed it and put his back to it.
“Where have you been, Albus?” Harry asked. Albus slowly entered the living room where he’d left his parents and looked into his father’s eyes. He wanted to tell him everything, to tell him that he knew about Voldemort and who he was. But he couldn’t. Every time he tried to mention magic or Hogwarts to his father, the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. “So the curse is true,” Albus thought.
“Nowhere, Father. A few of my friends came by to wish me a Happy Birthday.”
“Alright,” he replied, but not convinced.
Albus sat in the chair to finish the movie with his family. He looked at his father’s forehead, and what else did he see besides a faded, jagged line that looked like a lightning bolt scar.
Chapter 2
Albus woke up the next morning in his bed convinced that the day before had been a dream. Professor McGonagall…what an adventure. He didn’t know how to conceive all of this information, but he knew that it was real. He could feel it.
He whipped the covers off of him and was beginning to think about how he should approach the new day, knowing that his father was Harry Potter and that he was a magician. Then he remembered what McGonagall had told him: go upstairs and look in the trunk. He had completely forgotten! He and his siblings had played plenty of times in the attic, but he couldn’t recall there ever being a useless trunk. Nonetheless, he got dressed and rushed upstairs.
The attic was always an eerie place for him to venture into, but this time, he had confidence. He trudged around until he saw the archaic, wooden trunk sitting in the corner. He walked over to it and opened it. Albus was so excited he had to take deep breaths before he looked inside. He wondered what sort of magic he would see: a magical sword? A time warp? He peered over the top of the trunk and looked inside. It was empty except for a drawn key hole at the bottom of it.
Confused, Albus searched the entire room for another trunk, but he couldn’t find one. That trunk was it. He walked back over to it and sat down. “What should he do?” he thought. McGonagall told him something…but did she finish her thought. Sure, there was a drawn key hole in it, but there was nothing Albus could do with something that was drawn.
As Albus began to think, he curiously examined the trunk and saw on its side a drawn skeleton key. Albus put his hand out in front of him towards the key and touched it, and right as his fingers grazed it, the key began glowing. He grabbed the key and before his eyes, a physical key was in his hands. Bewildered, Albus took the key and put it into the key hole at the bottom of the trunk: a perfect fit.
The trunk tripled in size and became as large as Albus. Albus hopped inside of it and went beyond the keyhole bottom and into what seemed to be a dungeon.
“How is this real,” Albus whispered. How unfathomable. He could hear something in the distance speaking, almost screaming. He surreptitiously tiptoed towards the blue light and noise, and when he reached it, he was surprised again.
The room was small, even quaint, with gothic architecture and a library. He was in an office. In the middle of the room stood a large, blue statue with a ball in the middle…it looked as if the ball weren’t a ball, but a swirling memory. It was emitting the talking and noise.
Albus went towards the object and saw people swarming around. He cautiously took out one of his fingers and touched the memory, and right as he did so, he found himself being warped into the future…or rather, the past.
All of a sudden he was in someone else’s memory. There was a boy of about 17 years-old going into a forest. Everything was in disarray, but this boy look battered and tired, as if he were ready to die. Albus knew nothing else to do except follow the young boy into the forest. As Albus came closer to him, he realized he looked familiar: untidy black hair, green eyes, glasses, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. It was his father.
He watched the entire fight scene, when Voldemort tried to kill Harry and when Harry killed Voldemort. But what he saw that no one else in the scene did was the making of the Triforce Wand.
When Voldemort tried to kill Harry, a large, white spark emitted into the air, and Voldemort and his supporters laughed in happiness. They thought Harry was dead. Voldemort turned his back and began giving the Death Eaters new orders, but Albus looked into the sky and saw where the white streak had ended. Up in the sky, a little white ball was formulating. Albus watched this ball until he saw his father move again and kill Voldemort. When this happened, another red spark flew into the air to meet the white spark. Soon the scene was cleared out, and Albus sat there watching the light until it fell into the forest. He then saw the Triforce Wand, glowing white, red, and green.
Time flashed forward, perhaps a couple of years later, and Albus was at the same spot in the woods. He saw Neville Longbottom venturing through the forest looking for the wand. Neville grabbed it and began running towards the castle. Albus, naturally, ran after Neville and found himself in a strange office with portraits of former headmasters encompassing the room.
“Professor Dumbledore,” shouted Neville.
Suddenly, one of the paintings woke up. A silver bearded man with tiny moon spectacles and an aura of knowledge and wisdom looked at Neville and asked,
“What is it? What have you found?”
“I found it, sir. I found it. Exactly where you said it may be. How did you...”
“No worries, Neville. No time to explain that. I want you to try to break the wand. Split it in half. Anything you can to ruin it.”
Neville attempted a plethora of spells to break the wand, but nothing worked. Not even a sword with a lion and a “G” written on it broke the wand.
“Ah, just as I suspected,” whispered Dumbledore.
“Professor, it looks like this wand is divided into three parts: a white, green, and red section.”
“Neville, go fetch Professor McGonagall and ask her to see me.”
Dumbledore sat down in his painting, and Albus knew he was conjuring a plan, thinking of what to do next. He must’ve sat there contemplating for half an hour, mumbling solutions in his head. Finally, Dumbledore abruptly stood up and Albus knew he figured out something.
When Neville returned with McGonagall, Dumbledore said, “Listen closely.”
He told them what he thought may’ve happened, the powers of the three- Harry, Dumbledore, and Voldemort- uniting to create one devastating wand. The wand would be the most powerful in the magical land, and whoever wanted it could use it for great evils.
“Neville, I want you to go find Harry Potter and bring him here. I know it’s been a while, but he needs to hear this from me.
“Minerva, I want you to make sure no one finds this wand: NO ONE. Go hide it in the Sorting Hat. I have an inkling that others know about this wand and have been searching for years. We have to act quickly.”
McGonagall grabbed the wand and ran out of the door, and the memory was over. Albus returned to the dungeon inside the trunk. Next to the statue with the swirling memory was a note from McGonagall telling him to meet her at Platform 9 ¾ in London.

Chapter 3

Albus sat at the base of the trunk, dumfounded. “This is real,” Albus thought. “But how?” It was still early in the morning, so Albus knew he had time to make it to the train station and back without his parents becoming suspicious. He grabbed McGonagall’s note, snagged his coat in his room, and surreptitiously went out the back door so he didn’t have to answer any questions from his siblings or parents.
Arriving at the train station, Albus whipped out the note to familiarize himself with the platform number. Albus looked down at his paper and remembered that Platform 9 ¾ …did it exist? “What?” whispered Albus. He saw Platform 9 and Platform 10, but there was no 9 ¾. Albus looked around the station to see if he saw McGonagall or anyone that wouldn’t think he’s crazy, but he didn’t. He saw trite businesspeople scurrying to their works on their cell phones, unconsciously running into others without a slight care. Albus walked over to the brick wall in between the platforms to wait, but as he did someone grabbed his shoulder.
“Young boy, where are your parents?” This old woman with gray-red hair asked. As Albus turned around to answer her, he noticed that the woman looked a little like his own mother, except older. The two met eyes, and the older woman gasped and said…”I-I-I…are you…wh-wh-where are…” but before she could finish, a wave of people came between the two and Albus was pushed back. He tried to force himself through the crowd, but they were too strong. Suddenly, Albus was thrust onto the brick wall and vanished. Albus opened his eyes to see where he was and saw above his head written “Platform 9 ¾, Hogwarts Express.” Albus tried to go back through the brick…to see who that familiar woman was…but he couldn’t. The barrier was locked. “This place,” Albus thought, “Looks like the one in my dreams.”
“Albus,” McGonagall said. Albus turned around to see McGonagall sitting patiently on a bench not too far from him. She stood up and walked towards him and smiled. “I take it you found the trunk…and the Pensieve,” she said rather pleased. “And the Platform.”
“Yes ma’m, I did. But I’m still not quite sure what you want with me. I mean, that was my Father. I’m not him. I didn’t even know magic existed until yesterday, and now you’re telling me all of this stuff in a short period of time. The Triforce Wand, Dumbledore, Voldemort…it’s all so overwhelming!” Albus finished his spill and sat on the bench. After a moment’s rest, he looked up at McGonagall who was gazing at him quizzically, but not worriedly.
McGonagall paced back and forth on Platform 9 ¾, where nothing existed or moved except McGonagall and Albus. The place looked welcoming, but dead. Empty. McGonagall finally looked back at Albus and said, “Come with me. I must take you somewhere…to prove…you may not be ready, but it’s time.” She said the last part more to herself than to Albus. McGonagall led Albus into a place that looked like a ticket building, but rather, it was filled with brooms, hats, and a few fireplaces.
“Take this powder, and get in the fireplace. Once in the fireplace, say very clearly ‘Diagon Alley- Two Broomsticks.’ And as you say it, throw down the powder with some force. I’ll be right behind you.”
Albus cautiously took the powder and stepped into the fireplace. “This is mad,” he thought. “This is absolutely mad.” He got the powder in his hand, looked at McGonagall, and said “Diagon Alley-Two Broomsticks!” and threw down the powder. Albus was whirling past places he couldn’t see. He was flying…soaring…transporting. The next thing he knew, he busted threw a fireplace in what looked like to be a bar but for wizards. There were few people in this restaurant, but all of them were staring directly at Albus. The bartender peered around his counter and said, “’Scuse me, boy, but are you lost? This is not a place for children…” As the bartender finished, McGonagall came swooping in behind Albus. She brushed herself off and smiled at the bartender. “Hello, Bert, he’s with me. Don’t worry about this.” She gathered her robes and went towards the stairs. Albus knew to follow. At the top of the stairs was a room that they entered.
“Albus,” McGonagall said quietly. “I’m taking you to see The Oracle. Not many people believe in her, but the last few predictions she has made…actually, all of her predictions, have surprisingly come true. I’ll let her tell you what you need to know.”
Inside the room an old, extrinsic woman with wild hair and crazy glasses sat. McGonagall led Albus over to a chair right in front of her. “This is Albus Potter. And Albus, this is Madam Trelwaney. Albus has come…well…we think he may be…”
“Yes,” said Trelwaney. “I understand.” She looked into his eyes and then down at her glass ball. Albus wasn’t sure what to do, but before long, he felt something. He felt like he was swirling around again…and then it hit him. He saw the Triforce Wand and this young man fighting him. But Albus was older. The young man was evil, definitely, and was hurting Albus, but Albus was hurting him too. His view became fuzzy, and he was out of the trance. Albus was sweating, and Trelwaney looked at him mystically.
“Albus, what did you see?” she asked. When he told her he what he saw, she looked at him intriguingly. McGonagall was no longer in the room, and Trelwaney leaned over to inspect him. “I once, many years ago, probably around 9 years ago, made a prediction. A prophecy. When we heard about the Triforce Wand, we knew that Marvolo, Voldemort’s son, would be a tough competitor. Such an evil man producing a child…what could be worse? We didn’t know who would challenge him. Then we remembered. Harry Potter, too, had kids. We waited until all three of you grew up a bit, to see which one of you could actually challenge Marvolo. We watched you three, and you, Albus, you’re the one that my prophecy is based around. You have the ability to protect us…to prevent Marvolo from attaining the complete TriForce Wand.”
Trelwaney leaned back in her chair to relax. She began rummaging through a box and pulled out an old skeleton key. “This, I believe, will help you in your quest to find the wand of Courage and Wisdom. When you need it, you’ll know. Also,” Trelwaney began, but immediately stopped as Professor McGonagall walked back into the room.
“What’s the verdict?” McGonagall asked. Trelwaney looked at her and smiled. “Yes. He is the One.” McGonagall closed her eyes, nodded, and smiled. “Yes, just as we believed. Good.”
Albus had attained so much information at one time, that he didn’t have a chance to speak his mind. What if he didn’t want to save the Magical World? Why was he the one to be chosen- why not his siblings?
As McGonagall and Trelwaney began to stand up and organize this for Albus, Albus finally stammered “W-W-Wait!!” Both McGonagall and Trelwaney stopped and looked at him. Albus stood up and said “Why me? What if I don’t want to do this? I have no obligation. I don’t even know anything…or very little…about this magical world! How can it be me!”
McGonagall looked at Trelwaney and then back at Albus. She walked towards him, knelt down, and said “Potter, you have the choice. The choice is all we really have in this world. Soon we must all be faced with the choice between what is right and easy, but it’s time for a decision.”
Albus sat back down in his chair and began thinking. If he were to ignore her request, the prophecy, and the magical world, he would go back home to his hackneyed life. But he’d be free of danger, stress, and hardships. If he accepted this endeavor, then he’d be able to change the world and make a difference in other people’s lives. But was he too young to do this? Albus sat contemplating for what seemed to be ten minutes or so. He looked over at McGonagall and Trelwaney, and then he looked over at the wall. On it were newspaper clippings of his father, “Harry Potter, the boy who Lies?” then right next to it, “Potter and Dumbledore tell the Truth.” and “Potter saves the World.” Albus looked back at McGonagall and said, “Yes, I…I’ll do it.”
McGonagall nodded her head and said, “Let’s waste no time then. Trelwaney, I’m taking him to Hogwarts. It’s time that he met the painting. Dumbledore’s painting.”

Chapter 4
McGonagall and Albus used a Portkey to arrive on the outskirts of Hogwarts. Albus had never seen a building so magnificent, with its gothic architecture and magical features encompassing what seemed like miles of land. McGonagall then quickly grabbed Albus and said, “Let’s go. It’s time to meet your namesake.”
After walking for about fifteen minutes, the two finally arrived inside the castle, but it was night time, so Albus couldn’t enjoy the beauty of the place yet. Through the corridors and up the stairs, McGonagall and Albus landed outside a door guarded by a gargoyle. “Licorice Sticks” shouted McGonagall, and the gargoyle swung to the side.
When Albus entered McGonagall’s office, he was surprised to see paintings of old headmasters sleeping, with a fireplace in the corner and books scattered across the room. It was a comfortable office.
“Albus?” questioned McGonagall. “Professor Dumbledore?”
Suddenly, one of the paintings awakened sleepily. “Minerva?” coughed Dumbledore. “What’s the ruckus? What have you found?” Dumbledore slowly opened his eyes and put on his glasses. His eyes swarmed the room, looking at McGonagall, and finally landing on Albus.
“You’ve brought the boy. Albus Severus Potter. What an honor.”
Albus smiled and looked down at his feet. “Eh…nice to eh…meet you too.” McGonagall wasted no time. “Professor, Albus has agreed to retrieve the Wand of Courage and Wisdom. He vaguely knows anything at all about the magical world, so I was thinking…perhaps…Teddy…”
“Yes yes yes,” mumbled Dumbledore. “Of course. There’s no option. We’ve prepared Teddy, who I think will do just fine. Will you go fetch him, Minerva?” McGonagall nodded her head and left the room. Dumbledore then focused his attention on Albus.
“Before we bring in Teddy, I need to inform you about a few things. When we attained the Triforce Wand around fifteen years ago, we immediately decided to split it up among this castle; however, when Marvolo came to Hogwarts, he felt an inclination towards the Wand of Power. After all, it is in his blood, and he found it. We had no choice but to send the Wand of Courage to your father, and the Wand of Wisdom to my native home in Grubblypatch. You know the rest…
“This is going to be a dangerous, dangerous task. I have no doubt that you will accept the challenges you face. There will be times, Albus, when you will want to drop all hopes. But I ask that you stay patient. That which is bitter to endure is sweet to remember.”
As Dumbledore finished talking to Albus, McGonagall re-entered the office with a boy about 15 years-old.
“Albus,” stated McGonagall. “This is Teddy Lupin. His father and your grandfather were dear friends. Even your father was good friends with him. They were a part of the Order of the Phoenix together. Teddy knows about the Triforce Wand. He has agreed to accompany you on your journey…teach you some things…guide you. You two should work well together.”
Albus and Teddy shook hands, and Teddy said, “I’ve heard so much about you and your father through…people. Don’t worry, we’ll get along just fine, mate.”
“Alright, boys,” stated Dumbledore. “Now begins your mission. I’d encourage seeking the Wand of Courage first. It seems more…attainable as of right now. I’m not sure where your father has hidden it, and remember, you can’t ask him anything about magic due to the barrier on him. If anyone were able to ask him about magic, then the Wand of Courage would already have been stolen by Marvolo. All I can advise you to do is to look into the past.”
Finishing his speech, Dumbledore took off his glasses and said, “I’m off to sleep. I can’t stay talking to live wizards for so long; it upsets the nature of death.” Dumbledore rolled on his side and began sleeping again.
Teddy and Albus looked at each other and then at Professor McGonagall. “Well,” she said, “Off to bed, you two. Tomorrow begins a long journey. Albus, we have made a bed for you in the Gryffindor dorms near Teddy. You two will leave early tomorrow morning.”
With those final words, Teddy led Albus to the Gryffindor common room and up to his dorm. Albus lay silently in the dark, his thoughts swarming. He couldn’t believe the dreams he had always been having, that seemed so real, were a reality. As his thoughts ceaselessly swam throughout his head, he drifted off into a restful sleep about the adventures he was about to endure.

Chapter 5
The next morning arrived very quickly. Teddy and Albus gathered their belongings and met McGonagall outside of the castle before they left, grabbing a quick bite to eat on their way out. “Good Luck,” McGonagall said. “Teddy, teach him what to do.”
Teddy nodded his head and Albus followed him to a giant field. “Ok, Albus. Here is your first lesson about magic, and luckily, it is a fun one.” He picked up two broomsticks from the ground and gave one of them to Albus. “We actually ride broomsticks?” gasped Albus. “I…how…”
“It’s easy,” Teddy said. “Grab the broom, straddle it, and gently push off the ground. I think you’ll be a natural at this, as both your father and grandfather were.”
Albus grabbed the broom and gently pushed off. He felt a wave of sensation that he wasn’t expecting. It felt natural, with the wind brushing through his hair and the power he felt. He leaned forward a bit and excelled towards the castle. He pulled on the stick to slow down and return to Teddy.
“Woah!” screamed Teddy. “I mean, I knew you’d be good, but that was just pure natural ability! I’m excited to see what other talents you have hidden within you. Alright, since you know how to ride so well, follow me. We’re off to London…to your house.”
Teddy and Albus zoomed forward on their brooms towards Albus’ home. It took a lot longer for them to reach London than it would by using a Portkey or floo powder, but Albus enjoyed flying immensely. “Why couldn’t we just use a Portkey…or some quicker form of transportation? Albus asked Teddy.
“Well, in order to apparate or disapparate, you have to pass the tests when you are 17 years-old,” Teddy said. “And a Portkey takes too much time to make…this is the best option for us under-aged wizards.”
After flying for a few hours, the sun began to rise and Albus saw London approaching in the distance. “Here we are,” Teddy screamed. “Lead the way to your house.” Albus gave a sharp turn to the right and went towards the familiar streets, careful to not be spotted by Muggles. As they approached his house, Teddy told Albus to land in a remote place so no one could see them. Albus and Teddy landed in the school playground close to his house; he knew it would be safe as it was only 7 in the morning.
Albus and Teddy walked in silence towards Albus’ house, until Albus asked, “Do you have any idea where we are supposed to be looking? I know it’s my house, but this is my third day in the magical world. I’m clueless.” Teddy shook his head. “No, but remember what Dumbledore said? He told us to think about history. We already know the history of the Triforce Wand, so he must be referring to something different.”
Albus said, “Let’s go into my attic. That’s full of historical stuff…I’m sure there’s stuff hidden in there about my dad’s past.” Albus and Teddy quietly entered his house. Albus hadn’t even thought that his parents or siblings may’ve missed him the day before. Were they out looking for him? “It doesn’t matter,” Albus thought, “I can’t be worried about my parents right now…I have business to take care of.”
In the attic, Albus and Teddy began searching for anything that entailed information about magic or magical history. But they couldn’t find anything. The trunk that Albus had found earlier remained the only thing that was magical in the attic.
“Great, what do we do now? I thought surely there would be something in here about my father’s magical history, but I guess not.” Teddy shook his head. “I don’t know, mate. We should search elsewhere though. The more efficient we are at our task, the more effective it will be.” Teddy said this while leaning against the wall. But Albus noticed something changing on the wall. It was molding to his back. “Teddy!” Albus screamed. “Look at the wall! What is it doing?” Teddy jumped away from the wall. He slowly put his fist into the wall, and it disappeared. “I think there’s another side, Albus. Let’s do it.” Teddy jumped into the wall, and Albus followed close behind him. They stumbled into an attic similar to the one they were just in, but it was dustier and uncanny in its design. It had more peculiar objects, more wooden trunks, more magical possibilities.
“You take that side, and I’ll take this one. Look for anything that may hint at where your father would want to hide the Wand of Courage.” Teddy began rummaging through old closets and picture books, while Albus went towards the old trunks to search inside. Albus found newspaper clippings about his father and Voldemort, an old piece of parchment, old photographs of his parents, a battered cloak, and more. But nothing that implied where Harry would hide the wand.
“Find anything?” Teddy asked from across the room. “Not yet,” Albus said in dismay. “Just a bunch of junk.” “Nothing’s junk in the magical world, Albus. Bring some of that stuff over here.”
Albus gathered what he found and went over to Teddy. “I just have this battered cloak and photographs of my parents when they were younger. What do you have, Teddy?”
Teddy lifted out old letters addressed to Harry Potter from Hogwarts. “Albus, where was Four Privet Drive? Didn’t your father live with Muggles for a while?” Albus thought for a second and replied, “Yes…that’s where his Aunt and Uncle raised him. He told me he hated it there, but he had to stay for certain reasons…he couldn’t remember why, but…”
Albus and Teddy looked at each other, and they both knew. “Number Four Privet Drive…here we come.”

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